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Seeking Country material for Guy/Girl Duo Project

We are currently seeking very strong material for a guy/girl country duo project to be shopped. We're putting all our resources into the project and are not pursuing shopping to artist until this project closes. We are open to pop and country material. Thanks for your time and wishing you the best!

Davenport and Spencer are a production team that specializes in the Genres of Pop, Dance, Rock, and Country. With a broad skill set in High Gloss Production, Melody, Innovation, Vocal Arrangement, Vocal Production, Composition, Topline, and Lyricism. The duo has had success producing for one of K Pop’s Biggest Artist Boa Kwon (SM Entertainment). Davenport and Spencer has also collaborated on records with Full Force, Britney Spears, Becky G, Colby O’Donis, Boa Kwon, and Sean Garrett.

- Davenport and Spencer Productions

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Misc. Music Opportunities (44)

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Seeking songwriters for NBC's "The Jimmy Lloyd Songwriter Showcase"

Seeking songwriters for NBC's "The Jimmy Lloyd Songwriter Showcase"

We look forward to hearing your best material for our consideration.

The show is enjoying over 3m views per day online running on sites like Metrolyrics.com, CBSSports.com, Examiner.com and more.

Please check out the site: here for information on the show but please make your submission through Music Xray.

DO NOT contact the industry professional or anyone directly at the industry professional's company. Doing so will DISQUALIFY you from consideration.

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Music for imported Anime and Video Games (Up to $5k Payout)

When a video game or popular anime show is brought into the United States, it undergoes "Americanization". This includes finding professional translators and then voice actors who act out the script. however, anime and professional Japanese video games have music with vocals that often needs to be replaced with similar songs in English that fit the mood of the scene.

We are currently working with an agent that is going to present music to Funimation (Dragon Ball Z, among many others) and Nameco Bondai (HUGE list of anime and some very popular video games from Japan). If you are a fan of anime or video games (JRPGS or fighting games), then you already have an idea of what we are looking for. You will receive an initial licensing fee in the 4 figure range and royalties if your work is selected to be used in an up-and-coming game or anime series.

We are looking for soundtrack music that fits emotional scenes(in all emotions and moods), and music of all genres that really reflect well in emotion or "deep" audiences. Best of luck.

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Seeking Music Videos for International Rotation - Huge Exposure Opportunity

White Knight Music Group (BMI) and Pulse Records USA are offering select, high-quality independent artists/bands a chance to get their music videos into rotation with a highly-celebrated, internationally recognized Rock N' Roll themed eatery. With over 150 locations in approximately 50 countries, this is a high-visibility opportunity to showcase emerging talent in front of millions across the globe.

GENRES ACCEPTED: Rock, Metal, Alternative, Indie, Pop, Country, EDM, Top 40, Hip-Hop and R&B.

- 4 to 6 weeks exposure with P.R.O. compensation for public performance as reported by the restaurant chain.
- Exposure to million viewers in over 150 different locations, across 55 countries.
- On-screen chyron credit.

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Searching For The Next Smash Hit Songwriters To Write For Major Pop Stars
We are a 17 yr old Billboard Top Charting/Award Winning Production Company searching for the next Smash Hit Songwriter to topline to musical tracks for major pop stars. After you submit your song we will review the content, style and perspective of your writing if we like it we will ask for your contact info and send you one track of our choice to topline. Once you have written and demoed the song you will be given an email to send it back to us and then we will determine if your a great fit. We may even ask you to topline to another track of a different genre.
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Submit Your Song for Consideration and Special Support from 101 Distribution
Submit your best song to discuss how you can add your music to 101 Distribution. By submitting through Music Xray we are here to offer extra support and advice prior to signing up for our independent distribution network.
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Seeking Songwriters for Songs of Love!

Thanks for your interest in becoming a Songwriter of Love! Songs of Love is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to creating personalized, original songs for kids who are seriously ill, free of charge. To do this, we work with freelance songwriters. We are looking for singer-songwriters who can produce their own work either in a home studio or a studio they have access to. To be considered as a songwriter, please submit your songs here. We are looking for writers who can deliver songs with an on-pitch, well-sung vocal as well as a clear and well recorded music track.

