Design Of A Custom Album / Single Cover Artwork

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Christian Roggow
Founder, Producer, A&R, Sales Management, Music Distribution - Evolve Records

Evolve Records is mainly specialized on Vocal-, Uplifting-, and Progressive-Trance aswell as the major popular EDM genres such as (Progressive) House, Bigroom, Trap and more...

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Design Of A Custom Album / Single Cover Artwork
We will create an individual, custom album / single cover artwork for you. Our graphic designer with more than a decate experience in the graphic design business and music industry will contact you for a close coordinated conversation about your wishes and thoughts for your cover design.

We recommend submitting a song of the planned album / single release that the cover is needed for, so we'll get the idea of the general feeling and flow of your music, which makes it easier to create a suitable and great cover artwork.

You'll be provided with a cover artwork pack including all required files to music industry standards in 2 versions for web and print usage as well as the original source .psd (Adobe Photoshop) or .ai (Adobe Illustrator) file for further usage upon demand.

- Christian Roggow / Evolve Records
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