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Cable Television Show seeking songs & instrumentals - $2k-$5k all-in for the spots

We are helping the music supervisor of a television show with an ongoing search.

In the show there is a local bar that the main characters frequent. It’s an upscale place that plays everything from Jazz to Indie Rock to Blues to Pop depending on the night/scene. So we’re looking for songs to pitch to them.

We are open to instrumentals but a majority of the chosen tracks will be vocals.

Everything should be modern sounding and if there are lyrics, nothing too obtrusive as there will usually be dialogue on top of the music (i.e. it will be a background use)

They have budgeted $2k-$5k all-in for the spots.

If you are selected, you'll be offered a non-exclusive publishing agreement & you will be pitched to this show.
Please send your BEST!

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Submit for free to be considered for a free annual membership to BandMix

BandMix will choose one winner per week until the end of 2014. Winning submitters will receive a free 1 year premium membership to BandMix. If you are unfamiliar with BandMix, please visit their site here: http://bandmix.com

We look forward to hearing your best work.

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Weekly Mixing & Mastering Opportunity

Having trouble landing appropriate sync placements due to poor or mediocre audio quality? Have the right idea for that sports commercial, but just can't get your mix to sound "radio ready"? Does a music supervisor want a mix of your track "vocals up" or "a cappella", or need just the instrumental?

We can help!

Yankee Sound has teamed up with Music Xray to offer one mix & master of one track per week to a candidates demonstrating a high likelihood of commercial success in the music industry. If selected, the candidate keeps all rights to the mix & master.

How It Works: By submitting to this dropbox, you are auditioning a song or track to Yankee Sound for consideration of mixing & mastering services. If you are selected, Yankee Sound will create a professional mix and master of your song or track. If selected, you will keep 100% of the rights to the mix & master, and will only be responsible for crediting Yankee Sound for mixing & mastering on any public releases. There will be no further fees.

What We Listen For: Yankee Sound is a unique mixing & mastering shop: we keep our ear tuned to what's happening in film, TV, and radio. We will select a candidate who demonstrates some or all of the following:

a memorable melody, a clever and fresh lyric, a contemporary sounding instrument, a cool harmony, a new rhythmic trend, a super vocal, some fantastic instrumentation, brilliant arranging, emotionally persuasive songwriting, or is perfect for a specialized medium (video games, seasonal advertisements, digital marketing campaigns, corporate promotional videos, etc.)

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Albums wanted to sell on Bainil - Global music app - 30 Artists Selected

South Korean based global mobile music album oriented app is seeking artists as part of their global launch and branding campaign.

Bainil.com music experts; (including Korean label and music publisher owner, head of the Indie label organization LIAK, and American pros), are selecting the top 30 artists on via Music Xray for a unique promotional campaign.

Those 30 selected artists will receive:

-Artist feature on a rotating basis on the blog page and staff picks page

-Each winning artist gets 50 free album downloads, to send to their fans, family and friends. This exposure and sales opportunity gets distributed to the fans who have been supporting these top, selected, 30 artists.

There are social media sharing tools, so all your fans can know you are up on Bainil, with tracks and albums for sale, at dynamic pricing, with karaoke and other built in features, including up to 20 photos and lyric graphics. This is truly a unique music app, the only IOS app that sells music directly, through it's own transparent tools, artists watch sales grow. Works on Android phones, too.

Open to all genres / Feedback given to all entries / 100% exclusive to Music Xray.

For more information please visit: http://www.bainil.com/

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"Who Got Next": Major Distribution Deal Contest

Team MASHN supplies digital content distribution all over the world, reaching over 750 retailers and mobile partners in over 100 countries. With TMD’s resources and network infrastructure we're able to seamlessly distribute music, video and mobile products to a wide variety of online and mobile services available in today’s market. Artists retain 100% of their master recordings, publishing, songwriting rights and credits.

TMD will present the best Artist/Band with a major Digital Distribution Deal valued in excess of $10,000!

- All genres of music
- Artists 18 yrs old & over or have a legal guardian’s permission
- Songs are judged on quality, originality and marketability.

All submissions will receive feedback on their song personally from CEO and multi-platinum producer Keith Clizark

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AirPlayBrokers.com Opportunity To Get Charted on National Airplay Charts

All Submissions Must Be in English!! Send A Smash Hit !! If Selected

AirplayBrokers.com will be Giving away 3 Radio Airplay Campaigns and Digital Distribution packages January 1st 2015 to 3 Selected Smash Singles Submitted Here

1st Place Gets a Platinum Package Valued at $1,199, 2nd place Gets a Standard Package Valued at $399, 3rd Place Gets a Startup Package Valued at $199.