Songs of Love’s nonprofit charter stipulates that all writers donate the copyright of all songs written, because of the confidential nature of the information we receive about the children and because of our nonprofit status, which does not permit that the songs be sold in a commercial market. Writers are eligible for writers’ royalties in the case of songs that appear in a major media venue (eg, our 60 Minutes appearance). There is also opportunity for exposure via our social media sites.

We look forward to hearing your music!

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Seeking 15 Alternative Songs for Project

Looking for Alternative songs for current project.

We're producing 15 alternative songs/artists for a large company and looking for songs and/or singers for the project. We have a tight window on submissions for this project. We're even asking our current writers/artists just to write a verse/chorus and deliver it in very rough for ....we'll know from the song topic, how the verse lyric pulls us in and by how the chorus pays off.

There are NO costs to you and if we decide to go forward with the song and produce the recording, we pay for everything. This project will be "work for hire" so understand the label I'm doing this project for, will be paying for the recording, performers and writers...wherein they will own 100% of the master and 100% of the publishing, forever! The writers still receive their writers shares and are paid in the future, directly from their PRO. The writer doesn't necessarily have to be the artist. In fact, any one song/master we produce, typically has players located all over the world. "Alternative" is considered a very broad genre. I'll be able to produce anything from a cute little singer/songwriter type song, all the way to a very hard and dark thrashing band. What we've had the best luck with, are songs that have quirky, party, upbeat, uplifting, inspiring lyrics. For film/tv...it's all about "vibe" & "attitude" ...not necessarily about a story song. We don't care if your demo is out of tune and made in your kitchen, using your phone as the recorder...at this stage ...it's about finding really interesting songs.

The final purpose of the songs/masters is for them to be marketed worldwide, for film/tv/commercials uses. PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT ANYTHING that has ever been available to the public. Thanks, Les

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Record & Film with Wreckroom Records - Adrian Grenier's Music Incubator

When actor/entrepreneur Adrian Grenier built a recording studio in his Brooklyn home's basement, his intentions were simple: create a space for friends to write, perform, and record music. However, the equipped studio (appropriately dubbed the WRECKROOM) has evolved, becoming a breeding ground for fresh talent -- a music incubator.

The Wreckroom seeks to develop and promote artists who are pushing creative boundaries. Artists are vetted by Grenier and his team: Damien Paris, Mike Frankel, and Brian Koerber. Selected musicians join the team for a full day session, in which they professionally record an original song and film a live-style music video.

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Atlanta United Football (Soccer) Club Looking for theme Song

Atlanta United Football (Soccer) Club Looking for theme Song. Atlanta United FC is a new MLS team in Atlanta and is looking for a great anthem style theme song to be played in TV and radio ads and to represent the team at games.

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Appear on a Nationally Televised TV Show on Major Network

Our company PhonicGuru.com is preparing to film a Nationally televised show originating from the home of the Kansas City Symphony. If chosen you will be developed by having your current back catalog mixed and mastered by multi-platinum producers and recording engineers. You will record at the legendary Hit Factory in Miami, Fla and have your music produced by Lewis Martinee and other legendary multi-platinum producers. You will be signed to a major label distribution deal and you will have your music promoted to radio. You will go on a multi-city talk show promotional tour in support of the televised show and you will perform on camera in a show hosted by a nationally known comic and perform alongside three superstar performers.

This once in a lifetime opportunity requires that you are a top talent and you can perform under immense pressure and at a level reserved for superstars. This is not a contest it is a real opportunity that has already been bestowed on several Music Xray artists. We also need songwriters and musicians that would like to join our growing team in support of our television productions.

Only the best of the best need apply.

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Seeking great new music for weekly playlist

We post a weekly playlist of 5 new and/or noteworthy tracks on our website, which also goes out to our mailing list of agency and production company contacts.

