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Seeking Sad Love Songs for Film - $1,000 payout

We are looking for sad love songs, lyrically revolving around the themes of a relationship gone wrong, forbidden fruit, guilt, betrayal and trying again. The musical direction is something between Singer Songwriter and Indie Rock, similar to the following examples:

Bat For Lashes - What's a Girl To Do?
Jeff Buckley - Everybody Here Wants You
Cassandra Wilson - Love Is Blindness
James Blake - Limit To Your Love

We accept ONE-STOP submissions only, ie songs that you own or control 100% (writer, master and publisher). Please submit only professionally recorded and mastered songs. NO DEMOS, NO COVERS. If we think your song fits the project, we will mark it Selected and get in touch before submitting it to the creative team.

As an added bonus, if your song is Selected, we will offer to release your music on Filter Label and include you in our catalog for future licensing opportunities. The songs by our talented artists can be heard in The Matrix Revisited, CSI: Las Vegas, Nikita, on ads for Nike, Philip Morris, Hachette Filipacchi, in shows on MTV, CNN, Nat Geo, NBC, Esquire, Channel 4 and almost every major TV network in the world.

Deal Type: Sync Placement
Decision Maker: Selected tracks will be pitched for final decision
Deal Structure: Non-Exclusive
Compensation: $1,000
Song Quality: Fully mastered

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Distribution Deals (36)

INgrooves Music Group Seeks Strong Emerging Urban & Pop Acts For Label Deal

INgrooves Music Group is seeking emerging Urban & Pop acts for label deal within our INresidence program. We take talented, high-potential acts into our organization with full label, promotions, marketing, and project-management services of one of the largest distribution companies in the music business.

Please submit if you can show:
- recent sales history or streaming success (if available)
- consumer demand for your music - strong social media and music following (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud, YouTube, etc.)
- touring base/fan support - good marketing plan and rollout - solid label infrastructure and team support

We look forward to hearing your best material.

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Major Distribution for Artists/Labels with GREAT finished products - Gracie Productions

This is a HUGE opportunity for artists or labels that have a quality finished products and are looking for a real push from a partner with major distribution. I've heard from alot of artists/labels that are looking for bigger distribution avenues while not wanting to sacrifice their independence. If that is your mindset and you have a GREAT product then this is the opportunity for you.

We are offering world wide physical and digital distribution as well as access to co-op opportunities and our marketing staff to selected artists/labels. This is a true partnership, not a "record deal" so you continue to maintain ownership of your masters and all rights while getting a larger channel to put out your music.

In 2014 alone, we had 30 of our artist releases featured on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, XBox, etc... - we don't just throw your music out there, we work with you to make sure you get the looks you need to make fans take notice of your hard work!

Known for our versatility and results, Gracie has worked with the majors (Lil Wayne, Eminem) as well as released over 750 albums and singles via our distribution deals with Universal and The Orchard. In addition, Gracie has worked to place over 100 songs in TV and Film (The Hangover, Green Hornet, MTV and more).

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Electric-Bear Records Marketing & Distribution Opportunity

We're on the search for Semi-Established / Established Artists or Bands within the Pop, Rock, Alternative Rock or Pop Rock Genre of Music.

This Marketing & Distribution opportunity is over-viewed by Electric-Bear Records and all Applicants are thoroughly viewed personally by staff.

Please note you must have a moderate Fan Base/Reach already due to this type of M&D Opportunity. We aim to develop, market and support you through the Label. You also must have a HIGH QUALITY, Completed (Not Demo), Single, EP or Album that is/nearly ready for release. You also must not have released product 14 days prior to this submission.

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Seeking bands for label recording and distribution deals!!!

We are mainly seeking hard-working bands/artists that are in need of awesome quality productions and distribution at an amazing price and want to take things to the next level. Our label has many years experience working with developing artists and we offer distribution through Universal Music Group Distribution which is the largest in the world. We offer a professional studio environment with a top-notch producer. Deals include recording, producer, mixing, editing, mastering, distribution, and amazing royalty payouts.

