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Record and film with Adrian Grenier's Wreckroom Records

The Wreckroom seeks to develop and promote artists who are pushing creative boundaries. Artists are vetted by Adrian Grenier (of The Entourage) and his team. Selected musicians join the team for a full day session, in which they professionally record an original song and film a live-style music video.

When actor/entrepreneur Adrian Grenier built a recording studio in his Brooklyn home's basement, his intentions were simple: create a space for friends to write, perform, and record music. However, the equipped studio (appropriately dubbed the WRECKROOM) has evolved, becoming a breeding ground for fresh talent -- a music incubator.
Creative Process and Career Coaching

I have many decades of experience in developing one's original voice. Both as an artist and as a coach to musicians and artists. In addition to 11 solo recordings I've worked with King Crimson, David Sylvian, Vernon Reid, Brian Eno, TOOL, Steven Wilson and Puscifer.

I can listen to your music through, both, your ears (to hear if you are reaching your musical aims) and my ears (to hear how the piece matches up with my experience as a player/producer.) I will give advice, opinions, critiques, commentaries, articulations and 'the works' about where you are heading.

Additionally I run my own record label (7d Media) and am a fully independent musician (recording, performing/touring, producing, licensing, composing and more.) All of my experience and advice is available to you.

Professional Song Critique from Eliot Sloan of Blessid Union Of Souls

Submit your song to Eliot he will provide you with a professional critique to help take it to the next level. Whether it is tips on lyrics, arrangement or melody, he will give it several listens and offer constructive criticism on what can be done to make the best song possible. As lead vocalist and song writer for international pop group, Blessid Union of Souls, Eliot has an impressive track record of hit songs and a knack for hearing memorable melodies to catch the ear of music executives and fans alike. He has worked with artists of several genres including pop/rock, AC, country and R&B so submit your MP3 and let him help steer you in the right direction for your song.

Write a song with Eliot Sloan, Blessid Union Of Souls

Want to write a song with an international recording artist? Here’s a great opportunity to co-write with Eliot Sloan, lead singer and songwriter for Blessid Union of Souls. Hook up with Eliot via SKYPE and bounce ideas back and forth to create a song you are working on for yourself or if you are looking to submit a song for another artist. Schedule a 2 hour session and get one on one face time with one of pop music’s most prolific song writers.

Seeking "Top 40 Hits" from Writers/Producers/Artists

Looking for new writers/producers/artists to work with that have potential Top 40 pop hits - anything with a pop sensibility. The main focus is finding great tracks for publishing and artist development. If a song sounds great for a project we are working on, then there's that possibility as well. Rough demo mixes are fine, but the more polished the better chance it has to catch out ear on our initial listen. All tracks must be cleared of any samples.

Kellie Pickler is currently “looking”
We are currently screening material for Kellie Pickler’s next CD. The bar is very high so send only your very best work. 100% of publishing rights must be available on your song. Be sure to include lyrics.
Hit Producer Mr. Mig will remix your song

Multiplatinum Producer Mr. Mig will personally screen submissions and if your song is chosen he will remix it into a Huge Club and Dance Radio Anthem. Mr. Mig is responsible for countless Billboard Topping tracks including projects by Bex, Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, Jason Derulo, Audio Playground ft. Snoop Lion and many more. The person (s) chosen will also have the opportunity to have it released under his label H3DRush Music & Global Groove Entertainment which is distributed through Ingrooves/Fontana/Universal.

Lon Van Eaton is offering personal career development advice or a professional song critique. Lon Van Eaton's career includes being a recording artist on the original Beatles' Apple Records label, and being produced by the late George Harrison, as well as Columbia/SONY/CBS Records and A&M Records. In 1985, Lon created Imagine a Better World, Inc. (“IBW”) as an entertainment production company with a purpose -- to create media for conscious change. Lon Van Eaton and IBW have produced a distinct series of local, national and international entertainment project properties to demonstrate alternative ways of cooperation, solution orientation, environmental caring and awareness, humanitarian outreach, human rights -- all with the concept of enlightening and educating through contemporary entertaining media as the vehicle. Currently developing the new Musical Production: The Dance of Life.