Professional Song Critique from Keith Olsen

Keith Olsen
Producer/Engineer - Pogologo Production Group

You've heard Keith Olsen's work, because it appears on hundreds of albums. He's sold over 125,000,000 units, won 6 Grammy's (nominated for 24), been named a recipient of Billboard's Top 5 Producers in the World.

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Professional Song Critique from Keith Olsen
A song critique will provide you with career-building feedback and professional evaluation of your work, including input on songwriting, performance, production, and commercial viability. Producer/Engineer Keith Olsen of Pogolgo Productions Group has worked with Whitesnake, Joe Walsh, Heart, Fleetwood Mac, Sammy Hagar, Pat Benatar and many more (see bio for complete list). Keith's expert advice and insight will help you advance in your music career by highlighting your strengths and offering ideas for improvement of any weaknesses your music may have.

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