World Class Producer giving 3 to 5 hr block of consulting time to help artists Choose their best songs,

David Snow
President/Producer/Music Publisher - Little Hipster Music

From Faith Hill to the Latin Pop world, Hip Hop and beyond. This amazing Jack-of-all-trades Producer is here to help YOUR music be all it can be!

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World Class Producer giving 3 to 5 hr block of consulting time to help artists Choose their best songs,
Are you unsure which song of yours is the best song? Are you having trouble choosing which of your songs is best for a full fledged production? Do you want to start shopping your songs but are unsure of which you should shop first? Too many songs, not enough objectivity? Are you wondering if the song you just finished is “good enough”? Don't want to waste money producing the wrong song? Let veteran producer Dave Snow help you pick your best song and give you advise on production options and strategies. This is an amazing opportunity for artists that have written many songs and lost objectivity and need professional guidance. Mr. Snow is offering music X Rays a special song consultation and production rate. A rate that is far, far below his normal industry rate. Let him hear your demos and recordings, (it can even be a voice on a cassette), and he will give you not only an invaluable critique but will also help you choose which songs of yours are worthy of further production. If a song is good but needs a bit of a re-write, David will show you where. If a song is good but a production is holding it back, david will show you where. There is nothing worse than spending good money recording the wrong song or a song with fixable flaws in it. Mr. Snow can help you avoid these pitfalls. After helping you choose your best song, you will be eligible for a reduced production rate should you wish to have Mr. Snow produce your song. Multi instrumentalist, veteran producer will play all parts and create magic for you, saving you 1000s of dollars on studio musicians and providing you that radio ready sound that will take your song and give it the completive edge it needs. Your not alone anymore, Producer David Snow will give you the guidance and productions you need to have a chance in today's music industry. Be like Music Xray's "exit 22" who's career took a turn for the positive after Dave Snow mixed their song. "Exit 22" music x ray success story. See "Mistake" before after mix results.
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