Pop-Rock Tracks Needed For Syncs

Dondi Dixon
General Partner - RTTM Music Group - rttmmusicgroup.com

(ASCAP & BMI) Music Publisher with many contacts in the US and overseas, we don't stop until we get you a placement.  WE ARE A COMPANY WORTH SUBMITTING TO!

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Pop-Rock Tracks Needed For Syncs
We’ve got a Music Supervisor who needs PopRock Songs for TV placements. The Supervisor is looking for Mid-to-Up-Tempo Songs (Contemporary or Vintage recordings can both work). This Music Supervisor is currently looking for PopRock-sounding Songs with authentic Rock band Instrumentation, solid song structure, and a vocal performance with a strong, confident delivery. A killer melody, great guitar sounds and parts (acoustic and/or electric), and well-crafted lyrics are all elements that could make your song appealing to this Supervisor.

We will be pitching songs on a bi-weekly basis until September.
Show airs in October. You must own both master/sync rights.

- Dondi Dixon / RTTM Music Group

Deal Type: Sync Placement
Decision Maker: Selected tracks will be pitched for final decision
Deal Structure: Non-Exclusive
Compensation: $501 - $1,000
Song Quality: Fully mastered, Broadcast ready
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