EDM/Dance Music Video Needed for National TV

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Rob Schwartz
CEO - WHOMAG Multimedia, Chetown Films, iFame TV

WHOMAG Multimedia, LLC is looking for music, concerts, and music videos to be aired nationwide on broadcast TV, satellite TV, smart TV, cell, and web. We own a variety of TV music shows reaching over 500,000,000 households each.

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EDM/Dance Music Video Needed for National TV
We are looking for EDM/Dance Music/Pop music videos for our nationwide TV show DMTV (Dance Music TV). DMTV airs on multiple outlets including nationwide broadcast TV in 41 cities, as well as on our Roku and Apple TV Channel in the US, and streaming outlets in Europe, Russia, India, Middle East, and many more, as well as our websites. All submissions will aired on our Channel (up to 50,000,000 households), but selected ones will air on our other outlets.

Please include a link to your video in the message section of your submission.

Once you submit, we will respond with a standard release form giving us permission to air. Music videos usually go up within 3-5 days.


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