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Seeking indie music for car insurance campaign - $11,500 Upfront Payment

NYC based Ad agency has selected White Knight Music Group (BMI) and Pulse Records USA to be the sole music team to find hot new indie music for a youth targeted discount car insurance campaign. Client is representing a high end commercial insurance company whose main target is coverage for the new driver, the pseudo reckless and social minded teens who text, talk and listen to music while they drive. Music should be upbeat, fun, energetic and speak to high school/college ages and alternative life style types with the "over protective conservative parents". Campaign is slated to be fun, light-hearted and satirical with a celebrity voice over.

Commercial promotion spot will be aired Nationally in the Fall of 2014.

COMPENSATION: Master/Pub non-exclusive, one time upfront: $11,500.00 USD.

GENRES ACCEPTED: Rock, Indie Rock, Alternative, Hard Rock, Punk, Hip Hop, Instrumentals, Electronic, DJ/Dance, Pop, Hard Core/Thrash and Industrial/Dub Step.

Record Label/Publisher seeking producers for publishing, licensing, and possible roster consideration

We are looking for original instrumental music which encompasses a range of influences including Trap, Electro House, Classic House, Bass Music, Kuduro, Edgy Pop, Etc.

For the past 7 years Trenchant Dubs/Dog Bites Wolf (ASCAP) has been steadily gaining momentum and building a catalog of eclectic electronic music. We have found great success in the past few years placing music in a variety of mediums including Network Television, major lifestyle brand/fashion videos, compilation albums, etc. We have built strong relationships and partnered with new allies to strategically position ourselves for massive growth over the course of the next year. In order to be able to satisfy requests for these forthcoming opportunities, we are searching for fresh instrumental music in a variety of electronic genres.

Looking for Uptempo songs for MAJOR Movie Trailer with $8,500 payout

Looking for a last second replacement song for major movie trailer that comes out in August. Song needs to be uptempo, driving and hard hitting!

There is a $8,500 (all in) payout if your song is selected. Please note, YOU MUST control master and publishing to submit.

We need to fill this spot quickly and will only be accepting songs until the end of April.

This is a huge opportunity to get massive exposure in an action movie trailer that will be everywhere this summer.

Pop/Rock Instrumentals for TV ad - $5000 payout for final selection

Send us your best pop/rock tracks along the lines of Coldplay, Young The Giant, Civil Twilight, etc. Can have sparse vocals, but mostly need instrumentals. Must be mixed or able to be mixed on demand. If your song is chosen for the final cut of the ad, there will be a $5000 payout plus royalties.

If we think your track might fit, we will place it on hold and let you know if your track makes it to the final selection process.

Seeking Music for Major US Motion Picture

The head of One Night Stand Music has recently been made music supervisor for a major US motion picture and is seeking songs for placement throughout the movie.

The movies core subject is that of a terminally ill individual, but songs of all genres will be considered as the film contains numerous scenes of varying natures ranging from heartfelt and sensitive to banging nightclub action. So we will literally want to hear from any one who has outstanding tracks to offer.

We have selected 10 artists from Music Xray in the last few weeks alone for movie placement and management, so this is an excellent opportunity for anyone wishing to get their music to a much wider / international audience.

One Night Stand Music and Management are currently finding over 90% of their acts and material via Music Xray.
We look forward to hearing your very best tracks and we know how hard you work on your music, so we will really take the time to listen to every track multiple times.

Tommy Boy is seeking contemporary Party Music (Hip-Hop / Dance) + Critique & Feedback

Tommy Boy is seeking producers and artists who produce their own music and videos and that are on the verge. We are specifically interested in listening to finished demos from currently active Hip Hop and Dance artists, ideally merging both styles. Please submit your best material here, and we will be eager to listen and respond with a Detailed Critique & Feedback.

Ad Campaign with $2,500 payout Seeking Music

NYC based Ad agency has selected White Knight Music Group, Inc. (BMI)/Pulse Records to be the sole music team for a 2014 in-store ad campaign for a high energy urban retailer. Client is representing a shoe line geared towards active youth, energetic teens, alternative life style and those who want to have fun.

Commercial promotion spot will be aired in retail stores, across a well know National surf/skate/snow retail chain. Late Spring - late Fall air times.

Agreement terms: up to 12 Months note: Re-airing of the same commercial spot would result in contract renewal, renegotiation of terms and additional rate.
Compensation: $2,500.00 USD and artist credit on screen (chyron).

Hook Focused Songs For Female Artist

Splash Galaxy® Music is fielding writers, artists and producers out there to procure a hook-focused song for an indie label female artist. This singer / dancer / actress needs songs with love and relationship messages; but NOT the most generic or cliche sayings. Instead her team wants fresh, fun, even funny hook material, centered in the midst of a well-composed and thought out song arrangement.

