Song placements (235)

Hook Focused Songs For Female Artist

Splash Galaxy® Music is fielding writers, artists and producers out there to procure a hook-focused song for an indie label female artist. This singer / dancer / actress needs songs with love and relationship messages; but NOT the most generic or cliche sayings. Instead her team wants fresh, fun, even funny hook material, centered in the midst of a well-composed and thought out song arrangement.

Looking for Contemporary country songs to pitch to Sarah Lenore

Looking for Contemporary country songs to pitch to Sarah Lenore. If selected, your song will be pitched for final consideration. Good Luck.

Asylum (Warner Music Group) seeking great songs for our roster of acts

Not all our acts accept material from third parties but we're always open to the exceptional piece that is a perfect fit. Our roster includes Ed Sheeran, Skrillex, Charli XCX, and Rudimental.

Give us a great song and we'll be in touch about whether the artist can use it. Be sure to tell us who it is intended for.
Tommy Boy is seeking contemporary Urban Dance music - Hip Hop, R&B, & Reggae

Tommy Boy is seeking producers and artists who produce their own music and videos and are on the rise. We are specifically interested in listening to finished demos from currently active Hip Hop, Dance and Reggae artists, Please submit your best material here we will be eager to listen and respond.

Seeking great country songs & acts at Show Dog - Nashville

We are constantly on the look out for the best new country songs and acts. If you have an outstanding song or are seeking a record deal and are an absolutely top quality acts, we would love to hear your music.
Do not submit music to us outside of Music Xray. This is where we manage online submissions.
Atlantic Records (Warner) UK Seeking Great Emerging Talent

Atlantic Records UK (Warner Music Group) seeks hot new talent. Our team plus your talent and hard work are the perfect combination to make it in the business today. We look forward to hearing the best of your best. Blow us away and we'll be excited to be in touch and discuss some possible next steps.
Parlophone Spain is seeking new talent for the Spanish Market & new songs for talent signed to its local roster of Spanish acts

Parlophone seeks new talent for the Spanish market and new songs for artists already signed to its local roster such as Pablo Albarán, Sara Montiel, Antonio Rey, & Andrés Suárez.

Parlophone Spain is a label of the Warner Music Group and is a leading label in the Spanish market, based in Madrid. The label is dedicated primarily to pop, dance, rock/alternative, & flamenco/esopañola.

We look forward to hearing your submissions.
R&B/Pop Song Submissions

Looking for great songs, hit songs, unique songs, and talented artists to work with. R&B/Pop or whatever you think will get my attention.

I am a grammy winning producer/engineer. I have been the personal engineer/vocal producer for Janet, Usher, Jessica Simpson and many other artist. I currently work for Janet Jackson and we are recording new music.

Seeking Songs For K. Michelle (Atlantic Records) New Album

K. Michelle will begin recording her next album shortly after she comes off tour with Robin Thicke. We are seeking new songs for K. Michelle to record and perform in her style, sound and feel. (Ala Keyshia Cole, Mary J Blige).

If you think you have hit radio records for K.Michelle, please submit it as we will let you know if we can use it or not and if we can, we'll be in further contact with you.

If selected you song will be pitched for final consideration.

MAJOR PRIORITY** Atlantic Records artist Sevyn Streeter need songwriters

I need songwriters to top line a track that has been approved by the head of Atlantic Records A&R dept. for R&B female artist Sevyn Streeter. I do have my own team working on this, but the best record will give us the best chance to land her single. I need great writers with great concepts, vocals, melodies and lyrics. This is a club track. Send me your examples of writing and if I love your vocals I will reach out to you. Need this ASAP!

If selected your track will be pitched for final consideration

Need 5 original Blues, Blues-Rock songs for summer 2014 studio project

Blue Rose Music Co. is now seeking 5 original Blues & Blues Rock songs for a project to be cut in our studio June through August of 2014 by our "House Band." The material must be original with moderate to upbeat tempos, with the lyrics free of any negative messaging or dark themes. The songs should be dance, party, good time music portraying a happy fun attitude. We will not examine your song based on your choice of instrumentation and vocal ability; we listen for the beat, the progression movement, and the lyrics.

