Sync licensing/advertising (124)

Seeking indie music for car insurance campaign - $11,500 Upfront Payment

NYC based Ad agency has selected White Knight Music Group (BMI) and Pulse Records USA to be the sole music team to find hot new indie music for a youth targeted discount car insurance campaign. Client is representing a high end commercial insurance company whose main target is coverage for the new driver, the pseudo reckless and social minded teens who text, talk and listen to music while they drive. Music should be upbeat, fun, energetic and speak to high school/college ages and alternative life style types with the "over protective conservative parents". Campaign is slated to be fun, light-hearted and satirical with a celebrity voice over.

Commercial promotion spot will be aired Nationally in the Fall of 2014.

COMPENSATION: Master/Pub non-exclusive, one time upfront: $11,500.00 USD.

GENRES ACCEPTED: Rock, Indie Rock, Alternative, Hard Rock, Punk, Hip Hop, Instrumentals, Electronic, DJ/Dance, Pop, Hard Core/Thrash and Industrial/Dub Step.

Pop/Rock Instrumentals for TV ad - $5000 payout for final selection

Send us your best pop/rock tracks along the lines of Coldplay, Young The Giant, Civil Twilight, etc. Can have sparse vocals, but mostly need instrumentals. Must be mixed or able to be mixed on demand. If your song is chosen for the final cut of the ad, there will be a $5000 payout plus royalties.

If we think your track might fit, we will place it on hold and let you know if your track makes it to the final selection process.

Seeking Music for Film/TV/Ads/Trailers

HD Music Now is seeking music for placements in Film, TV, Ads, and Trailers. We are open to multiple musical genres - as long as it's a good track.

HD MUSIC NOW, a full service music licensing & supervision company that regularly licenses songs to film, television, advertising, trailers, video games, and more. Our music has been heard in television shows such as Ray Donovan, Breaking Bad, American Horror Story, Hart of Dixie, Private Practice, Grey’s Anatomy, Dexter, Shameless and more…and in Feature films such as Dolphin Tale, Jobs, Friends with Benefits, Baggage Claim, Dinner For Schmucks, Parental Guidance, American Reunion and more…

Seeking EDM (Electronic Dance Music)

We are seeking Electronic Dance Music for our catalog for pitching to film/tv/ads/trailers.

Production should be TOP NOTCH as we will be very selective.

Selected artists should control 100% of their masters and composition.

Selected artists will be offered a non-exclusive publishing contract.


Seeking Indie Pop tracks for TV, Film & Ad Licensing

Producer's Toolbox powered by Flavorlab is seeking Indie Pop tracks for catalog inclusion. Please submit your best fully mixed and mastered work.

The Producer's Toolbox features an eclectic collection of original music that includes Rock, Dramatic News, EDM, Comedy Classics, and Hollywood Scores, and it has become a valuable resource for clients such as MTV, The History Channel, and Grey Advertising.

Dance Pop, Dance Hip Hop Tracks for Television Placement

Seeking Dance Pop and Dance Hip-Hop tracks for broadcast television. The reference tracks provided are ones that have already been placed. They reflect the general style and production value that we are seeking.

The Producer’s Toolbox powered by Flavorlab is a handcrafted catalog of exclusive music and imaging elements designed to provide editors and producers with high quality music that drives picture and emphasizes story.

It is a valuable resource for clients such as The History Channel, Spike, and MTV with whom we are currently placing music on a number of their flagship programs.

Publisher seeking original romantic and reflective ballads for placement in film, TV, etc.

We are urgently seeking original ballads suitable for scenes depicting anniversaries, birthdays, etc. for placement in film, TV, advertising, etc. Must be master quality. No demos.

Seeking Dramatic Love Songs for Film/TV Placements

Nashville-based publishing company seeking unique, synch-friendly, dramatic love songs for placements in film and TV. Production value must be professional.

Only submit songs that are 100% cleared, meaning: the songwriter(s) must own the master recording (must have signed permissions from all performing talent). Important: You must own 100% of the publishing. You will be asked to sign an exclusive publishing contract with a buyout option (50/50 split for both master/synch up to a max amt), 50/50 split on performance royalties. We offer a three-year reversion clause. Please do not submit if you are not open to these terms.

Seeking Music for Film, TV, Advertising and Gaming

Pop-Up Music is a new music library/publisher providing music for Film,TV, Advertising and Gaming.

We are looking to add new songs to our ever growing library all genres new or old are welcome. Pop-Up Music is looking for music that is true to its genre.