Looking for high quality new music of any genre.

If your song is selected it will be included on one of our forthcoming playlists.

No budget - exposure only.


If the song is available on SoundCloud, this is a bonus as it makes it easier for us. If not, we will need to upload the song to our own SoundCloud account for inclusion in the playlist. By submitting your track for this opportunity you are giving us permission to do this and also agreeing to /confirming the below:

  • This will only be available for the week during which your song is on the playlist.
  • Following this period it will be deleted.
  • You own all rights in the track or have been given authority to submit from the rightsholders.
  • No uncleared samples are included in the track.
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Get featured on new streaming music service, Muxxix

Universal Indie has launched a new streaming music service called Muxxix. We are looking for the best of the best in any genre to feature in our "New Artists" section on the site.

Those we choose to feature will have to provide us with a short one page bio as well as a high resolution photo.

- Universal Indie Records

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Seeking to Feature Artists on All Indie Magazine

Since 2009 and with over 500,000 readers to date, All Indie Magazine has been helping independent artists gain exposure through interviews, press releases, gig announcements, music video releases, and song release features.

Why choose All Indie Magazine?
• Post news announcement / Press Release of your song or album release
• Be selected for feature or interview
• Embed youtube/vimeo videos
• Embed Soundcloud
• Each article will be marketed to thousands of potential readers via Twitter and Facebook
• Each article will be distributed to over 10,000 newsletter subscribers

GENRES ACCEPTED – We consider ALL genres.

SUBMISSION CRITERIA -Artists are required to pass a rigorous quality inspection, meaning, your music must represent a sound All Indie Magazine is proud to represent and promote (we need to believe in your music and love it!).

You must have music to post, whether it’s your music via Soundcloud or Youtube, we want to have something our readers can interact with and listen to. You music also provide a bio and/or announcement to post.

Do we accept demos and cover songs? Yes! Outfits that bar cover songs are fools. Demos must be high quality.

Although we do not pay you to feature your music, the compensation is limitless amount of exposure. We never remove your post, so you can post a link on your site to the article and it will always be there. Make sure when you are accepted to provide us with a list of Tags. Tags help people find the posted article. When an article is properly tagged, we all win.


When submitting songs, please provide as much information as possible with working links for us to research your solo project or band. All submissions will be reviewed thoroughly by a All Indie Magazine panel. When accepted, you will be personally contacted and you will be asked for a series of items including Bio, Links, embeds for Soundcloud/Youtube, Press Release wording, or News Announcement documents, etc.

Best of All -

There are no additional fees once an artist has been approved, only the initial submission fee.

All Indie Magazine website: http://www.allindiemagazine.net

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Seeking Songs for a Love Notes Messaging Service

LuvBeats is a new app to be launched later this year via the main app stores powering the major manufacturers and carriers.

Imagine being able to choose an appropriate image from a vast library, pairing it with the perfect song, a personal message from you, and then having it delivered to a special friend instantly on their mobile device in a beautiful, tasteful presentation that can be saved and/or shared. That's the vision of LuvBeats and we're gearing up for launch.

Please submit radio ready tracks about love - that express "I love you", "You mean the world to me", "It would be sad to not have you in my life", "You bring me joy" etc.

Songs should be full of hooks. The idea is for a song to be heard by the recipient of the LuvBeat and to instantly love the song - so appeal upon a first listen is key. These songs can be both ballads and upbeat but the sentiment should be love and the melodic appeal of the song upon first listen should be obvious.

Selected users will be offered a licensing offer for their song to be one of only dozens we will choose for each category.

We are very selective. We are looking for fully produced songs ready for digital distribution, not just great lyrics or a great voice to be developed into a hit song. We look forward to hearing your very best material.

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Online Session Musicians Wanted!

Quality session musicians (Guitars, Horns, and Keys, plus any other unique instruments) wanted to work over the internet. Must have recording capabilities, any high quality recording software, Protools, Cubase etc... is fine. Payment per session via Paypal, payment depends on the performance, composition, artist and track. If selected we will be sending you tracks on which to perform on and send back. Full credits for work done will be received as well.

