Distribute your music to UK and European independent record stores

Stefan Edwards Chief Executive - Kiss My Face Music

Kiss My Face Entertainment Ltd is a company based in Cheltenham, UK. We run live events including Walk the Line Festival. We also run a small record label, booking agency and organise international tours.

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Distribute your music to UK and European independent record stores
A number of artists have told us that they find it difficult to land distribution deals to get their music stocked in big chain record stores. We are now offering a record distribution service where you could see your records sold in over 100 music independent record stores across the UK and over 100 shops in other European countries including France, Germany, Portugal, Sweden, Austria, Italy and many more. With a solid history of sales in these shops, artists have a good platform to approach larger retailers. We normally charge £50-150 for this service, but are offering the opportunity for acts to be considered for just $10 through music xray. Successful musicians will be asked to provide us with a biog and mp3, which we will then incorporate in to our email shots to almost every independent record shop in the country. When musicians are selected to be stocked by record stores we will pass the musicians details directly on to the store manager and allow you to confirm the details of the deal. We do not take any commission on sales you make. DO NOT contact the industry professional or anyone directly at the industry professional's company. Doing so will DISQUALIFY you from consideration.

- Kiss My Face Music

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