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Born in 2003, WLOY is the radio station for Loyola University Maryland and so much more! Award winning local music show, community connections, global fundraisers, and lots of music. Top 25 College Radio Station in 2011 mtvU Woodie Awards followed by Top

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Looking for New Artists for Radio - WLOY Loyola Radio
WLOY Loyola Radio is more than just a college radio station!  We've won awards from the local newspaper for local artist shows, from national groups for promotions, and are constantly getting recognition for fundraising efforts.  While we do have shows interviewing the homeless, discussing personal finance and kids literacy, we are 99% music.  We're always looking for interesting new artists in any of these (or similar) genres:

Rock - mellow to metal (but not extreme)

And probably more.  These are not hard lines - if the music is good we'll find a place for it.  We also feature online album reviews, do in-studios, phoners, and have connections with lots of local venues (and we book on campus too).

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Deal Type: Radio Airplay
Where is this radio station heard?: Online, Terrestrial (Baltimore, MD)
Radio Format: Freeform Radio
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