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Seeking Uplifting Song for Documentary - $3,500 payout

Looking for an uplifting song to play in the closing credits for an upcoming basketball documentary that comes out in early 2016. Documentary is about a small school that nobody thought had a chance to win their state championship. The school shocks everyone by racing all the way to the state championship after just a "so-so" regular season. Think the movie "Hoosiers" but in documentary form. Looking for great songs that make you believe you can do anything. All genres including instrumentals are accepted. We are producing this documentary so I will be the final decision maker.

There is a $3,500 (all in) payout if your song is selected. Please note, YOU MUST control master and publishing to submit and your song CAN NOT contain uncleared samples.

Known for our versatility and results, Gracie has worked with the majors (Lil Wayne, Eminem) as well as released over 750 albums and singles via our distribution deals with Universal and The Orchard. In addition, Gracie has worked to place over 100 songs in TV and Film (The Hangover, Green Hornet, Fast & The Furious, MTV and more).

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Gary leon
Atlantic Records seeking Beats for B.o.B.

Atlantic Records is seeking beats for Grammy nominated rapper B.o.B. He has described his influences as "80's music, techno, rock, funk, even doo-wop..." Please submit your best track(s) for consideration.

- Gary Leon / Atlantic Records

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Bridget Kelly Seeking Great R&B Songs & Tracks

Bridget Kelly, who attends her own account here on Music Xray, is seeking great R&B songs and tracks for her forthcoming album, All Or Nothing. Instrumentals are a plus.

Please submit your best work along with your personal message to her here on Music Xray. Bridget will listen and respond to every submission and if she loves what she hears, she'll be in touch.

She's looking forward to hearing what the Music Xray community has to offer.

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Seeking Material For Interscope artist Robin Thicke

Interscope R&B/soul artist Robin Thicke is looking for new material. No actual direction given, but he is a soul/R&B singer so great melodic tracks or full records with great vocals, concepts, production etc. are needed.

If selected, you track will be pitched for final consideration

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Seeking Ballads / Top 40 Pop for Artist

I'm seeking ballads that fit Top 40 pop for a 22 year old female artists I'm working with. Ballad doesn't necessarily mean slow, but slow is obviously okay. Must fit top 40 as well. Please submit your best track(s) for consideration.

-Jay Dmuchowski / APEX Productions

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Ray j
Ray J Seeking new Mid-tempo Club Tracks and Songs

Ray J (who attends his own account here on Music Xray) is seeking new mid-tempo club songs or tracks for his fifth studio album entitled Raydiation 2. Take a listen to the first single "ATM" ft. Dria, Migos HERE

Please submit your best track(s) for consideration.

Please do not contact us outside of Music Xray. We like to keep things organized and are only taking submissions here. Thank you.

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Star Creek Entertainment Seeking Traditional Country Songs

Star Creek Entertainment is seeking traditional country songs to be considered for one of our female vocalists for a recording project. Please send only traditional (old school) material in the style of Patsy Cline, Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton, etc.

Songs that are chosen for the project will be promoted to worldwide country radio, as well as industry charts.

- Star Creek Entertainment

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Asylum logo
Asylum (Warner Music Group) seeking great songs for our roster of acts

Not all our acts accept material from third parties but we're always open to the exceptional piece that is a perfect fit. Our roster includes Ed Sheeran, Skrillex, Charli XCX, and Rudimental.

Give us a great song and we'll be in touch about whether the artist can use it. Be sure to tell us who it is intended for.
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Kevin lee
Coach K / Quality Control Music Seeking upcoming Rappers, Producers, & Songwriters

Kevin "Coach K" Lee and his label Quality Control Music are seeking upcoming rappers, producers and songwriters. Please submit your best original work for consideration.

Quality Control has become one of the most successful indie record labels in the music industry. Quality Control's roster boost of artists like The Migos, OG Maco, Rich the Kid, Jonny Cinco, Young Greatness, Skippa the Flippa and a host of other talented upcoming acts. At the rate they're going, Quality Control Music will be talked about amongst the successful notable indie labels like No Limit, Cash Money, Bad Boy, and Roc-a-Fella.

- Kevin "Coach K" Lee / Quality Control Music

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Da Internz Are Seeking New Writers For Collaborations

Da Internz are seeking great Pop, Hip-Hop, & Urban writers to collaborate on top level projects. We've always got our eyes out for great new talent.

While Chicago is celebrated for delicious hot dogs, incredible pizza, Michael Jordan and music superstars Kanye West, R. Kelly and Common, it's also home to one of the music industry's fastest growing production duo – Da Internz. Ernest "Tuo" Clark and Marcos "Kosine On Da Beat" Palacios have developed a fresh and exciting new sound, self dubbed #gourmetratchet, that has been taking the industry like a tsunami since 2006.

The duo have been heating up the music scene by crafting countless hits for numerous artists such Nicki Minaj, Nas, John Legend, Big Sean, Trey Songs, Justin Bieber, Rihanna and many more.

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Rock city
Multi-Platinum Songwriting/Production Duo Rock City seeking Artists, Producers & Songwriters

The multi-platinum production and songwriting duo Rock City (aka R. City) are seeking amazing artists, producers and songwriters to work with. If you have an amazing original sound, we want to hear it. Please submit your best work for consideration.

Rock City have penned countless multi-platinum smashes including Rihanna’s “Pour It Up”, Miley Cyrus’ “We Can’t Stop”, Becky G’s “Shower”, as well as songs for Justin Bieber, Usher, Future, and many others. Their next full-length album is being released on Kemosabe Records/RCA Records. Check out the groups first official single: “I’m That” featuring 2 Chainz

- Rock City

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Mbk entertainment
Seeking RnB Songs and Tracks for Brandy

We are seeking RnB songs and tracks for Brandy. Please submit your best track(s) for consideration.