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NEW Apple Game App "Trappy Bird" is looking for Unique Production ASAP!

NEW Apple Game App "Trappy Bird" is looking for new Unique Production ASAP! Music must be unique and catchy. Publishing and payouts also available if selected. We are accepting submissions via Music Xray ONLY! Any other form of submitting will be denied and reported. This opportunity can and will change your life. Looking forward to hearing all submissions.

Apple Itunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/trappy-bird/id826629988?mt=8

Youtube Link: http://youtu.be/7KBNwx_cgFg

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Seeking Artists & Bands for Corporate Sponsorships

Seeking Artists & Bands for Corporate Sponsorships - General Submission/All Genres

Another addition to the uniqueness of UE3 Promotions is our sponsorship opportunities. We have successfully obtained corporate sponsorship for numerous artists. From major endorsements with key brands like Lexus, TIGI, Daisy Rock and American Express, to products to take out on the road like Jet Set Energy Drink, to clothes to wear on tour from Von Dutch, we have the relationships to make this happen for you.

The UE3 team immediately accesses your sound and image to brand you with a key product elevating your status and attaining additional monies and products on your behalf. Let us connect your band to a brand as we build yours. Submit your music to us for consideration. If we find potential in what we hear for one of our projects we will contact to take the next steps.

Please submit your best track(s) for consideration along with links to your web presence.

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Seeking Artists/Songwriters for Development with Multi-Platinum producer/songwriter, Kenny Lamb

HD Music Now has teamed up with multi-platinum producer/songwriter Kenny Lamb to create development opportunities for artists and songwriters. Kenny's track record for developing talent is top notch, landing many Major Label deals for artists, and helping further the careers of many more indie artists. Selected artists will be given the opportunity to take their sound and songs to the next level, and work closely with one of the best in the business. HD Music Now is excited about this new relationship, and will play a supportive role in sync placements through our expanding platform.

Kenny Lamb is a multi-platinum producer/songwriter who began his career as a staff writer for Warner/Chappell Nashville. Kenny has worked and collaborated with some of the most successful artists in the industry, including Jason Aldean, 'N Sync, Justin Timberlake, Little Big Town, Rhett Akins, and many more. A prolific songwriter and developer of talent, Kenny has been instrumental in the development of artists such as the Dove award winning band Building 429 (Word/Curb Records), Ashley Monroe of Pistol Annies (Sony Records), Whitney Duncan (Capitol Records), Steel Magnolia (Big Machine Records), Meredith Edwards (Mercury Records), Across the Sky (Word/Warner Bros Records).

This experience is truly one-of-a-kind.

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Music Video Critique from Kathy Iandoli

Detailed feedback on a your music video. Drop an Unlisted YouTube link along with the song submission, and I will provide detailed feedback on the video, as well as which outlets would be beneficial for pitching.

Kathy Iandoli has worked for labels, management/publicity agencies, but mainly has written for top tier publications and websites. Kathy has written for print and web publications including Rolling Stone, XXL, VICE, The Source, Billboard, VIBE, Village Voice, BULLETT, Dazed & Confused, i-D, The Guardian, MSN Music and many others. She is currently the Music Editor of HipHopDX.com and resides in the New York Metropolitan area.
Check out her work: www.kathyiandoli.com

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Music video concepts from Kathy Iandoli

Submit your song and I will provide music video concepts. I willI not write a full treatment, but will listen to a track and provide a detailed creative direction for filming a music video.

Kathy Iandoli has worked for labels, management/publicity agencies, but mainly has written for top tier publications and websites. Kathy has written for print and web publications including Rolling Stone, XXL, VICE, The Source, Billboard, VIBE, Village Voice, BULLETT, Dazed & Confused, i-D, The Guardian, MSN Music and many others. She is currently the Music Editor of HipHopDX.com and resides in the New York Metropolitan area.
Check out her work: www.kathyiandoli.com

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