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Seeking Music for ABC Hit Drama American Crime

I am currently seeking EASY to clear music to present for the hit TV drama AMERICAN CRIME. American Crime is an American anthology television series. The series was created by John Ridley, and stars Felicity Huffman and Timothy Hutton. The series centers on race, class, and politics. The series was renewed for a second season and will star ANDRE 3000 of Outkast fame and Regina King. I will ONLY accept songs that are submitted via Music Xray!

- Valerie Patton

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Artist Development (92)

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Brand Partnerships for Select Bands Via Public Enemy's Brian Hardgroove

Brian has recently partnered with some of music's top brands, such as Sennheiser and Gibson and others to find synergistic partnerships. Via this drop box, Brian hopes to find the great bands he can introduce to some of the manufacturing brands he has been working with.

It's important to understand that even though Hardgroove is a member of Public Enemy, this opportunity is open to acts in all genres. The important thing is to have momentum and for Brian to be able to find the synergies between you and the brands that work with him. These are less traditional endorsement deals and more one-off partnerships where the manufacturing brand becomes your patron.

If your band is growing in stature, has a growing regional fan base, and is ready to go to the next level, Brian wants to hear from you.

This is not for musicians who are just getting started. This is for bands & acts who are at the touring level, that have a measurable following, that already have an audience and a draw on the road.

If that is you, Brian wants to hear what you have to offer. He encourages bands to include a link to video of a live performance within their submission.
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Songwriter/Producer Johnta Austin Seeking Artists and Performers

I am excited to hear new artists/performers in all genres. If you've got great talent, are developing your skills, and are on your way up I can't wait to hear you bringing the goods. Please submit your best material and let's make something great happen together!

I work with the best of the best but if you're there (or on your way) I'd love to hear some of your best material. If I love what I hear, I'll be in touch with you regarding next steps.

Johnta’ Austin is a 2 time Grammy Award winning American songwriter and producer, most notably for his work with multiple platinum-selling artists including Mariah Carey, Mary J. Blige, Usher, Chris Brown, & Trey Songz. He is also an artist on Jermaine Dupri’s So So Def Recordings.

- Johnta Austin / Songwriter-Producer

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Mita records
Songs and Songwriters Wanted for Development with MITA Records

We are a UK based independent label, with a major financial investment in our artists, and are currently looking for both songs and songwriters to work alongside our existing roster, with additional opportunities to get involved in various development deals.

Only submissions through Music Xray will be accepted

- MITA Records

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Female Singer/Song Writer needed for Development Deal

I am just finishing a development deal with a major producer which has freed me up to work on other projects. I'm currently looking for a female singer/songwriter to work with on getting them a development deal. Ideally, I'm looking for a female "Ed Sheeran". Writing skills would be a plus and please provide links with your submission: preferably a video, or at least, some good quality photos. No older than 25 please. Even if you can't write, let me hear your voice and I will write for you.

- Mick Walsh / Spot the Dog Music

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Female Vocalist wanted for long term recording and production deal, full band ready

Female singer wanted by international Producer and Music Production Company for long term 5 year project.
You will sign to the company, for 3-5 album deal from scratch, with producer, co-writers, band, studio time, managers and deal ready to go, plus full technical and personal help and full development from us.

The main criteria is:
- Female Vocalist
- Age 16-25 MUST HAVE THE ABILITY to perform and record at the highest level.
We want the people who want it!
There is no cost to the selected artist.

Recap: Lead Vocals for a major project, an album, tour, recording contract, studio and full live band. Work under the guidance of a top industry producer and with top writer and musicians. Candidates must be 16-25 and have ability, dedication and drive in abundance. Experience not essential as the projects will be developed but ability is utterly essential. We don't need you to tell is how good you are, we will hear for ourselves.

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Seeking Artists for Development and Management

I'm looking to take on a few artists for artist development and artist management... Previous Artist Development acts include Keane, Siobhan Donaghy, Felix Pallas (Recent Red Bull 2015 Jam Award Winners) and many more...

I'm looking for adult pop, indie, singer-songwriter, country, folk. Male or Female. I'm not looking for dance, rap or hip hop. Please submit your best track(s) for consideration, and include some biographical information.

James's extensive client list includes: ‘U2’, ‘Madonna,’ ‘Dido,’ ‘Phil Collins’, ‘Manic Street Preachers’, ‘Kylie Minogue,’ 'Melanie C', ‘Brian Eno’, ‘Keane’, 'Sinead O'Connor', 'Bryan Ferry', 'Alex James from Blur',' Pet Shop Boys', 'Annie Lennox', 'The Cure', 'Boy George', 'Siobhan Donaghy', 'Lene Marlin', 'Jimmy Somerville', 'The Cardigans', 'Mumiy Troll', 'Bryan Ferry', 'Faithless', 'A1',' Jack Savoretti', 'Suede', 'The Appletons', 'Atomic Kitten', 'Cooper Temple Clause' and many more.