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Seeking Artist/Bands for Roster Consideration & Album Releases at Hurricane Music Group

Hurricane Music Group (HMG) is Rock, R&B, and Hip-Hop artists for label roster consideration and album releases. Please submit your best track(s) for consideration.

Alex Roberts and HMG recently made the wise decision to re-enter the Hip Hop world & also venture into the forever popular Pop/R&B, & Electronic/Techno music that caters to a World Wide market & fan base, however still keeping HMG's finger on the pulse of all formats of music pending the artist/band's talent & drive to succeed, including the level of understanding what the true meaning of artist/label relations stands for in order to achieve their desired goals, in other words we work together, not against! Our doors are open, "Let Us Show You".

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Jls artist management
Roster Consideration at Noble Steed Music (JLS Artist Management)

Noble Steed Music is looking for Rock, Singer-Songwriter, and Pop artists to sign to our record label. Noble Steed Music offers signed artists worldwide distribution services and marketing support. Noble Steed Music works with digital retailers and tastemaker music websites to secure visibility for our releases. Noble Steed Music is distributed by DashGo. Please submit your best work. Rough demos are okay.

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Song Submission - Publishing Deal

We are actively seeking new songwriters looking for a publishing deal.

Our company is registered as a publisher with Sacem in France and also operates a digital music distribution service.

Selected artists will be offered a publishing and digital distribution deal.

Opened to all genres, but recordings must be professionally mixed and mastered.
Please submit your best material for consideration.

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Song Submission - Publishing and Distribution

We are actively seeking new artists / songwriters looking for publishing and digital distribution. For selected artists we will cover digital digital distribution and whenever relevant offer a publishing deal. Open to all genres, but recordings must be mixed and mastered. Please submit your best material for consideration If you are selected you will be contacted by private message by one of our reps.

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Label Roster Consideration, Exposure Opportunity & Distribution Deals at Futureproof Records and Promotions

Futureproof Records and Promotions is always on the lookout for great new talent. We are interested in rock/indie/folk, dance/electronica & urban genres. Futureproof will be interested in working with bands wishing to develop their worldwide profile from a UK perspective.
Send us your music and we'll give you our feedback.
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Single Distribution Deal Submission

We are always looking for new music from independent artists. We work with artists from around the world and from many different genres. We are currently accepting submissions for singles to release commercially to over 600 digital music sites worldwide including iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and eMusic. Artists that are chosen will receive a non-exclusive 75/25 digital distribution deal. Artists' songs will also be pitched to be included in movies, television shows, and video games. Submit your single now for consideration. All songs will be listened to.

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Digital Distribution/Publishing Deals
Looking for Artists who want a digital distribution and/or publishing deals who are working hard performing their tunes, and creating new ones. We offer digital distribution to over 250 different outlets and will actively seek out song placements for film and TV. We like to get to know all our submitters, even if its not a perfect fit - please include what your up to, and tell us what it is that your looking for in a indie label. Let us know how we fit into your ongoing drive to making music as apart of your team.
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Get a distribution deal!
Looking For: All Genres Explicit Lyrics Accepted: Yes Instrumentals Accepted: Yes Compensation: Distribution deals We are now actively seeking artist, and record labels who want distribution deals! If you, your artist, or your company is selected, you will be put in direct contact with a top level executive from KLM/Sony, who will guide you through the process of obtaining worldwide distribution for your projects.
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Distribution & Publishing Opportunities - Searching for exceptional Artists/Bands

We are currently on the hunt for exceptional talent, who have projects, or at least ideas, ready to get out into the big, scary world of the music industry. We can (and will to the right candidates), offer worldwide digital distribution, accounting, consultancy and publishing of your material into sync licensing (Warner Bros/Columbia Films/Lionsgate/E!, Nickelodeon and more.)

If you think you are ready and have what it takes, get in touch now.

PLEASE NOTE: We will only accept submissions for this opportunity here on Music Xray.

