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Seeking indie music for car insurance campaign - $11,500 Upfront Payment

NYC based Ad agency has selected White Knight Music Group (BMI) and Pulse Records USA to be the sole music team to find hot new indie music for a youth targeted discount car insurance campaign. Client is representing a high end commercial insurance company whose main target is coverage for the new driver, the pseudo reckless and social minded teens who text, talk and listen to music while they drive. Music should be upbeat, fun, energetic and speak to high school/college ages and alternative life style types with the "over protective conservative parents". Campaign is slated to be fun, light-hearted and satirical with a celebrity voice over.

Commercial promotion spot will be aired Nationally in the Fall of 2014.

COMPENSATION: Master/Pub non-exclusive, one time upfront: $11,500.00 USD.

GENRES ACCEPTED: Rock, Indie Rock, Alternative, Hard Rock, Punk, Hip Hop, Instrumentals, Electronic, DJ/Dance, Pop, Hard Core/Thrash and Industrial/Dub Step.

Looking for Uptempo songs for MAJOR Movie Trailer with $8,500 payout

Looking for a last second replacement song for major movie trailer that comes out in August. Song needs to be uptempo, driving and hard hitting!

There is a $8,500 (all in) payout if your song is selected. Please note, YOU MUST control master and publishing to submit.

We need to fill this spot quickly and will only be accepting songs until the end of April.

This is a huge opportunity to get massive exposure in an action movie trailer that will be everywhere this summer.

Seeking Music for Major US Motion Picture

The head of One Night Stand Music has recently been made music supervisor for a major US motion picture and is seeking songs for placement throughout the movie.

The movies core subject is that of a terminally ill individual, but songs of all genres will be considered as the film contains numerous scenes of varying natures ranging from heartfelt and sensitive to banging nightclub action. So we will literally want to hear from any one who has outstanding tracks to offer.

We have selected 10 artists from Music Xray in the last few weeks alone for movie placement and management, so this is an excellent opportunity for anyone wishing to get their music to a much wider / international audience.

One Night Stand Music and Management are currently finding over 90% of their acts and material via Music Xray.
We look forward to hearing your very best tracks and we know how hard you work on your music, so we will really take the time to listen to every track multiple times.

Uptempo Compositions with Female Vocals

Music Request: We are seeking full mixed and mastered compositions for placement in several major studio motion pictures various major network scripted programs and cable network reality shows.

We have been asked to provide music that will enhance the director and producer’s vision for scenes including the following genres:
Uptempo Dance, Top 40 and Pop Songs with FEMALE VOCALS.

Selected songs will be pitched to The Music Supervisors and Movie / Show Producers for final consideration.

Seeking Music for Film/TV/Ads/Trailers

HD Music Now is seeking music for placements in Film, TV, Ads, and Trailers. We are open to multiple musical genres - as long as it's a good track.

HD MUSIC NOW, a full service music licensing & supervision company that regularly licenses songs to film, television, advertising, trailers, video games, and more. Our music has been heard in television shows such as Ray Donovan, Breaking Bad, American Horror Story, Hart of Dixie, Private Practice, Grey’s Anatomy, Dexter, Shameless and more…and in Feature films such as Dolphin Tale, Jobs, Friends with Benefits, Baggage Claim, Dinner For Schmucks, Parental Guidance, American Reunion and more…

Seeking EDM (Electronic Dance Music)

We are seeking Electronic Dance Music for our catalog for pitching to film/tv/ads/trailers.

Production should be TOP NOTCH as we will be very selective.

Selected artists should control 100% of their masters and composition.

Selected artists will be offered a non-exclusive publishing contract.


Seeking Indie Pop tracks for TV, Film & Ad Licensing

Producer's Toolbox powered by Flavorlab is seeking Indie Pop tracks for catalog inclusion. Please submit your best fully mixed and mastered work.

The Producer's Toolbox features an eclectic collection of original music that includes Rock, Dramatic News, EDM, Comedy Classics, and Hollywood Scores, and it has become a valuable resource for clients such as MTV, The History Channel, and Grey Advertising.

Seeking Songs For a Major Motion Picture

In late summer 2014, we will be music supervisors for a remake of a major motion picture.

We will consider ALL songs for submission in the movie's soundtrack, and will also consider instrumental compositions for the movie's score.

We are looking for finished, master quality music. The movie is a coming of age film, filled with evocative landscapes, so the music will need to fit with that. There are two elements - the score, and the songs we need for the soundtrack.

Every selected song will receive an advanced payment of at least $5,000 plus ongoing performance royalties.

For more information on the movie please visit it's site here:

Dance Pop, Dance Hip Hop Tracks for Television Placement

Seeking Dance Pop and Dance Hip-Hop tracks for broadcast television. The reference tracks provided are ones that have already been placed. They reflect the general style and production value that we are seeking.