Looking for Contemporary country songs to pitch to Sarah Lenore

Looking for Contemporary country songs to pitch to Sarah Lenore. If selected, your song will be pitched for final consideration. Good Luck.

Seeking Music for Film/TV/Ads/Trailers

HD Music Now is seeking music for placements in Film, TV, Ads, and Trailers. We are open to multiple musical genres - as long as it's a good track.

HD MUSIC NOW, a full service music licensing & supervision company that regularly licenses songs to film, television, advertising, trailers, video games, and more. Our music has been heard in television shows such as Ray Donovan, Breaking Bad, American Horror Story, Hart of Dixie, Private Practice, Grey’s Anatomy, Dexter, Shameless and more…and in Feature films such as Dolphin Tale, Jobs, Friends with Benefits, Baggage Claim, Dinner For Schmucks, Parental Guidance, American Reunion and more…

Asylum (Warner Music Group) seeking great songs for our roster of acts

Not all our acts accept material from third parties but we're always open to the exceptional piece that is a perfect fit. Our roster includes Ed Sheeran, Skrillex, Charli XCX, and Rudimental.

Give us a great song and we'll be in touch about whether the artist can use it. Be sure to tell us who it is intended for.
Record Deal with Phonogenic/Sony

Solo Artistes, Bands, DJ's please send us your best material with a view to signing to Phonoogenic Records/Sony Music

Tommy Boy is seeking contemporary Urban Dance music - Hip Hop, R&B, & Reggae

Tommy Boy is seeking producers and artists who produce their own music and videos and are on the rise. We are specifically interested in listening to finished demos from currently active Hip Hop, Dance and Reggae artists, Please submit your best material here we will be eager to listen and respond.

Seeking Songs For a Major Motion Picture

In late summer 2014, we will be music supervisors for a remake of a major motion picture.

We will consider ALL songs for submission in the movie's soundtrack, and will also consider instrumental compositions for the movie's score.

We are looking for finished, master quality music. The movie is a coming of age film, filled with evocative landscapes, so the music will need to fit with that. There are two elements - the score, and the songs we need for the soundtrack.

Every selected song will receive an advanced payment of at least $5,000 plus ongoing performance royalties.

For more information on the movie please visit it's site here:

Love To Infinity Records seek new pop radio singles to sign for 2014

Love To Infinity Records seek new pop radio singles to sign for 2014. It's the start of the year and we are looking to sign new commercial pop radio singles to the label. If you have a Billboard friendly pop radio single that you think sounds like a hit record them we would like to hear it. Andy Lee LTI Records

Seeking Artist/songwriters looking for a producer or label

Plateau Music is seeking great new talent to develop and produce. We are specifically seeking singers and singer/songwriters who are looking for a label and/or producer. Please submit your best song for consideration. I will listen to everything submitted.

Looking for Pop and Hip Hop Producers to Join Grammy Winning Team

Due to our new venture with Anthony Dents' State of Mindz Music we have a great deal of new projects and opportunities. We are coming off of a great Grammy and Stellar Award win for our work with Lecrae. We are looking for Top Line Pop and Hip Hop producers to add to the team to keep up with the work load. Please submit your best tracks. Only submit work you own.

Atlantic Records (Warner) UK Seeking Great Emerging Talent

Atlantic Records UK (Warner Music Group) seeks hot new talent. Our team plus your talent and hard work are the perfect combination to make it in the business today. We look forward to hearing the best of your best. Blow us away and we'll be excited to be in touch and discuss some possible next steps.
R&B/Pop Song Submissions

Looking for great songs, hit songs, unique songs, and talented artists to work with. R&B/Pop or whatever you think will get my attention.

I am a grammy winning producer/engineer. I have been the personal engineer/vocal producer for Janet, Usher, Jessica Simpson and many other artist. I currently work for Janet Jackson and we are recording new music.

Seeking Tracks for Ho Hum Records Digital Singles Club

Ho Hum Records are looking for a few choice releases (a and b side) to add to it's forthcoming Digital Singles Club. The DSC will be distributed worldwide through ADA Warners and also receive all attentions from Ho Hum's extensive music synchronisation networks.

The music should be either folk/country or ambient electronica ONLY. Please don't waste your money on submitting music which is alien to our releases (all of which are available to hear at the site hohumrecords.com).

There is a small contract which covers all legal, but any accepted submissions will be at an 80/20% split in the artist favour of any net profits/sales generated on the release, receiving publishing rights is not a part of this deal necessarily.