- Jared Harding / Electric-Bear Records

Deal Type: Label / Catalog Inclusion
Decision Maker: We are the final decision maker
Deal Structure: Exclusive
Compensation: TBD
Song Quality: Rough Mixes, Fully mastered, Broadcast ready
Similar Sounding Artists: Taylor Swift, Kendrick Lamar, Bring Me The Horizon, Linkin Park, Lana Del Ray, Kanye West, Tiggs Da Author, Katy Perry, Snoop Dogg, Skindred and more.

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Pocket Kid Records Seeking Rock Acts for Label & Distribution Deals

We are looking for strong rock acts for either a label recording contract with Pocket Kid Records or a distribution deal for your own label.

For distribution deals we will assist your label with a strong team to provide full backup services - worldwide distribution (digital, streaming, physical CDs), publishing and neighboring rights management and collection, promotion of your record to Internet Radio Stations and Playlists, College and Non-Comm, or traditional Radio. Promotion of tours and more....

Pocket Kid Records is the home of Dead Sara. Pocket Kid Records is a wholly owned subsidiary of Viscount Records, Inc. a wholly owned subsidiary of Interact-TV, Inc., a public company.

Interested parties please submit your best material.

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Seeking Top Artists for Global Distribution, Licensing and Representation Deal

We are looking for tomorrow's talents and will be offering a unique partnership opportunity to the selected acts with global digital distribution (audio and video), online presence setup and/or audience growth, assist in maximizing visibility on digital music services, songs representation for sync placements, publishing (upon request), digital marketing and promotion consulting, etc.

The ideal candidate will be an upcoming artist with a solid existing fanbase on all major networks and/or a new act with high potential songs.

This is a global development opportunity, using the most recent digital promo tools and techniques, and our vast network of partners.

-- Serious / professional submissions only --

-- 10% of the submission fee is shared with Unicef --

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Projects needed for Digital Distribution Deal in Asia


Direct distribution for the following countries which are exclusive to this venture: China, Cambodia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Kuwait, Laos, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Oman, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, U.A.E and Vietnam.

Deal includes Physical Release, Digital Download, Mobile Streams, Ringtones, Ringbacks, Streaming for audio and video.

If selected there will be a content licensing and sub-publishing agreement offered.

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Streaming New Music in the Korean Market (Revenue Generating Opportunity)

Accepting music submissions (ALL GENRES) from independent artists in search of Digital Distribution in the Korean Market. Only self-produced tracks, full copyright ownership and cleared samples. Open to all genres, but recordings must be mixed and mastered. Submit your best material for consideration in these categories:
Electronic music up to general music like pop, rock, guitar music, meditation and chillout, new age, hiphop, R&B, dance pop, rap and EDM. ect....

No samples or melodies or any other elements that are taken from other tracks.

Looking For: Above Genres Recommended
Explicit Lyrics Accepted: Yes
Instrumentals Accepted: No
Compensation: Distribution deals
Quality recordings only!
Will listen to every submission.

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Ready for Radio? Seeking Singles for Worldwide Digital Distribution

If you think your song is radio ready, submit your track. Three of our Radio Promoters will review it, hence the fee for their time. If two, or three, of our Radio Promoters think your song will represent our imprint well - we will offer your song a spot on the Moozikoo Music label.

NOTE: If your song is selected, we will offer you a Licensing Agreement for an initial period of two years with automatic renewal periods of one year, unless terminated in writing. Artist will earn 50% of ALL MONIES COLLECTED (Digital Downloads & Mechanical Royalties). Moozikoo Music will incur the costs associated with Digital Distribution and Radio Promotion.

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Looking For Instrumental Versions Of Hit Songs For Digital Release

Looking for instrumental versions of "Hit Songs" for digital release as Singles or Compilations albums.

High Quality Submissions only. Please only submit well mixed, mastered, and produced instrumentals. No demos.

Especially looking for songs from the iTunes top 10 (all genres) from USA, UK, Canada, France, Australia and Germany.

Seeking songs based on the above-mentioned charts, please only submit very recent material. No upfront payment on future sales royalties.

-- 10% of submission fees are shared with Unicef --

- JTV Digital

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Roster Music Seeks new EDM tracks

Roster Music is looking for new potential EDM hits to release in our territory Spain, or even license it worldwide. Please submit your best track for consideration. Thanks.

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