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Seeking all genres of score and underscore for TV Show background use

We are seeking all genres but primarily, score and underscore to be pitched as background uses in TV shows around the world. Our music has been heard on Discovery, Animal Planet, Travel Channel, MTV, TLC, Own, Nickelodeon, HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, Starz, ESPN, NBC, ABC, CBS and many more... We are seeking mainly instrumentals but we are open to vocal pieces.

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Artist to Artist Critiques (30)

Song Critique and Analysis from award-winning multi-instrumentalist musician, singer/songwriter, educator and journalist Robbie Gennet

Submit your song and I will provide you a professional critique, offering constructive criticism about how to improve your potential masterpiece. Each critique will be approx. 1,000 words.

As a senior contributing editor, columnist, video/event host and single reviews critic at Keyboard magazine for 16 years (as well as Guitar Player, Bass Player, Musician, Gig and The Huffington Post) I have reviewed music in every genre, from country, pop, rock and hip-hop to smooth jazz, dance, ambient, AC and soul. I'm also a professional teacher of music and chord theory and have deep insight into what makes songs work and what doesn't. As a songwriter, performer and session musician, I have deep experience in song craft and can help on many levels, from chord/song structure to lyrics, melody and production.

Over my career, I've interviewed hundreds of major artists and have toured and recorded with a wide variety of artists such as Nick Lachey, Everclear and Lisa Marie Presley.

You will kindly submit a high-quality version of the song you would like critiqued (studio versions preferred over live) along with lyrics and band/artist bio. I will provide a constructive review focusing on the vocal, lyric, arrangement, instrumentation and whatever other particulars you ask me to listen for.

-Robbie Gennet

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Getting your music ready for release with advice from The Music Box!

This dropbox is for artists who are seeking production advice on their music or music/sound based productions. Using our experience we aim to help artists get their tracks ready for self release or for submission to labels or publishing companies.

The submission price includes feedback on tracks and we will answer specific questions based on our knowledge and experience.

Get your mix ready for release!

As part of this service we would listen to the tracks in an acoustically treated control room and check overall mix/master levels, balance and phase check as well as listening in mono/stereo through various monitoring systems. This would be the first stage, then we could give feedback based on specific questions and offer our critique on the mix and arrangement from an engineer/producer perspective.
We look forward to hearing from you!

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Creative Process and Career Coaching

I have many decades of experience in developing one's original voice. Both as an artist and as a coach to musicians and artists. In addition to 11 solo recordings I've worked with King Crimson, David Sylvian, Vernon Reid, Brian Eno, TOOL, Steven Wilson and Puscifer.

I can listen to your music through, both, your ears (to hear if you are reaching your musical aims) and my ears (to hear how the piece matches up with my experience as a player/producer.) I will give advice, opinions, critiques, commentaries, articulations and 'the works' about where you are heading.

Additionally I run my own record label (7d Media) and am a fully independent musician (recording, performing/touring, producing, licensing, composing and more.) All of my experience and advice is available to you.

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Songwriting Critique by Adam Levy (Tracy Chapman, Norah Jones, Amos Lee, and others)

Adam Levy has coached dozens of songwriting students—including undergraduates from the New School and graduate students at NYU. He has numerous original songs and co-writes to his credit—many of which have been recorded by established and indie artists. With his knack for musical and lyrical flow, he can offer insights to help you take your own songcraft to the next level.

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Professional Song Critique from Eliot Sloan of Blessid Union Of Souls

Submit your song to Eliot he will provide you with a professional critique to help take it to the next level. Whether it is tips on lyrics, arrangement or melody, he will give it several listens and offer constructive criticism on what can be done to make the best song possible. As lead vocalist and song writer for international pop group, Blessid Union of Souls, Eliot has an impressive track record of hit songs and a knack for hearing memorable melodies to catch the ear of music executives and fans alike. He has worked with artists of several genres including pop/rock, AC, country and R&B so submit your MP3 and let him help steer you in the right direction for your song.

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Song Critiques by Former VH1 Song of the Year Winner ~ Holly Steele
All songs will be reviewed confidentiality and will receive a personal, detailed critique based on Emotional Impact (Lyrics - Impact of words, phrasing & clarity of content); (Title Review - Ability to attract listener & pertinence to the song); Technical Evaluation (Structure - Compostion, Elements & Arrangement); (Writing Mechanics - Grammar quality & Rhyme structure) and last but not least Marketability!
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Songwriting & Production critique from Multi-Platinum Producer/Songwriter, Jonathan Perkins

HD Music Now has teamed up with Multi-Platinum Producer/Songwriter Jonathan Perkins to provide artists, producers & songwriters with a professional critique to help take your song and/or master to the next level.

Please make note of what particular elements you would like Jon to focus on in his critique (lyrics, arrangement, instrumentation, production, composition, melody).