Brandy is one of the top selling artists in the United States, with 10.5 million certified albums. Her work has earned her numerous awards and accolades, including a Grammy Award, three American Music Awards, and seven Billboard Music Awards.

Please do not contact us outside of Music Xray. We like to keep things organized and are only taking submissions here. Thank you.

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Joe Budden Seeking Producers, Beats, Hooks, Vocalists

Joe Budden is seeking producers, beats, hooks and vocalists for his latest album to be released in 2015.

Joe Budden is currently working on his latest album and is looking for talented talented producers, beat makers, hook writers, and vocalist to work on the album. Please submit your best track(s) for consideration.

Please do not contact us outside of Music Xray. We like to keep things organized and are only taking submissions here. Thank you.

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Universal Music Group Nashville Seeking Songs for Keith Urban

Universal Music Group's Capitol Nashville label is seeking songs for Keith Urban. Urban has charted 31 singles on the US country charts, of which 17 have reached Number One. Those number-ones also include his third Grammy Award winning single "Sweet Thing", which is from his album Defying Gravity. If you have something that you think will fit his style please submit your best work. We look forward to hearing what you've got.

- Universal Music Group - Nashville

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Seeking Country Love Songs for Publishing

Seeking Country Love Song

Vibe: positive, emotional, romantic, etc.
Music can have a classic or new country sound.
References: Alison Krauss - When You Say Nothing At All; I Need You By Tim McGraw Feat. Faith Hill; Feels so right - Alabama

Submissions must match with the references.
Recordings must be professionally mixed and mastered.
Please submit your best material for consideration.

(10% of the submission fee is shared with Unicef)

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Sgm tm
Smash-Hit Songs For 20-Year-Old Female Artist - Album Budget $75k

Splash Galaxy® Music has signed an EXPLOSIVE talent, and we are opening the gates to songwriters and producers to write and produce for her debut album in the pop and dance-pop market.

INFO: Please be thinking about Top 40 Contemporary Hit Radio with all melodic and lyrical ideas. If you are a producer, you need to sonically "bring it"! That means new sounds, new samples, up-to-date sound-trends, etc. Lyricists and composers: YOU MUST HOOK. Hooks are mandatory for this artist.

THEMES: Partying, "young people having fun", "summer at the beach", "living life to the fullest", "no regrets", "stand up for what is right", anti-bullying, "live and let live", "love is the ultimate force", sex & relationships, beauty, fashion, art, social media, etc. etc. etc. BE CREATIVE! THINK YOUNG!

DEAL POINTS: All songs exclusive. Songwriter / producer advance on royalties and sync. Entire album budget is $75k ($6,250 per song). Must own all rights to songs and any samples. One-stop clearance preferred but not mandatory. All candidates will be considered for publishing deals and other placements as we sift thru material.

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Seeking Smash Singles for new Janet Jackson Project

Artistry Worldwide is looking for singles for Janet Jackson's new project/world tour. This project is looking for new fresh material with a mixture of Hip-Hop, R&B, and Pop...just all around feel good music. I'm looking to pick 3 strong singles for her new project and I'm coming to Music Xray to for that HEAT!!! Compensation will be discussed once selected and placed. This is time sensitive so please submit ASAP!! Looking forward to reviewing all material. Thank you.

- Max Gousse / Artistry/Virgin/Universal Music Group

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Livio Harris Seeking Songs & Tracks for Pop Artists

I'm exceptional seeking songs, tracks, and tracks with hooks to present to both male and female Pop artists. Make sure your music is ready to GO, meaning make sure your mix done RIGHT. Here is your chance. Please submit your best work for consideration.

- Livio Harris - Notting Hill Music Publishing/Who's Harris Entertainment

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Audity music logo
Audity Music is seeking STAND-OUT Pop/Urban Songwriters and Producers

Audity Music is seeking the best songwriters and producers to work with our team. We have a global network of talented and successful songwriters who we represent as publishing clients, management clients, and simply song-plugging clients. We are always seeking high quality co-writes and collaborations as well as exceptional writers to join us for international writing camps with record label clients in multiple territories. Audity has uniquely special, value-added reach in Asian markets.

Please note that we submit music to major labels globally and can ONLY work with commercially-viable and competitive music. We are highly-selective but also very attentive. And, we will provide honest and thorough feedback.

Past placements include Girls Generation, Big Sean, Super Junior, Destiny's Child, BOA, EXO, Lady Gaga, and more.

Please submit ONLY your best to us and ONLY through this DropBox. Please do not email us directly.

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Looking for great Urban/Pop Producers

Looking to find new urban/pop producers to work with for major placements, tv/film opportunities, possible publishing deals and more. I work with a great team of songwriters that I can pair you with to get the best possible records. Open to hearing full songs, tracks, and ideas that could potentially be worked on to be pitched. Thanks!

Producer/Writer for Chris Brown, Jennifer Lopez, Justin Bieber, Johnny Gill & More. Composed & placed music for tv shows and ad's such as Lifetime's 'Bring It', CNBC's 'Money Talks', Coors light Search For The Coldest Campaign & BET's 'Being Mary Jane'.

- Chizzy / CS 3rd Music

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Spiral galaxy
Spiral Galaxy Seeking Pop/Urban Songs

Spiral Galaxy is seeking Pop/Urban songs for youthful male and female singing groups. Melody and lyric are very important. Music should be cutting edge with Hip Hop or Dance feel. R&B ballads are welcome. High song quality is welcome for game changing effect. If your song is chosen it will be shopped to major publishers, labels, producers and artiest. It may also be covered by Spiral Galaxy roster of artist.

- Reggie Calloway / Spiral Galaxy Entertainment

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