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Songs needed for Major Motion Picture due for 2015 release - $3K Payout per track

Songs needed for Major Motion Picture due for 2015 release.

All styles and all genres will be accepted including vocals and instrumentals.

Scenes range from intimate love scenes to chase and fight scenes, so this really is open to everyone.

Partial songs and cues will also be accepted

The payment will be $3,000 per track, plus of course film credit.

This movie is being shot by an award winning writer / director so this is a great opportunity to not only have your music placed in the movie but to also have additional exposure coming from the movie being taken to various film festivals prior to its release.

Artists will also retain all copyrights and ownership of their material.

Tracks needed ASAP as our closing date is Sept. 5th, 2014

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Song placements (307)

Glassnote Seeking Great new hit songs for current roster of acts

Glassnote Records is interested in hearing high potential hit tracks that would be suitable for our current roster of acts.

Submitting through Music Xray will get your music a priority listen and response from our team.

Glassnote Records is an independent record label that was launched by American music executive, Daniel Glass, in 2007. The label primarily has a lineup of indie rock and alternative rock artists. The label's music is distributed by Sony Music's RED Distribution.

Glassnote Records is home to Phoenix, The Temper Trap, Mumford & Sons, Two Door Cinema Club, GIVERS, Oberhofer, Childish Gambino, Daughter, Little Green Cars, Robert DeLong, Flight Facilities, Half Moon Run, CHVRCHES, Foy Vance, Jeremy Messersmith...

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Asylum (Warner Music Group) seeking great songs for our roster of acts

Not all our acts accept material from third parties but we're always open to the exceptional piece that is a perfect fit. Our roster includes Ed Sheeran, Skrillex, Charli XCX, and Rudimental.

Give us a great song and we'll be in touch about whether the artist can use it. Be sure to tell us who it is intended for.
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Hip Hop Supergroup Slaughterhouse looking for music for new Shady Records Album

After releasing their Shady Records debut last year Hip Hop Supergroup Slaughterhouse (Joe Budden, Royce Da 5'9", Crooked I & Joell Ortiz) are back to work recording their sophomore album. This album will be Executive Produced by Eminem and producer icon Just Blaze. We are looking for tracks and also tracks with hooks.

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Seeking Pop Songs and Demos!

Kevin Rudolf is seeking artists and musicians who write their own music. We are specifically interested in listening to finished demos from currently active Pop and Dance artists, ideally merging both styles.

Please submit your best material here, and we will be eager to listen and respond with a Detailed Critique & Feedback.

Kevin has produced and worked with Justin Timberlake, The Black-Eyed Peas, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Nelly Furtado and many more.

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TMG seeking songs to pitch to George Strait

Alex Torrez of Torrez Music Group is looking for great songs of all tempos to pitch to George Strait and his A&R staff. Please send only your best.

Torrez Music Group listens for songs to pitch to various major country artist, producers and record labels. TMG pitched Ronnie Dunn Top 15 single "Cost of Living"and Tracy Lawrence's current single "Lie" which peaked at #10 in the Country Charts.

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Tracy Lawrence Seeking Music for Upcoming Album

LMG Recording artist Tracy Lawrence is currently looking for great songs for his upcoming 2015 release.

All tempos are needed. His current single "Lie" was discovered in a song contest and is currently #12 in the Music Row Breakout Chart.

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Seeking Music for 2 national LA based labels

Top Music Xray Publisher, James Donaldson Publishing Group has been contacted by 2 national LA based labels to find them some very specific songs. Here's what we need:

1) POP-ish Rap with a real message. Not interested in killing, guns, and hate. References to sex should be suggestive rather than raw. Think "uplifting" rather than angry.
2) Smooth soulful sound with some surprises - for example: mix some pop, jazz, rap, etc. You decide. Both should be written with VERY STRONG HOOKS.

Do it well and we will pitch it to them for two of their top genre artist.
Getting published by our company will qualify you for our Benefits Package. No other publisher even comes close to providing the perks of our standard benefits package. Check us out at jdpubgrp.com

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Seeking submissions for Lauryn Hill

I am currently seeking submissions for Lauryn Hill's new album. I have an open opportunity to do some cowrites with a writer to submit for her new album. Definitely looking for organic music for her project. Think big records.

If selected, your track will be pitched for final consideration

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Tommy Boy is seeking contemporary Urban Dance music - Hip Hop, R&B, & Reggae

Tommy Boy is seeking producers and artists who produce their own music and videos and are on the rise. We are specifically interested in listening to finished demos from currently active Hip Hop, Dance and Reggae artists, Please submit your best material here we will be eager to listen and respond.

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Roster Music seeks new songs for Emerging Pop Sensation Fraag Malas

Roster Music is seeking new songs for our artist Fraag Malas. Frag Mala is 19 year old Spanish pop star, who after gaining a huge fan base via YouTube, is ready to take on the pop world. He has been compared to other teen idols discovered via the Internet such as Justin Bieber, Lilly Allen, and Paul Alborán. For more information please visit Fraag's site: http://www.fraagmalas.com/ Please submit Spanish Language songs Se buscan canciones para el estilo de musica de Fraag Malas, Pop Dance.

