Bridget Kelly Seeking Great R&B Songs & Tracks

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Bridget Kelly Singer / Songwriter

The first stop for Bridget Kelly on her journey to success was conquering the biggest stage at the World's Most Famous Arena, Madison Square Garden in New York City. From touring the world with Mary J. Blige and Jay Z to collaborating with Ne-Yo...

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Bridget Kelly Seeking Great R&B Songs & Tracks
Bridget Kelly, who attends her own account here on Music Xray, is seeking great R&B songs and tracks for her forthcoming album, All Or Nothing. Instrumentals are a plus.

Please submit your best work along with your personal message to her here on Music Xray. Bridget will listen and respond to every submission and if she loves what she hears, she'll be in touch.

She's looking forward to hearing what the Music Xray community has to offer.
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