K-Pop and J-Pop Music Needed ASAP

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Jay Dmuchowski writer / producer / arranger / multi-instrumentalist - APEX Productions (Grammy award winning team)

I was signed to Jive records as an artist 12 years ago and have been a major label writer/producer/performer since 2003. Written/Produced/Performed with : Rihanna, Chris Brown, Stevie Nicks, Lindsay Buckingham, Candice Glove, Syesha Mercado.Note:

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K-Pop and J-Pop Music Needed ASAP
Just signed on with a huge publisher in Japan and they need songs for their acts for the new year. I've placed a couple. I am putting this on the critique section as to open up a dialogue for tracks that really really fit. Please don't send me songs if they don't fit J-Pop or K-Pop. (please listen to current charts and see if your songs fit). I will not try to fit a square peg into round hole (i.e. getting a track with instructions on how I should stretch the song to make it fit. That would be a waste of your time.)

Now the good news: this could lead to some pretty big cuts with multi-national artists as long as you give me your best and catchiest songs. Looking for upbeat, and K-pop-ish. (once again please listen to K-Pop charts on youtube to get an idea) Don't give me Caribbean-jazz! Ha! good luck

- Jay Dmuchowski / APEX Productions
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