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Seeing Songwriters for Co-Writing / Collaboration Opportunity

I've been in "biz" since the late 60's. In 1990 I co- wrote the multi- million selling song "Dirty Cash/Money Talks" recorded by Stevie V. I have written with Dizzee Rascal, Florence And The Machine and many other's. Check out my production credits here: All Music Credits and here: Mick Walsh Wikipedia Page

Starting my own label. I'm looking for co-writers. All submissions will be listened to and I'll provide a critique of your song, regardless. I have to charge a small fee as this kind of thing is very time consuming. OK, here's the brief. My future star is an 18 year old girl- (Think female Ed Sheeran/ Singer Songwriter) Problem is she doesn't write- that's where you come in :) If selected, you'll be co-writing with me. If I think the song you submit is exceptional, I may not have to get involved and your song may appear on the CD with no input from me,

I only need demo's at the moment as when this project goes ahead I will be re-recording everything. Please, if your song is "Death Metal" or "Jazz Funk" don't send it. Remember - Female Ed Sheeren/Singer Songwriter genre. Thanks!!!

- Mick Walsh - A&R/President/Songwriter - Spot The Dog Music

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Seeking great country songs & acts at Show Dog - Nashville

We are constantly on the look out for the best new country songs and acts. If you have an outstanding song or are seeking a record deal and are an absolutely top quality acts, we would love to hear your music.
Do not submit music to us outside of Music Xray. This is where we manage online submissions.
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Looking for NY-type Hip-Hop Beats for G-unit Album Placements

I'm looking for some East Coast Bangers for Potential G-unit Album placements. Think about the "Beg For Mercy" album contents, but updated to today's sounds. Please submit your best track(s) for consideration

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Looking for song writing and production for R&B artist Sevyn Streeter

I am looking for writers who have the sickest pen game. Catchy hooks, great sound, creativity at its best. R&B finest for her album.

Amber Denise Streeter, known by her stage name Sevyn Streeter, is an American recording artist and singer–songwriter, best known for being a member of the girl groups TG4 and RichGirl where she was known as Se7en.

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We need a HIT Country Songs

We are searching for the next country hit for a female fronted band we are producing. The song needs to have fun catchy lyrics and a solid hook. This is a publishing and licensing opportunity. Male demos will be considered. You must have full ownership of the song and willing to split publishing 50/50. The song does not have to be radio ready it will be re-recorded by our artist. Please send only your best material.

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Needed: Hip-Hop/Rap Tracks and Tracks with Hooks for rapper Travis Scott (Epic Records)

Now accepting tracks or tracks w/ Hooks for Epic Records rapper Travis Scott. If you needed, please Google/YouTube him first before submitting.
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Tempo: Any

If track is selected, it will be directly pitched for immediate consideration.

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Seeking Pop Songs for Major Artists

Since being featured in the New York Post for our recent recording sessions in NYC, we have gotten further offers to work with both up-and-coming and major artists. Our work has included publishing with Universal Music Group, Paramount Pictures, 20th Century Fox, and other big names.

We are now constantly searching for "hit" songs that push the envelope in modern pop. We pride ourselves in top-of-the-line quality and our producers are known for their innovation in the pop genre.

If you consider your music unique, yet mainstream, we are willing to offer a publishing contract or production work (or both). Although these are demos, we do want high-quality music with professional delivery so we can visualize the song as an artistic monument in the mainstream world. Our opinion of a good song is something that can be played in any genre and still sound like a hit. Thus, we consider genre insignificant when submitting.

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Rapper K Camp Seeking Tracks

I currently have placed a record for the rapper K Camp's new single entitled "Blessing" produced by myself. He is getting ready to work on a new project and more singles.

I have a strong relationship with him so I am submitting records to him every day.

I am looking for melodies, beats, halfway finished beat for me to co-producer, hooks, concepts, anything that has his feel but bigger.

If your submission is chosen I will prefer the session or wav files so that I can mix and put my spin on it for an official submission to him.

You will receive credit and royalties, etc. Serious submissions only and send heat! Let's work!

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Looking for POP music for girl group BLISS (trio)

The S firm is looking for Pop music Introducing BLISS. BLISS is an all girl Pop &B trio. Music should be edgy, High energy dance , dynamic and definitely something out of the ordinary. Please submit you best track(s) for consideration.

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Seeking Music for Jessica Sanchez (American Idol Winner/Glee)

Need songs for Jessica Sanchez. (American Idol Winner/Glee) Please check her out before you submit!

This is a direct in! I am personally working with her in the studio and have two cuts with her thus far.

Here is the Brief:

Rhythmic pop….slight edge musically…..nothing crazy but definitely not too squeaky clean.

Direction is Beyonce/Rihanna and more soulful Ariana Grande. Big vocals.

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