Jonathan Perkins is a Multi-Platinum songwriter/producer and an Emmy Award-winning composer. He is currently signed to a publishing deal with Reach Music Publishing and Orange Factory Music, the production team behind worldwide phenomenon Jay Sean. He was a writer on Jay Sean's smash sensation "Down" featuring Lil Wayne, which went 6x Platinum internationally, reaching no. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2009, as well as on Jay Sean’s single “Do You Remember” featuring Sean Paul & Lil Jon, which went Platinum and reached the Billboard Top 10. Gold records include Jay Sean's "2012" featuring Nicki Minaj, and the album “BTR” by Nickelodeon teen sensation Big Time Rush.

His other placements have included Frankie J, Cody Simpson, and Cover Drive among others. One of his most recent records with Australian superstar Jessica Mauboy has achieved gold status in Australia, a collaboration with Pitbull entitled “Kick Up Your Heels”, released October 2013 on Jessica’s album, “Beautiful”.

Jonathan also has extensive experience in scoring and orchestration. He won an Emmy in New York in 2010 in the Outstanding Program/Special in the Business/Consumer category for composing the score for a 2009 documentary by The Atlantic Monthly and The New York Times entitled "Doing Business in China.” Jonathan’s music can also be heard on MTV'S "Room Raiders," "Teen Cribs," channels VH1, BET, The Hub, and others. In addition, his arranging and scoring talents have led him to work with Bad Boy Entertainment, Richard Horowitz (composer for Oliver Stone’s ‘Any Given Sunday’), the Nashville String Machine, and Iranian singer/composer/activist Sussan Deyhim, to name a few."

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Music for Production Libraries - Critiques

I'm a staff composer at a number Music Libraries with 1000+ TV and film placements and a top ASCAP earner. Effective instrumental mood pieces for TV are a specialized form of writing. Let me help you to hone your craft to become a more effective composer whose music sits well with dialogue and works in the most universal way possible.

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Song Critique and Advice from Multi-Platinum Award Winning Songwriter, Producer and Educator John Capek

When you submit your song, I will fully research your artistic journey in order to better understand your trajectory and vision. Please include a link to your website and videos and I will take the time to interpret where you have been, where you are now and where you can go from here.

Each critique will be a minimum of 500 words and will address your songcraft, melody, lyrics, prosody, vocal performance as well as arrangement and production values.

In this era of available technology, I believe that we write the record, not just the song.

I have been a guest resident at the Berklee College of Music, established the songwriting department at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto, Headed the education committee of the Songwriters Association of Canada and served on the board of the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame. While on the CSHofF I served on the nomination committee where we considered and decided on the honoring of Leonard Cohen, Gordon Lightfoot, Hank Snow, Robbie Robertson, Paul Anka, Rush, Joni Mitchell and many others all on the basis of their songs and songwriting.

As a songwriter, producer, arranger and player I am on over 100 Million records.

Recently Rod Stewart performed my song “Rhythm Of My Heart" in the opening ceremony to the Commonwealth Games, broadcast to 1.5 Billion people in 71 countries around the world.

That kind of reach is what I hope to bring to artists who approach me for thoughts and suggestions in your musical journey.

Other artists who have recorded my songs include:
Rod Stewart
Joe Cocker
Diana Ross Isaac Hayes
Olivia Newton John
Bonnie Raitt
Little River Band
Colin Hay (Men At Work)
Amanda Marshal
Dan Hill
and many others

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Professional Country Song Critique from Bobby Boyd

Bobby Boyd, award winning writer for Garth Brooks, George Strait, Patty Loveless, George Jones and many more, will personally critique your song.

A few of Bobby’s awards include:
NSAI - Nashville Songwriters Association International Award
BMI - Citation of Achievement Award
BMI - Special Citation of Achievement Award and the W. C. HANDY AWARD for BLUES SONG OF THE YEAR

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The Song Doctor Is In - Professional Songwriting Help

Let me help you to focus on finding the essence of your song to bring out the intention and power of your songwriting. I am recently Emmy-nominated and am a top ASCAP earner with thousands of placements in film and TV.

David Tobocman is a record producer and arranger with 25 years experience working with a wide range of artists from Cher to LL Cool J. Specializing in arrangements and songcraft, David is currently focusing on working with up and coming singer-songwriters

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Industry critiques for synch potentialSubmit to Pop-Up Music Publishing! Have your track critiqued and prepped for synch by Director of Pop-up Music Publishing Mark Garfield.

Key song writing elements will be covered, arrangement, composition, lyrics, musicality, as well as production values such as the mix/mastering, frequencies and stylistic awareness. Constructive criticism will be aimed at the songs synch potential for Film, TV, Advertising and Gaming.

Mark Garfield has co-written songs with Cream's lyrics Pete Brown and Co-produced records with legendary producer Eddie Kramer (Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin…) As a drummer toured the world and played major festivals such as Glastonbury not once but twice!

All feedback will have comprehensive detail which comes with an honest and professional insight to your song - WARNING which at times might be brutal!

I look forward to hearing your song!

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Anthony Amorelli's Critique Dropbox

Submit your song to my Dropbox and I will provide you with a professional critique (min. 200 words) including (but not limited to) advice, suggestions, comments, etc.