- James Sanger / Vibey Development /Vibey Studios

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Submit for a Developmental Deal with KING LIV

We are growing at an incredibly fast rate - and are looking for talented artists to be a part of it.

We're searching for a few unique artists who want to build their future with a like-minded and creative team.

This is a chance to do something extraordinary - to push the envelope of what you thought was possible and achieve success in the new wave of the industry.

The developmental deal being offered includes:
*Creation & management of all social network accounts
*Logo design, website design, and branding strategy
*All tracks professionally mixed and mastered
*Co-writing sessions with other songwriters
*Exclusive placement opportunities
*Becoming part of an established network of music industry veterans

KING LIV Productions is NOT a record label; but will assist in the foundation and early stage development of new artists through an exclusive production and developmental contract.

We look forwards to hearing your submissions and working with the best!

We will answer all submissions and include a personalized, detailed critique about your record submission.

Thank you!

Louis Magnotti
President of KING LIV

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Lgr twitter
Mid-Year Artist Search: Seeking Globally Innovative Pop & Hip-Hop Talent

Little Guy's Rise is eager to develop globally innovative pop & hip-hop artist from anywhere in the world! Our ideal candidates are those who can write, sing, perform and as a bonus act and dance. We really do want the triple threat stars; but we're also aware that ARTIST DEVELOPMENT has been swept under the rug at most labels. So we're willing to do the grunt work to get your music, visuals, and performance where it needs to be to shine.

Please send your best songs with your best vocals. We'll offer some form of helpful feedback on submissions not selected.

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Spiral galaxy
Spiral Galaxy Seeking Pop/Urban Songs

Spiral Galaxy is seeking Pop/Urban songs for youthful male and female singing groups. Melody and lyric are very important. Music should be cutting edge with Hip Hop or Dance feel. R&B ballads are welcome. High song quality is welcome for game changing effect. If your song is chosen it will be shopped to major publishers, labels, producers and artiest. It may also be covered by Spiral Galaxy roster of artist.

- Reggie Calloway / Spiral Galaxy Entertainment

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Songwriters wanted for Management and A&R-ing

I'm looking to take on a few more songwriters for management. Not only to help find cuts for the songwriters but also to write songs for my Vibey artists in 'Artist Development'. Previous acts in Artist Development include Keane, Siobhan Donaghy and many more. I can only take a few songwriters and I'm particularly looking for adult pop, indie, singer-songwriter, country, folk and ballad. Not looking for dance, rap or hip hop. Please submit your best track(s) for consideration.

His work having won 3 Brit awards, ( 2 of for best new album) and many Grammys.

James's extensive client list includes: ‘U2’, ‘Madonna,’ ‘Dido,’ ‘Phil Collins’, ‘Manic Street Preachers’, ‘Kylie Minogue,’ 'Melanie C', ‘Brian Eno’, ‘Keane’, 'Sinead O'Connor', 'Bryan Ferry', 'Alex James from Blur',' Pet Shop Boys', 'Annie Lennox', 'The Cure', 'Boy George', 'Siobhan Donaghy', 'Lene Marlin', 'Jimmy Somerville', 'The Cardigans', 'Mumiy Troll', 'Bryan Ferry', 'Faithless', 'A1',' Jack Savoretti', 'Suede', 'The Appletons', 'Atomic Kitten', 'Cooper Temple Clause' and many more.

- James Sanger / Vibey Development

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Looking for a POP Star

We are building our label one artist at a time and we are currently looking for a female pop artist. We need to see strong songs and high socials to get you signed. We have an amazing team and we really want to find the right girl. Send us your best song and social media links and we will get back to you no matter what. All the best from all of us at Hourglass -

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Label Roster & Artist Development Consideration: Seeking R&B, Hip Hop, Pop, Dance Artists

Icon Music Group is accepting submissions for label consideration.

Icon Music Group is a artist development media company headed by Grammy nominated multi-platinum producer Teddy Bishop based out of Atlanta and Los Angeles. We are developing new talent with investment backing. We immediately want to sign 5 acts ranging from R&B, Hip Hop, Pop, Dance, etc.

There was a time when record labels committed themselves more seriously to developing the careers of their recording artists. Today, it is much harder to find a record label committed to this goal. This is where I.M.G. steps in to help facilitate and turn acts into label ready stars.

If you feel that you have what is take then submit your best music and we wish you good fortune.

