Management Deals (38)

Submissions for Management Roster Opening MCT Management

Submit your music for management company seeking new talent to develop and work with to achieve long-term musical success. MCT Management is a worldwide music management firm based in New York City.

Our current roster of artists includes:
Dar Williams, Marshall Crenshaw, Nina Persson, Ben Lovett, Ben Fields, Rob Burger, Citizen Cope, Fran Healy, Pearl and The Beard, Fran Healy

Major Production Company seeks New Talent to Produce and Manage

3P Music Productions and Management is seeking great new talent to produce and possibly manage. In particular we are looking for Pop, Pop-Rock, Pop-Urban and Commercial Rock bands and singer-songwriters in need of top-level production, artist-development, and a team with many major connections.

Seeking Artist & Bands for Management Consideration

Loch Ness Management is seeking interesting and out-of-the-box artists and bands for management roster consideration. Please take a look and listen to our current roster of artists to get an idea of what we are seeking. Submit your best track(s) for consideration and we'll listen and respond.

Current roster: Youth Lagoon, Moon King, Phaseone, Mister Lies, Teen Daze, Mean Lady, Larry Gus, Jackson Scott, Blouse, Puro Instinct, Foxes In Fiction, Holydrug Couple.

Seeking Vocalists, Songwriter & Producers to add to our Label and Management Roster

Archangel UK and Inter-Dimensional Recordings is seeking vocalists, songwriters and producers specializing in EDM to add to our label and management rosters. Please submit your best track(s) and we'll get back to you. Thanks

Seeking Rap/Hip-Hop & R&B Artists for Management/Label Deal

We are looking for talented unsigned Rap & R&B Artists for management consideration. If your music is has great commercial appeal, we will discuss potential opportunities with major labels. All submissions will be listened to with detailed feedback ASAP.

Accepting Rock and Pop Submissions for Artist Development and Management Opportunities!

Random EQ is currently seeking Rock, Hard/Heavy Rock, and Pop artists with great potential for Artist Development and Management. We have already had successes facilitating acts with licensing and publishing deals, assisting conferences and artists with sponsorship procurement and endorsement deals, etc. We also have distribution (physical and digital), marketing (radio and web), and web/graphic design teams that have worked for both indie and major labels.

Management consideration with Launch Pad Media

Artists interested in potential Management consideration with Launchpad Media can submit to this dropbox. Steve Tramposch, President will listen to everything submitted and contact you if there's something he can use or if he would like to pursue a conversation with you. Steve's 17+ years industry experience features a number of successful titles as a Manager, Producer, and Senior A&R executive for several of the world’s leading music companies, including Capitol, Virgin, Elektra, Eleven Seven, Billboard and more, where he’s been instrumental in the early discovery of numerous artists signed across multiple genres that would later result in the worldwide sale of tens of millions of albums. Steve has been privileged to work with some of the biggest artists, labels and executives in the music industry.

Submit Your Work For Management Consideration

Submit your work to be considered for KounterKulture Mgmt+Media's artist roster. KounetrKulture provides management and development for bold musical artists in rock, pop and hip hop. While we serve a select roster of established and breakthrough artists, we actively scout for fresh talent. Every artist we manage is unique, but share much in common: They captivate us with their arresting styles; compelling, unconventional stories that intrigue or challenge us; or fresh beats that make dancing irresistible. They are artists who aren’t afraid to experiment, to explore creatively. They push the boundaries of their art and society, often making them controversial, even revolutionary. Yet, they understand the importance of retaining commercial appeal.

Seeking Top 40 Pop for Publishing/Management/Pitching

DNT Entertainment is seeking Top 40 sounding Pop songs for publishing, management consideration, and record label pitching.

Manic Monkee MGMT and Marketing
Manic Monkee MGMT and Marketing is seeking to expand its management roster with emerging bands in the genres of Rock, Pop, and Alt Rock. If you are ready for the next step in your career, let's hear what you have. Please include links to other profiles you may have on the Web as well as to your entire Music Xray EPK.
Management consideration from the W Music Group
This offering is for unsigned recording artist and unsigned bands that are interested in artist management. W Music Group uses MusicXray’s platform to identify new talent for our client roster and for all music related solicitations. If you believe that you have the talent, and that you're ready for professional representation, we invite you to submit your song and bio to us for roster consideration. Because of our commitment to Music Xray, you can rest assured that your music submission will be listened to by a member of our Senior Management.
Management Opportunity at Fame Management and Marketing

Fame Management and Marketing is looking for the best artists with the best music and the best covers you can do. We are looking for artists who will not be a one-hit wonder. We accept songs from artists from pop to country to hip-hop music.

Management Company Looking for Artists

We are looking for new hip-hop and R&B artists to represent. We are a full service entertainment company. We manage artists, handle promotions,throw hip-hop shows, host open mics, book shows, and pretty much any and every aspect of the hip hop industry. We are not just limiting it to just rappers and singers. If you have any talent of the hip hop culture from dancing to artwork we are always looking for the next big star.

Demo Submission For Tony Meola - A&R Manager - Upper 11 / Universal
Upper 11 Group is seeking all SONGWRITERS, PRODUCERS & ARTISTS of all genres. I am in signing mode right now and looking to sign record, management and publishing deals. If you have a song that has hit potential then please send it. i look forward to hearing your music!
Management Roster Consideration

Jon Fowler is a former executive at Sony Music, former manager of George Michael, Bond, Gerri Halliwell and Jamiroquai. Do you have what it takes to join our roster of managed talent?
Looking For A Star Rapper To Manage ASAP
I am looking for the next "Star Rapper" to manage. I am looking for someone that versatile from gangsta rap to quality work that can be placed on TV.
Wildlife Entertainment manage Travis, Detroit Social Club, Ivor Novello nominated Steven Fretwell and The Artic Monkeys. The company has been in business for over 20 years and have managed some very successful acts including Travis, Detroit Social Club, Ivor Novello nominated Steven Fretwell and The Artic Monkeys. The company is seeking an exciting young band who define the times with their songs in any commercial genre to develop to the same level as the other bands on the company's roster.
Management Deal with Soundcheck Inc.
I'm Ken Spellman, CEO of Soundcheck Incorporated. I've reorganized the company to increase our talent management division. I'm in a signing mode!! I'm looking for musicians, radio personalities, singer/songwriters that are willing to take direction, are serious about their craft, and have some great material. Do you have what it takes to join our roster of managed talent? Soundcheck Incorporated is a one-stop shop for talent development. We have international distribution (brick & mortar and digital), licensing and touring opportunities, internet radio outlets to increase exposure, a large social networking platform and we are trendsetters when it comes to marketing & promotions. We're charging a fee to separate the serious from the delirious:)
Dennis Management

The corporate office for Dennis Management has been located in Nashville, Tennessee in the heart of Music Row for over three decades. Today, in addition to Artist Management, Dennis is sought for artist and project consulting and speaking engagements. It is Dennis’ philosophy to empower artists to develop their talents and strengths with the proper resources to create a successful path with global appeal. Although Dennis Management has represented both Gold and Platinum selling Country artists, Sharon’s passion is stirred by “the opportunity to think outside the box creatively, with a knowing that this business of Music and artist management is not exclusive to mainstream radio.”
Looking for great artists in all major genres to work with/manage

If I love you as an artist and think you are a good fit for Mach 1 I would reach out to you one on one to discuss your goals in the music industry. If things work out we would love to manage your career and build your project in order to shop you for a major record deal. I am looking for great acts that can perform well, have a great work ethic and have a clear idea of where they are headed.