If your song is chosen for production, Blue Rose Music Co. will help acquire full copyright protection in your name, (if you have not already done so). Your submission need not be a radio quality master (we prefer it isn't), but the recording need be quality enough for us to discern if it is applicable to our project. Blue Rose Music Co. will want full publishing and marketing rights for a term of 3 years under a modified 50/50 deal. Our Artist/Publisher Agreement is song specific, we rarely do "blanket coverage" artist contracts. We do not do 360 degree deals. The master recording we produce will remain within our possession and applicable rights of reproduction indefinitely. We look forward to hearing your submission!

Seeking electronic dance songs and topline writers for a new EDM project

Seeking electronic dance songs and topline writers for a new EDM project. Think Calvin Harris (Save The World) Please send your best material. Our team will pick only the standouts for final consideration.

Female Folk-Pop Artist In Need Of Songs

Splash Galaxy® Music is working closely with a young female folk-pop artist with major star power. We will procure singles for her as she is developing in the studio with a production team. All songs submitted should vibe with a blend of 90's influences, like Alanis Morissette, Avril Lavigne and Jewel, and today's radio features like Ellie Goulding, Lana Del Ray, and Hayley Williams. Strong hooks and choruses are a must, in addition to well-crafted melodies. We will listen to all songs and offer critique where we see fit.

Fresh 2014 Pop Songs Needed For Artist Placements

Splash Galaxy® Music is on the lookout for progressive, enlightened, and radio-equipped pop songs that can break in 2014. We've already begun the hunt for some of our top pitching spaces and the attitude is: FRESH, ALT, FORWARD-LOOKING. A few examples of HITS we'd love to find this year are: super turbo-charged electro-pop "bangerz" for an 18 year old urban diva in the style of Rihanna or Selena Gomez; any hit boyband or girlband songs for 2 young, fashionable talented acts (think One Direction or Pussycat Dolls); and more folk pop and alt pop songs that are crafted for commercial success (think The Lumineers, Imagine Dragons, or even Lorde). Again, the focus is on solid, well-crafted song compositions that can hold up over time and inspire many repeated spins.

Roster Music seeks new songs for Emerging Pop Sensation Fraag Malas

Roster Music is seeking new songs for our artist Fraag Malas. Frag Mala is 19 year old Spanish pop star, who after gaining a huge fan base via YouTube, is ready to take on the pop world. He has been compared to other teen idols discovered via the Internet such as Justin Bieber, Lilly Allen, and Paul Alborán. For more information please visit Fraag's site: Please submit Spanish Language songs Se buscan canciones para el estilo de musica de Fraag Malas, Pop Dance.

Label Roster Consideration at Rock Ridge Music
Rock Ridge Music is currently seeking musicians of the singer-songwriter, pop, americana/folk and alternative/rock genres for roster consideration. Please send your best material!
Love To Infinity Records seek Commercial radio friendly Bands and Singers

Love To Infinity Records seek Commercial radio friendly Bands and Singers.

We are looking for Radio friendly Bands and Singers to sign to the label for album and singles deal with videos for the singles. Strong songs with good vocals and all with a commercial radio friendly edge to them.

If you have hit records and are a radio friendly singer or band them we what to hear your songs Andy Lee LTI

Tracks needed for major artist / major ad campaign for sports licensing

Need fast paced cutting edge music fit for commercial advertising in sports. We have successfully landed a partial license with ESPN during the Final 4 and the first series NBA 2k and would like horn driven, or synth-rhythm jams. Hip-Hop or Rock. Please send your best!

Signed Rock Artist (Pop/Rock) Seeking Songs

Looking for pop/rock songs with strong 80's vibe to license for an artists' debut EP with Spectra Music Group. Must be favorable for strong female vocals similar to Pat Benatar and Heart.

Upbeat Adult Contemporary Songs For Signed Female Artist

Little Guy's Rise™ is the decision-maker and executive A&R for a signed female artist in the adult contemporary and HOT AC genres. We are searching for commercially viable hit songs (or tracks that she can sing over) to be used on her upcoming debut album. Our criteria is that the songs be upbeat, positive, and hook-focused to capture the attention of 20-30 year old women on adult contemporary hit radio.