Artist to Artist Critiques (21)

Getting your music ready for release with advice from The Music Box!

This dropbox is for artists who are seeking production advice on their music or music/sound based productions. Using our experience we aim to help artists get their tracks ready for self release or for submission to labels or publishing companies.

The submission price includes feedback on tracks and we will answer specific questions based on our knowledge and experience.

Get your mix ready for release!

As part of this service we would listen to the tracks in an acoustically treated control room and check overall mix/master levels, balance and phase check as well as listening in mono/stereo through various monitoring systems. This would be the first stage, then we could give feedback based on specific questions and offer our critique on the mix and arrangement from an engineer/producer perspective.
We look forward to hearing from you!

Creative Process and Career Coaching

I have many decades of experience in developing one's original voice. Both as an artist and as a coach to musicians and artists. In addition to 11 solo recordings I've worked with King Crimson, David Sylvian, Vernon Reid, Brian Eno, TOOL, Steven Wilson and Puscifer.

I can listen to your music through, both, your ears (to hear if you are reaching your musical aims) and my ears (to hear how the piece matches up with my experience as a player/producer.) I will give advice, opinions, critiques, commentaries, articulations and 'the works' about where you are heading.

Additionally I run my own record label (7d Media) and am a fully independent musician (recording, performing/touring, producing, licensing, composing and more.) All of my experience and advice is available to you.

Songwriting Critique by Adam Levy (Tracy Chapman, Norah Jones, Amos Lee, and others)

Adam Levy has coached dozens of songwriting students—including undergraduates from the New School and graduate students at NYU. He has numerous original songs and co-writes to his credit—many of which have been recorded by established and indie artists. With his knack for musical and lyrical flow, he can offer insights to help you take your own songcraft to the next level.

Detailed Song Critique

I will provide you with a detailed song critique and advice as to how you can improve your song for radio play/mass appeal. As an artist who has recent commercial FM radio play and as owner/CEO of Concesco Production, I understand what it takes to connect with a wide audience.

Professional Song Critique from Eliot Sloan of Blessid Union Of Souls

Submit your song to Eliot he will provide you with a professional critique to help take it to the next level. Whether it is tips on lyrics, arrangement or melody, he will give it several listens and offer constructive criticism on what can be done to make the best song possible. As lead vocalist and song writer for international pop group, Blessid Union of Souls, Eliot has an impressive track record of hit songs and a knack for hearing memorable melodies to catch the ear of music executives and fans alike. He has worked with artists of several genres including pop/rock, AC, country and R&B so submit your MP3 and let him help steer you in the right direction for your song.

Song Critiques by Former VH1 Song of the Year Winner ~ Holly Steele
All songs will be reviewed confidentiality and will receive a personal, detailed critique based on Emotional Impact (Lyrics - Impact of words, phrasing & clarity of content); (Title Review - Ability to attract listener & pertinence to the song); Technical Evaluation (Structure - Compostion, Elements & Arrangement); (Writing Mechanics - Grammar quality & Rhyme structure) and last but not least Marketability!
Consultation about your career and music

If you would like to have a conversation regarding your music, your career and your future in this industry, please submit to this opportunity. I will allow 2 ping back Q&A responses with valuable information that will help you identify what your next steps should be if you are looking to make a name for yourself in music. I have personally shared the stage as an artist with Paul Rogers and Bad Company, The Steve Miller Band, Etta James, and LIT ( to name a few) in my early days, and know what it is like to be on both the artist and the business side of this industry. It has taken years and alot of hard mistakes to learn this business, and I am now fortunate enough to feel confident in the valuable information I have acquired over the years that will help save you alot of time and money as you pursue a career in music. The information that I can provide you with, will save you thousands of dollars and really help you learn where to spend your money and when.

Billboard chart topping producer - Grammy voter - Music Supervisor

Hi fellow musician,
I'd love to share my insight with you on your song, it's commercial viability, Strengths & Weaknesses, and a clear view on how to make it fly!
Good Luck!

Music critique/band strategy consulting

We're focused on helping the best up-and-coming live bands break down the barriers they face that are preventing them from getting to the next level. Our business is part-outsourced A&R, part-festival talent coordinating, and part-band strategy consulting.

What you get with this option is a critique of your music and career consultation. I'll give you feedback on your music, answer any career questions you might have, and help you formulate a road map to make your goals more accessible. While A&R is a major component of our platform, we specialize in live bands.