The Standard and Startup Package Campaigns runs for 4 weeks and the Platinum runs for 8 weeks. A Detail DBS Report will be sent out every Week during the Campaign period.

The First Place Winner is Guaranteed to Be on The National Airplay Charts throughout the Campaign period http://www.digitalradiotracker.com/chart.html the second and third place varies depending if their spins lands them in the top 200 National.

All Submission Must Be Clean Versions and Radio Ready!!

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We Are Making Stars & W.A.M.S Tour: Where All Of The Contestants Are Winners - Contestants Needed In All Genre Including HipHop/Rap!!!

We Are Making Stars & W.A.M.S Tour Reality/TV shows has been picked up by a major patent & marketing company and will be shopped around to major networks, production companies etc here in the US as well as Overseas!!! This is the show where all of the contestants are winners and we need your talent! Please go to www.wearemakingstars.net for more information. Be the last 5 standing in your genre for a chance to make Millions!!!

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International TV Show Seeking Artists with Original Songs to appear on show

International TV Show Seeking Artists with Original Songs to appear on show.

Do I Have A Hit Song wants to know "Do You Have A Hit Song"? We are seeking videos or mp3's of original music for the upcoming international tv show "Do I Have A Hit Song."

TV show Contestants will be chosen from the internet entries based on their popularity and genres by the world and the shows producers.

A hit song is defined as “ a combination of music and lyrics when mixed together stir emotions and move the soul”. Do I Have A Hit Song will be traveling around the world with its film crew walking into venues all over the world and filming artists performing their original songs.

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Artists In Music Awards begins accepting Registrations for Season IV

The Artists In Music Awards is in its 4th season and is NOW accepting submissions to compete in 33 award categories.

If you are interested in becoming a Member of the Organization, participating in the program by competing for an award, interested in performing or exhibiting your artwork at one of our prestigious events, submit today!

About the Event:
The Artists In Music Awards began in 2011 and was created to honor and recognize the best independent artists from around the world. On February 10, 2012, history was made with the first annual Artists In Music Awards celebration held at the world famous Key Club in Hollywood, CA and it was a resounding success with a turn out of over 1,400.

Now in our fourth year, the legacy continues. On April 28, 2014, Artists In Music Awards joined forces with the Siqueiros Foundation of the Arts. SFOTA is an organization with two goals in mind - the dedication to empowering creative youth by providing scholarship opportunities to underprivileged children and providing an avenue to explore and express the arts through unity and community involvement. SOFTA is also dedicated to creating jobs for out of work artists using Federal aid through the resurrection of the Federal Art Project (FAP), a program with a focus on putting Artists back to work, but disappeared after the end of the Depression Era in 1943.

This new partnership with the Artists In Music Awards and the Siqueiros Foundation of the Arts is not only a new chapter for both organizations, but an exciting opportunity for all artists to be apart of.

The Artists In Music Awards isn't controlled by one person nor is about who has the most money with a million fans on their social media networks. It is about the art. We recognize and honor the best in Arts & Entertainment.

Categories Eligible for Submission:
• Adult Contemporary
• Alternative
• Blues
• Christian/Gospel
• Country
• Director
• Educator
• Feature Film
• Jazz
• Latin
• Pop
• Reggae
• Rock
• R&B
• Urban/Hip Hop

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SingerUniverse "Best Vocalist Of The Month" Competition
The SingerUniverse “Best Vocalist Of The Month" Competition honors and publicizes the top vocalists who submit their demos to SingerUniverse each month. This competition not only spotlights the winning singer, but also showcases the Top Five new vocalist recordings/demos that we hear each month. Many A&R label execs, producers, managers and booking agents check out the winning songs each month.
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MuzicNotez Battles Competition

The MuzicNotez Battles are an online battle of the bands that feature all genres and acts from all over the world. Compete against other artists and bands in your genre and see if you have what it takes to win further free promotion via our magazine and PR team ($700 VALUE). Regardless you receive free exposure on our home page, in our magazine and you create buzz/interaction with your fan base.

Submit any song you would like us to consider for the battle. Looking forward to hear it!

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Want a Professional Industry level releasable single by a top industry Producer / Mixer
Do you have a track that needs mixing? A killer song you know will be a hit but you cant take it to the next level. A great mix of a song can make the difference between getting the a record deal or not, getting the tour support you want or just competing with the high quality of the professional releases and earn some money from it.
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Win over my ear with your demo and get a FREE recording!
Send us your hit song and the best demo wins a FREE recording [mixing, and mastering included] of your song. In return, we get to host and promote the song on your behalf You keep 100% of all rights & profits associated with your song! We GUARANTEE you over 1,000 facebook fans, 5,000 YouTube views, & 1,000 Twitter Followers in less than 2 weeks from the release of your song.
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