50 Songs!

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Warren Ells
Owner - The Note Factory Studio

We've produced, recorded and published dozens of indie artists over 35 years in addition to working on projects for major Christian and secular publishers. We're seeking new talent willing to work and not afraid of success.

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50 Songs!
We need to add fifty songs to our catalog by the end of the year.

We're looking mainly for Rock, CCM, Country, R&B and Gospel, but we're open to virtually any style you want us to hear, i.e. Latin, Jazz, Rap, etc.

Talks are underway for possibly launching an internet radio station after the first of the year, which will require a lot of content in different styles.

When you submit to us, I will personally review your song in depth. If it at all fits what we're looking for, we'll either offer you a publishing contract for the song as it comes to us, or we'll offer you a publishing contract if you are willing to make suggested changes. Pick out your best and send them on! There's a good chance we'll sign them. When you submit, please enclose information about the writer(s), PRO, Lyrics, and pictures if you have them.

Update: The response to this dropbox has really been outstanding! We've opened conversations with many of the writers who submitted, and we've heard some great songs. Keep them coming!

Update #2: We are really enjoying hearing your tunes and have found some great ones! Lots of new friends and conversations opening up. I encourage you to submit your songs. We are still looking to fill many of those 50 slots!

- Warren Ells Owner - SeaSoDeep Music, BMI
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