Misc. Music Opportunities (22)

Record and film with Adrian Grenier's Wreckroom Records

The Wreckroom seeks to develop and promote artists who are pushing creative boundaries. Artists are vetted by Adrian Grenier (of The Entourage) and his team. Selected musicians join the team for a full day session, in which they professionally record an original song and film a live-style music video.

When actor/entrepreneur Adrian Grenier built a recording studio in his Brooklyn home's basement, his intentions were simple: create a space for friends to write, perform, and record music. However, the equipped studio (appropriately dubbed the WRECKROOM) has evolved, becoming a breeding ground for fresh talent -- a music incubator.
Seeking songwriters interested in attending a 5 day/4 night event in Nashville, Tennessee for Co-writes, workshops with Hit Writers, Panels, tour of ABC’s “Nashville” Set & More

For songwriters serious about their career, this is a fantastic event put on by our publisher friends in the heart of Music Row in Nasvhille. The event is limited to 15-20 songwriters and will take place over June 4th-8th. The cost to attend (including hotel) is $1199 and we are helping to find songwriters we think would be a match for the event.

When submitting to our listing, pick your best song (feel free to include a link to hear a few others) please tell us about yourself in one to two paragraphs or less. Tell us why you'd like to attend this workshop, if you play an instrument or sing. Neither are prerequisites it just helps us get to know you and coordinate co writing sessions, etc.

If you are selected to attend the workshop you will be given a full detailed itinerary. At that time, the balance of $1199 will need to be remitted. Remember this includes your hotel accommodations, a few of your meals and your free tour of ABC's hit show "Nashville". If for some reason you do not need hotel accommodations then the cost of the workshop is $899.

The workshop is an intensive, fun, creative and rewarding once in a lifetime opportunity therefore we have structured it accordingly. You will enjoy 4 nights and 5 days of musical events, co writes, workshops with Pro writers and industry professionals, performances & MORE! We have had an overwhelming response to our workshop all over the nation so we apologize in advance if you are not selected.

Interview and Feature in Vocalist Magazine

The Vocalist Magazine is featuring Music Xray artists in the April/June issue of the digital publication. The selected artist will have a phone interview that will be featured for a 1-2 page feature in the digital publication. The Vocalist Magazine reaches 120,000 readers per issue, and is published quarterly.
Selection Criteria: Vocalists only, Talent, and Marketability Desired Genre(s): Pop, Soul, R&B, Rock

Write a song with Eliot Sloan, Blessid Union Of Souls

Want to write a song with an international recording artist? Here’s a great opportunity to co-write with Eliot Sloan, lead singer and songwriter for Blessid Union of Souls. Hook up with Eliot via SKYPE and bounce ideas back and forth to create a song you are working on for yourself or if you are looking to submit a song for another artist. Schedule a 2 hour session and get one on one face time with one of pop music’s most prolific song writers.

How To Grow Your Social Media Audience and Keep Them Engaged It's not easy to grow your social media audience and keep your fans engaged, so that when you have your BIG announcement, there actually are people paying attention. There is a right way and a wrong way to handle Social Media Marketing for businesses of all types - including your music. We provide Social Media Marketing management and consultation for our clients.
Skope Radio and TV Looking for New Artists to Fill Slots!
Skope Magazine & Skopeing.com - Diverse Music Coverage For The Digital Age. Skope Magazine is the music enthusiast's media outlet. Skope covers trend setting artists and music culture. Skope is constantly looking for new & exciting new music to expose to our global audience. We have teamed up with Musicxray.com to offer musicians a new avenue in which to choose from. Every week the Skope panel will select at least 3 new videos for Skope's Featured Video section and MP3's for Skope Radio. Skope will run each video & MP3 for at least 1 month.
Searching For The Next Smash Hit Songwriters To Write For Major Pop Stars
We are a 17 yr old Billboard Top Charting/Award Winning Production Company searching for the next Smash Hit Songwriter to topline to musical tracks for major pop stars. After you submit your song we will review the content, style and perspective of your writing if we like it we will ask for your contact info and send you one track of our choice to topline. Once you have written and demoed the song you will be given an email to send it back to us and then we will determine if your a great fit. We may even ask you to topline to another track of a different genre.
Submit Your Song for Consideration and Special Support from 101 Distribution
Submit your best song to discuss how you can add your music to 101 Distribution. By submitting through Music Xray we are here to offer extra support and advice prior to signing up for our independent distribution network.
Looking for songs with great videos for Video Service Deals

We are now offering limited Video Service deals to artists/bands that have great songs with videos and are not maximizing their revenue off of those videos. Please submit your best song (the song must have a video). Please include the video link in your submission.