Teddy Bishop: Grammy-nominated producer/songwriter contributed to over 40 million units sold worldwide.

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Looking for solo artists or bands to develop

James Sanger is looking for solo artist or bands to develop into the 'next big thing' at his residential recording studio complex. Must have fantastic singing ability, songs and the right attitude.

James's credits include: Keane, Manic Street Preachers, Kylie Minogue, Dido, Madonna, Phil Collins, The Cure, Brian Eno, Bryan Ferry, Roxy Music, Sinead O'Conner, Roxy Music, The Pet Shop Boys, Annie Lennox etc.

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Artistry Worldwide is accepting submissions for label consideration

Artistry Worldwide is a new media company headed by Max Gousse based out of Los Angeles with a hub in emerging markets such as Toronto, Dubai, London, and Seoul. The mission for Artistry Worldwide is quite simple: to become the number one brand in developing new talent in media worldwide.

Our approach is ‘Artistry first,’ and we stand behind the statement: “Works of art make rules. Rules do not make works of art” With a great team and established relationships across the world, we look forward to being the fastest growing media company for emerging media Worldwide.

Max Grousse: Responsible for Grammy-Award winner "Single Ladies" 2009's Song of The Year and Produced Grammy-Award winning albums "B-Day" & "I Am Sasha Fierce" A&R'd #1 Song "Irreplaceable". Over 40 million units sold world-wide.

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Dollaz Unlimited is Looking for New Talent

Dollaz Unlimited is a full service management company headed by VH1 Love and Hip Hops Rich Dollaz formerly of Bad Boy Records. We currently manage the careers of R&B singer Olivia and Model Erica Mena.

We are looking for Producers, Writers, as well as artist to develop and shop. We are looking for top talent. Producers please submit work that you own only, of any genre.

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Seeking Artists & Bands for Development

Bob Marlette and the Matric Music team are seeking artists and bands for development.

We are excited to be involved with a company with as much integrity as Music Xray. We have a deep passion and vision for all styles of music. We are excited to be opening up our studio doors in the name of helping talent reach the next level. On the behalf of myself and my team of writers, producers and engineers we look forward to hearing from you!!!

Please submit your best track(s) for consideration.

Bob Marlette is a record producer, recording engineer, mixer, keyboardist and songwriter who has worked with a who's who in modern rock.

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Country Melody and Hook Songwriters, Artists, Musicians and Vocalist Search

Publishing opportunity with the possibility to also collaborate with well known, experienced Nashville based songwriter and producer.

Looking for hook writers, melody writers, dynamic vocals (male or female) and talented musicians with hit making potential. Please submit song samples showing your best hook, melody, vocal and or musical talents (demos are okay) as long as the sound quality is clear enough to the hear vocals, lyrics and music well.

Selected songs will have publishing and placement potential and a great opportunity to work with award winning team

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Iron management
Seeking Bands, Artists & Producers for Management Consideration - Iron Management

Iron Management, a a boutique artist and producer management company located in Brooklyn, NY, is seeking Bands, Artists and Producers for management consideration.

We are looking for great bands and artists in a wide variety of genres including Rock, Pop, Metal, Electronic. Please take a look at our current roster in our bio to see the wide range of artists we currently work with.

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Multi-Platinum Producer Looking To Sign Songwriters, Artists & Producers

Multi Platinum Producer Natural Disaster is in search of the next talented songwriters, artists, and producers. In addition to working with some of the top artists in Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B, Pop and more he's constantly working on different projects and submissions for movie/TV licensing. Here's your chance to work with one of the best in the game. Please submit your best track(s) for consideration.

Natural Disaster has worked with indie and major artists such as Soulja Boy, Rick Ross, Lil Reese, 2 Chainz, Travis Porter, Gorilla Zoe, Chamillionaire, K-Camp, Tez McClain, Cyhi Da Prynce, Rocko, Young Jeezy and many more.

Genres: Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B etc.

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Lgr twitter
Production Company Seeking Pop & Country Artists For Development Deals

Little Guy's Rise™ has partnered with a state of the art production company to offer 2 artist development deals in both pop AND country formats. Artists who can innovate and challenge culture will get major label attention via smash Contemporary Hit Radio (CHR) and Hot Country (HC) songs produced by this team. The holy grail would be to find a pop/country crossover artist who can sing, act, and dance while entertaining an international tribe of fans on tour and through social media.

The Deal & The Specifics: - exclusive term production / artist development deal - artist should be young and ready to work extremely hard in the studio with songwriters and musicians - proper rehearsal and live performance training a plus - vocal coaching experience a plus - acting and/or musical theater experience a plus - artists who can also write hit songs with pop / country crossover appeal will get an advance up to $3,000 per quarter.

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