The Producer’s Toolbox powered by Flavorlab is a handcrafted catalog of exclusive music and imaging elements designed to provide editors and producers with high quality music that drives picture and emphasizes story.

It is a valuable resource for clients such as The History Channel, Spike, and MTV with whom we are currently placing music on a number of their flagship programs.

We Need Music for Feature Film

We are currently looking for music for a feature film we are producing the music for and providing music supervision for. The film is a Physiological Thriller and the music should be intense and dark. Styles like NIN or Industrial EDM.

All selected songs will be offered a non exclusive sync/licensing agreement.

The film will be released internationally August 2014

Publisher seeking original romantic and reflective ballads for placement in film, TV, etc.

We are urgently seeking original ballads suitable for scenes depicting anniversaries, birthdays, etc. for placement in film, TV, advertising, etc. Must be master quality. No demos.

Feature Film Seeking Great Rock / Pop / Emo / Indie / College Songs

A feature film is looking for music to use in multiple scenes. The movie is geared to a younger audience so we are looking for songs that are appealing to 18-30 year olds. Has to be a tight song with memorable lyrics, a great hook, etc. We are only interested in original songs for this opportunity. You need to be the principle songwriter or have authority to license any song that is sent in for this music opportunity. We would prefer to get songs without any explicit lyrics, but will consider songs with MINIMAL profanity and adult themes. Professional mastered recordings. 50/50 spilt, non-exclusive.

Saturday Music Seeking Happy Love Songs

Saturday Music is seeking happy love songs for an upcoming unspecified project.

Mary Ramos has supervised some of Hollywood's biggest titles including Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, Django Unchained, The Wedding Planner, & Inglorious Bastards among many more instantly recognizable movies.

Seeking Dramatic Love Songs for Film/TV Placements

Nashville-based publishing company seeking unique, synch-friendly, dramatic love songs for placements in film and TV. Production value must be professional.

Only submit songs that are 100% cleared, meaning: the songwriter(s) must own the master recording (must have signed permissions from all performing talent). Important: You must own 100% of the publishing. You will be asked to sign an exclusive publishing contract with a buyout option (50/50 split for both master/synch up to a max amt), 50/50 split on performance royalties. We offer a three-year reversion clause. Please do not submit if you are not open to these terms.

Intense, action music of all genres needed for motion picture submission

Needed ASAP...intense, driving, action music. Can be various genres, just needs to fit the emotion. Vocal or instrumental for submission to a major motion picture we are working on. Please send your best. Can be demo or completed master recording, just make sure it's the best you have.

If we are interested in the song, we will place it on hold and contact you further. Look for other dropboxes for different genres for this same motion picture. We have several cues to fill.

Activision Blizzard Video Games Seeking Music

We are actively pitching music to the developers of Call of Duty, among other world-class games. Blizzard entertainment is also known for RPGs and adventurous works. For these reasons, genre is not as important as feeling and mood. Energetic, epic, suspenseful, spacey, or overall emotional music is what we want. Songs with vocals must have instrumental mixes available. Instrumental compositions are a plus.

We have a good sense of what producers will be seeking for upcoming projects. All songs we select will then be pitched to Activision Blizzard. We will never take on an uncontrollable amount of songs to ensure the ones we do pitch will get the attention they deserve.

Seeking Music for Film, TV, Advertising and Gaming

Pop-Up Music is a new music library/publisher providing music for Film,TV, Advertising and Gaming.

We are looking to add new songs to our ever growing library all genres new or old are welcome. Pop-Up Music is looking for music that is true to its genre.

If your songs excite us we'll be in touch to discuss some possible next steps.

Please only submit original material that is 100% owned by the writer (or writers).

Sports related music needed

We are working with a television network that's developing a number of new TV programs. We are looking for high energy music that would be great for sports related programs. Popular sounding music is a plus.

Looking For: Rock, Hip Hop, EDM

Explicit Lyrics Accepted: No

Instrumentals Accepted: Preferred (no samples)

Compensation: Licensing, Royalties

Reggae songs needed for reality and documentary series

Music Request: We are seeking full mixed and mastered compositions for placement in new reality and documentary series.

We have been asked to provide music that will enhance the director and producer’s vision for scenes including the following genres:
Reggae, dancehall, rocker and reggaeton

Selected songs will be pitched to The Music Supervisors and Movie / Show Producers for final consideration.

Indie Pop Songs needed

Pop-Up Music is seeking Indie Pop songs.

Electro Pop/Indie Folk/Indie Electro. All contemporary styles of Pop welcome.

All submissions must be 100% owned by the writer/writers and finished product - we do not take on demos.
The Pop-Up Music team look forward to your Pop submissions.