Music Management Label Seeking Unsigned Talent for Artist Development

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Samantha Shields
Owner - ShiePro Executive Entertainment Corporation

Samantha Shields is a music industry professional that specializes in discovering new talent. "I just want to discover and find someone whose heart and soul lives, eats, and breaths music [like mine]. Someone who is willing to pull out all the stops...

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Music Management Label Seeking Unsigned Talent for Artist Development
Do you feel that you have what it takes to make it in the wonderful and entertaining world of music? Do you feel that you are just not getting that one chance that you need to give you that jump start to help achieve your ultimate goal of becoming that great artist? Do you need the chance to interact and network with labels that can give you that deal that you want and need? Well, look no further, WE CAN HELP! We have MAJOR music industry label contacts that we can help put you into contact with, once we get you to shine like the fabulous artist you are! Submit your song for a critique on what type of artists major labels are looking for, and possibly earn a management contract that will allow you to network with major labels, well known Producers, and A & R Representatives.

- Shie Productions Music & Entertainment Management

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