Tabletop Records: Opening Our Roster (All Genres)!!!

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Marcellus Atkins
CEO - Tabletop Records

Tabletop Records is an up and coming label with purpose and drive.

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Tabletop Records: Opening Our Roster (All Genres)!!!
Tabletop Records, (an indie label based in North Carolina), recently partnered with Spectra Music Group and is actively seeking to dramatically expand our roster. We are looking for radio-ready indie artists from all genres interested in full album promotion and distribution.

Offers to selected artists will include:
- Microsite development on Tabletop Records main site
- Assistance with development of album cover and graphics
- Prominent display of releases on Tabletop Records and Spectra Music Group websites
- Merchandise and CD’s available for sale on Tabletop Records and Spectra Music group sites. Merchandise will also be available for sale at shows and appearances as needed.
- Funding for all aspects of promotion and distribution by Tabletop Records and Spectra Music Group
- Worldwide digital and physical distribution of singles and/or albums for the term of this agreement
- Retail advertisements, listening stations, and end cap displays for releases
- Sync licensing submission for film, television, commercial, and video game opportunities globally
- All singles will be converted to ringtones and distributed worldwide
- Pursuit of endorsement opportunities for the Artist
- In-house booking with a focus on securing promotional tours, gigs, and opening opportunities for highly visible performers
- Securing radio/television interviews and performances
- Pitching to daytime and late night television for performances and interviews
- Online marketing and promotion with a focus on greatly increasing that artist’s social fan base internationally
- Secure single and/or album reviews and interviews in minor and major publications
- Publishing is offered with the cost being divided 50/50 with the artist up to $2500.

We will provide an individual critique of all submissions so send us your very best work.

We look forward to hearing you soon!

- Marcellus Atkins / Tabletop Records, LLC

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