Need help on a song? Want a critique and a pro review? Do you have a HIT?

We will listen to your song multiple times and write up a detailed one page review and critique that you may use for personal use or for commercial / promotional use. We will then take questions about the review and try to help you come up with solutions on how to fix any problems that may be present. If the song is perfect, we work with a few publishing companies, writers and producers, who have placed hit songs with artists such as Kelly Clarkson, Phil Phillips, Christina Aguilera, and The Band Perry. We will get back with you on how to take the next steps to get your song published.

After being in the industry for 15+ years, we have the knowledge and experience to offer notes and advice about your song as a whole, your lyrics, your mix, your melody line, your hook, and production quality - we will tell you if you have a HIT.

Artist Coaching - Billboard Producer - Grammy Voter - Music Supervisor

Hi friends, I have been active in the biz. for 16 years, written hundreds of pieces, licensed over 20,000 of them, and made plenty of albums. I'd love to share my insight and experience to whoever finds it useful. I provide consultation about: Music Production Song Writing Licensing / Publishing Music Supervision and much much more . . . Looking forward to hear from you!

Song Evaluation

HAKIM has mixed records for many artists in development for Flux Studios, Kevin Liles Management and Eastwind Entertainment Group. Some of which include, The Flexican, Maluca Mala, Charles Hamilton, Vy Higginsen, Young London, Take The Night, RaidR (Teddy Riley's Daughters) and others.
HAKIM will critically listen and evaluate your song structure, lyric and mix.
Then offer a itemized report to improve the overall sonic presence of your record.

Live Video Consultation With Multiplatinum Producer Mr. Mig

Multiplatinum Producer & Remixer Steve "Mr. Mig" Migliore will chat live via Skype with you and discuss topics of your choice to help give you accurate, professional feedback about your music.

*This live video session will last up until 1 hour.

With over 55#1 Billboard Credits, Mr. Mig's work has been featured on countless major artists including Beyonce, Pitbull, Cher, Robin Thicke and more.

Career Consultation & Music Evaluation from an established Record Label Executive

I am willing to carefully critique your music from a longtime record executive's point of view, and give you extremely helpful insight(s) into the best way to go about getting a record deal for you/your band, either with a Major or Independent record label.

I can also provide key marketing tips which artists must know in today's heavily "virtual" 21st Century music industry, where competition in the marketplace is as high as it has ever been before.

Looking for producers for management

I'm looking for talented producers that don't mind working hard and accepting criticism to produce for major artist!

Top Industry Professional's Critique and Feedback

I am always looking for greatness, as an artist or writer. Send me your best, I'll be honest and helpful and hopefully a great relationship develops that leads to real opportunity.

Extended Feedback About Your Submission

For more detailed feedback about your track, please submit it to this box. I will reply with a brief discussion of the track's strengths and needs in terms of composition, arrangement, production, performance, and commercial potential. I will also address any outstanding issues unique to you or your work.

Exclusive Detailed Career Critique from Anthony J.H. - CEO Factory Communication

Exclusive review of your demo music and career direction from a producer's view and record company CEO view. I will give you a full review of your career prospects, where you are going wrong or not as the case may be. I will give you a producers point-of-view regarding your music quality and chart possibility. Should we find a start in the making you may be offered a contract with our company or we can point you in the right direction for your career move. So don't go anywhere until you have been given our full honest critique...we look forward to hearing from you.

Feedback about your song submission

I will listen carefully to your submission and offer feedback pertaining to production, originality, song content, structure, sound quality and marketablility. You also have the option of asking me questions or my opinion in reference to your submission. I will answer professionally and honestly; and/or provide you with information to the best of my knowledge. I am here to help and offer guidance and/or insight.

Music Video Critique from Award Winning Music Video Director Rob Schwartz

Is your music video missing that "umpfh" and not sure why? Rob Schwartz, CEO of the multiple award winning music video/movie production company Chetown Films will review and nitpick your music video and give you helpful suggestions to improve your video. Rob has won multiple awards including a award for Best Music Video as well as the Mt. Pocono FIlm Festival, Florida Music Fest, and an Award of Excellence. Rob has been hired by major labels to fix and re-edit many charting music videos that need that extra professional feel. His sub-company is gear specifically to refixing music video and remixing video to a variety of DJ mixes.

Please submit a link to your video in the comment section of your submission