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Commercial Hit Songs - Submit For The SE Asian Market - Taiwan, Japan, China etc

Looking for commercial hit songs for a host of pop artist in China, Taiwan , Hong Kong, Japan etc etc. Working closely with Universal Music in Hong Kong gives us direct access to all major artists in South East Asia and Japan searching for tracks for their next and current projects.

We are looking for commercial radio tracks which have great beats, memorable hook lines and current styles. Uptempo K-Pop, ballads, R&B/Pop, Rock, Soul and MOR suitable for male, female and boy and girl-bands.

Lyrics may be translated depending on the artist so send in all language demos or masters.

We are looking forward to hearing some great music.

- Dean Hart / Afrikan Cowboy Publishing

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Songwriter Organizations (2)

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We are looking for writers to join our team

We are looking for writers to join our team, we have written and produced songs for multi-platinum, award-winning artists such as Anastacia, Jennifer Lopez, Will.i.am,? 50 Cent, Flo Rida, Ginuwine, Timbaland, B.O.B., Youngbuck, and more. Please send your best material. Our team will pick only the standouts for final consideration.

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Alternative Pop Songs Needed Female Singer

Splash Galaxy Music has the go-ahead to pitch to the manager of a New York-based female singer / songwriter. She has a wide vocal range, with some alternative and edgy pop vocal capabilities, and is looking for a solid single.

*Her label is putting promotion dollars behind her singles, airplay, and tour
*Her music will find its way into many licensing opportunities
*Great time to affiliate with a rising star before superstar status

We'll give the most attention to commercially viable hit material and tracks that suit her young, fashionable, and metropolitan brand. All demos will be listened to, despite quality, as we care about the SONG.

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