Grammy-Winning Producer Seeking Artists/Songwriters (No Feedback)

Jeff Bova Producer/Artist Coach/Consultant - Bovaland

Jeff (at is a Grammy Award-winning producer with over a hundred platinum- and gold-selling albums to his name. He has contributed to recordings by mainstream artists like Katy Perry, Celine Dion, Michael Jackson, and Luther Vandross.

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Grammy-Winning Producer Seeking Artists/Songwriters (No Feedback)
I am seeking great new talent to develop, whether you are an Artist or Songwriter. Submit your song to me for consideration. I will listen to everything submitted to me. I do not give feedback. I will contact you if I like what I hear. If you want feedback, see my other Music XRay offerings. Artists sought are under 25 years old. Please include with your submission: 1) Lyrics 2) Website if you have one (Myspace, URL etc) 3) Description of what your goals are for this submission. i.e. artist, songwriter

Jeff Bova

- Bovaland

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