I have performed alongside acts including Skrillex, Travie McCoy, Neon Trees, Katy Perry, Hanson, All Time Low, The Hush Sound, The Vans Warped Tour, and many more. As an artist, I have earned endorsements from SJC Drums, Red Bull, Chipotle, Vitamin Water, and more. To date, STAY has signed with Twilight Records (Cartel, The Cab, The Ready Set), seen over 500,000 verifiable online song downloads, scored a spot on the PureVolume Top 20 Unsigned Bands list (’09 & ’11), and procured four formal releases.

My current clients are Silhouette Rising, Kamryn Person, AJ Elliot, and Cam Liberty.

20% of my earnings are donated to the American National Red Cross. Thank you!

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Detailed Song FeedBack (Multi Platinum, Grammy Award Winning Team)

Detailed feedback on your song (page-long analysis) From Chris Noxx. Chris is a member of The Multi Platinum Grammy Award Winning Piecemakerz,(SG-1, Sly Jordan, Briss) whose collective Notable collaborations & credits include, Talib Kweli, The Game, Young Buck, Trey Songz, Dr Dre, Eminem, Sean Kingston, 50 Cent, Jessica Simpson, Kelly Rowland, The O Jays & More.

Chris gives highly usable suggestions and constructive feedback that you can implement in to your song to greatly improve it’s impact, & increase your infinite growth as a songwriter. Chris will also share his knowledge base on the business, and how you can better solicit and market your talent for profit gains.

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POP tracks for Pre-Release feedback

Most artists are so excited to release their songs immediately that they often loose objectivity on the final and crucial stages of production (Mixing and Mastering). This Dropbox was designed to help the artists make a better impression when they finally release their single/EP/Album to the public.

Experienced Record Producer VYERO is listening to every POP submissions. He has been producing independent Pop with a very critical ear for over 15 years... so you are in good hands.

EVERY SUBMISSION HAS TO BE ON FINAL PRODUCTION STAGE (No demos or drafts) and it will be reviewed based on:
-Production/Arrangement decisions
-Mastering (if any)

Vyero will recommend changes if necessary, so you get it absolutely right for release.... He may even re-do your mix and/or mastering for an additional fee.

Let's hear your tracks!!

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Consultation about your career and music

If you would like to have a conversation regarding your music, your career and your future in this industry, please submit to this opportunity. I will allow 2 ping back Q&A responses with valuable information that will help you identify what your next steps should be if you are looking to make a name for yourself in music. I have personally shared the stage as an artist with Paul Rogers and Bad Company, The Steve Miller Band, Etta James, and LIT ( to name a few) in my early days, and know what it is like to be on both the artist and the business side of this industry. It has taken years and alot of hard mistakes to learn this business, and I am now fortunate enough to feel confident in the valuable information I have acquired over the years that will help save you alot of time and money as you pursue a career in music. The information that I can provide you with, will save you thousands of dollars and really help you learn where to spend your money and when.

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Thorough and Thoughtful Songwriting Critique by Songwriter and Former DJ Glenn Page

As a songwriter, former disc jockey, and twenty year veteran of broadcast media, Glenn Page is currently offering thoughtful and insightful song critiques to up-and-coming songwriters who want to step up their game. With a focus on timeless lyrics, hooky melodies and sturdy chord structures, Glenn looks at the big picture and can help you improve your songwriting chops almost immediately.

Glenn Page's lyrics have been lauded by a variety of music professionals, including American Songwriter Magazine (Honorable Mention, "My Life in Pictures", October 2011), and his music was selected to appear in the currently-in-development film "Errand Boys." He has performed live on "The Real Radio Show" in Merrick, New York and his song "Whisper at the Moon" has been heard on ThePenguinRocks.com.

Page has had a long and varied career in broadcast media and has held many titles, including radio producer, disc jockey, journalist, creative services director and A.V. editor. Having worked at many different radio stations, including Asbury Park's legendary alternative rock station WHTG, FM 106.3., Glenn brings a valuable perspective which can only come from working on both sides of the mic.

Submit your song now for a timely, thorough and thoughtful analysis of your song.

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Billboard chart topping producer - Grammy voter - Music Supervisor

Hi fellow musician,
I'd love to share my insight with you on your song, it's commercial viability, Strengths & Weaknesses, and a clear view on how to make it fly!
Good Luck!

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Artist Coaching - Billboard Producer - Grammy Voter - Music Supervisor

Hi friends, I have been active in the biz. for 16 years, written hundreds of pieces, licensed over 20,000 of them, and made plenty of albums. I'd love to share my insight and experience to whoever finds it useful. I provide consultation about: Music Production Song Writing Licensing / Publishing Music Supervision and much much more . . . Looking forward to hear from you!

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Song Evaluation

HAKIM has mixed records for many artists in development for Flux Studios, Kevin Liles Management and Eastwind Entertainment Group. Some of which include, The Flexican, Maluca Mala, Charles Hamilton, Vy Higginsen, Young London, Take The Night, RaidR (Teddy Riley's Daughters) and others.
HAKIM will critically listen and evaluate your song structure, lyric and mix.
Then offer a itemized report to improve the overall sonic presence of your record.

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