We need Urban, R&B, Hip-Hop songwriters & producers

Audio plugz
Kandi Robinson CEO/Music Supervisor - The Audio Plugz

The Audio Plugz is a music supervision, music licensing, music publishing and music placement company. Through our efforts we have been successful in placing music with artists & brands such as LeAnn Rimes, Lupe Fiasco, Kumi Koda, Dove, Disney and more...

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We need Urban, R&B, Hip-Hop songwriters & producers
We are seeking Urban, R&B, and Hip-hop/Rap songwriters and producers to add to our roster. We work directly with A&R's, managers, major artists, music supervisors and we are in need of you!

The type of people we are seeking should want to write and/or produce for major and indie writers ONLY. We are not interested in artists, unless you are able to write/produce for other people.

Requirements: Able to work with deadlines, must be ready to work, along with submission you must provide a link to more of your work (can be a dropbox link), must be consistent, creative and reliable.

- The Audio Plugz
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