Through our partnerships with The Orchard and Universal we help take the future of TV head-on, using our expertise to grow both your audio and video business on YouTube. As a YouTube Certified Company, we help you assert your rights, develop a lasting connection with your fans and, ultimately, make more money via Premium Ads that regular Youtube partners do not have access to.

Last month we had 1 client make $5k off of Youtube views alone!

If you have a GREAT sound and a GREAT video that isn't being maximized this opportunity is for you!

Seeking BLUES & SOUL MUSIC for Showcase

Looking for Blues & Soul Music ONLY to be showcased at the Jus` Blues Music Foundation Awards Conference 2014. Opportunity includes airplay on the JBMF Internet Radio and compilation serviced to all attendees and every major Blues outlet worldwide.

The largest Blues & Soul Music Conference of its kind in the world. The Jus’ Blues Music Foundation mission statement is simply to promote Blues music's cultural heritage. We protect the legacy of the originators of the Blues and showcase America’s finest African-American Blues & Soul music talents.

Paying tribute to Blues & Soul music and it's makers through the JusBlues Music Awards for almost 2 decades, The Jus Blues Music Foundation Continues Its’ rich and ongoing growth as the premier outlet for honoring achievements in the Blues and Soul Music communities

Seeking UK Tour Dates? Got great music?

Got great music, have the ability to put on an amazing show and planning a tour of the UK? I'm Not From London Events and our network of promoters can help you fill your tour schedule with great venues and busy crowds across the UK. Submit your best track(s) for consideration.

Seeking Music for YouTube Administration Program

Please submit if you are interested in being considered for representation for our YouTube Administration Program where we help collect monies owed to you from YouTube Advertising Revenue.

You would be surprised how many videos around the world use music without permission. People find music on the web, download it/rip it and put it in their videos.

If this sounds like an opportunity you would be interested in, please submit!

NOTE: Because we would need to fingerprint your tracks in order to do this program, we would need to be your EXCLUSIVE administrator for the purposes of collecting on YouTube.


Please do not contact the MIP outside of Music Xray, doing so will disqualify you from consideration.

Live One on One Remix Tutoring by Top US Remixer Mr. Mig

Live via Skype, Multiplatinum Producer/Remixer Steve "Mr. Mig" Migliore will share his tried and true Remix techniques with you which helped him gain over 55 #1 Billboard Credits and title of Top 10 US Remixers of 2013!

With over 55#1 Billboard Credits, Mr. Mig's work has been featured on countless major artists including Beyonce, Pitbull, Cher, Robin Thicke and more.

*This live video session will last up to 1 hour.

Live Video Consultation With Multiplatinum Producer Mr. Mig

Multiplatinum Producer & Remixer Steve "Mr. Mig" Migliore will chat live via Skype with you and discuss topics of your choice to help give you accurate, professional feedback about your music.

*This live video session will last up until 1 hour.

With over 55#1 Billboard Credits, Mr. Mig's work has been featured on countless major artists including Beyonce, Pitbull, Cher, Robin Thicke and more.

Needing songs for book deal
Looking for great pop/rock, blues, rock, and ballads for an artist. This artist is the featured artist in a 4 book deal with Harlequin. We are looking for songs to add to the already successful single she has place in the first book title "Pushing the limits." Think the Twilight Series. Therefore we are seeking a variety of tempos and styles. The artist is a female artist with great vocal range. Selected songs will be cut placed for global distribution. The most popular will be followed with a music video.
Singer / Actors wanted for Musical Theater for Apples new iNovels NOW!
We are looking for Female and male singer / Actors for a project for Apple. We cant say too much due to contractual arrangements. But we are writing music to novels and need lead characters to sing the songs either in the operatic style or musical theater. We need good singers and people who can sing in character and voices.
PLG Music Group Various Opportunities
Please use our dropbox to submit songs for possible opportunities within the music industry. Someone from our main office will connect with you concerning our thoughts and your desire with the music. Genres we work with include Gospel House, House, Christian and all forms of positive music.
Mixing Analysis
Are you recording music at home, and need a second opinion? Can't quite understand what's going wrong with your mix and can't get the sound your looking for? Submit your mixes for an in depth analysis of all key elements and hints and tips. This low price is a beat testing price and may increase in the near future.
Professional Mix of Your Track
If you want a low-cost professional quality mix for your song, submit the track to this opportunity with your rough mix, then I will send full instructions. IMPORTANT: Read on for full details before submitting... Once you have sent me the original multitrack files (via WeTransfer, YouSendIt etc), in most cases you'll have the finished mix back within 10 days, and then you'll have the courtesy of 2 revisions (changes you'd like me to make). When you submit, you should also explain in as much details as possible the sound that you are going for, and if possible give me a link (youtube, etc) to a reference track by a band you like with a similar sound.
New Media Consulting

I will provide opinions and advice on the various aspects of setting up and structuring new media and social network platforms (including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to optimize your profile and monetize your music.