If your songs excite us we'll be in touch to discuss some possible next steps.

Please only submit original material that is 100% owned by the writer (or writers).

Currently looking for songs in the style of Pharrell's "Happy" for a Huge Soft Drink Placement

Currently looking for songs in the style of Pharrell's "Happy" for a Huge Soft Drink Placement as well as major films, indie films, networks and cable tv, advertising, in store play, phone apps, video games. IMPORTANT: High Quality submissions only. No demos will be accepted for this listing.

Indie Pop Songs needed

Pop-Up Music is seeking Indie Pop songs.

Electro Pop/Indie Folk/Indie Electro. All contemporary styles of Pop welcome.

All submissions must be 100% owned by the writer/writers and finished product - we do not take on demos.
The Pop-Up Music team look forward to your Pop submissions.

Looking for Instrumental Tracks for Music Catalogue

FME Music are looking for instrumental tracks of all genres. Selected tracks will be included in our online music catalogue. Standard Non-Exclusive 50/50 deal. Before submitting please ensure tracks are broadcast quality, approximately 2.30 minutes long, have interesting changes that keep the listener engaged and are free of un-cleared samples.

All genres including strange and quirky!

Immediate Need! Bright, fun, acoustic guitar based Pop songs for ad license.

If you have light, bright, fun, acoustic guitar based pop songs that are fully completed and mixed, please send ASAP. Think along the lines of Train - "Hey, Soul Sister" or Colbie Caillat - "Brighter Than The Sun."

These should be full songs with lyric and theme ideas about life being good. NO INSTRUMENTALS PLEASE. If your track is selected, we will let you know if we need an instrumental as well.

If we think your song might fit, we will place it on hold and contact you further only if it is selected for final placement or if we need further info from you about the song.

Brazilian Music Needed

Pop-Up Music is in need of authentic Brazilian music. All styles - Samba/Bossa nova/Afoxe/Maracatu/Brazilian Metal/Brazilian Rock.

Please submit your best material for consideration and a member of the Pop-Up Music team will listen and respond. All submissions must be 100% owned by the writer or writers.

Many many thanks,
The Pop-Up Music Team

Pop-Up Music Needs Pop Music

Pop-Up Music needs 'Pop' Music to add to their roster.

We are after all genres of Pop music past and present from 1960's (USA Bubble-gum-Pop would be so cool), 1970's (some original Disco or Glam Rock would be amazing), 1980's (bring on some New Romantic) up-to present Pop - Indie Pop, Electro Pop, Indie Folk, Electro Swing, Dubstep... All Pop is welcome.

Please only submit 100% owned material.

Popular music for film, TV Video synchs

Looking for popular material in all genres for TV, Film and Video Games. Instrumentals as well. Must be current sounding with great production and available for revisions or instrumentals if vocals are a part of track.

Year-End Search For Syncs: Film, Jingle & Ad Composers

Splash Galaxy® Music is opening the gate for any and all instrumentals, clever jingles, well-produced songs, and compositions that can work as syncs for film, ads, video games, and other moving pictures. We're looking to find a prolific composer, producer, and/or sound designer who can be called upon for opportunities as they arise, as well as be a dependable writer in demand for deadlines that creep up ever so quickly. We'll listen to all submissions carefully and provide feedback where appropriate. If something you send can work for one of our current procurements we'll be in touch right away.

Special Vocal Performances Sync Placements Needed

Splash Galaxy® Music is looking for unique vocal performances, either male or female, to be considered for an upcoming film placement, as well as other regularly available sync and library considerations. The genre and tempo of music that features these vocal performances is not of great concern (as long as quality is not compromised), and as long as the voices featured on the records are special and can be deemed "valuable" in the library / sync category. $5,000 Payout if selected.

Seeking Music for International Placement with $3,500 payout - International Football (Soccer) Broadcasters

Executive Producer of one of the largest International Football (Soccer) Broadcasters is working with Pulse Records/White Knight Music Group, Inc. (BMI) to scout high energy, blood pumping, thrilling tracks to synch with television promo's, highlights reels, bumps, and pre/post commercial game day breaks.

Compensation: Up to $3,500 up front synch fee per track + Royalty based usage, depending on usage duration, placement and acts International draw.

Football is a global sport drawing in Millions of viewers per country/region per game. Television broadcast sponsors include, but are not limited to Toyota, Coca-Cola and Gillette. World cup FIFA game inclusion opens the door to re-airing, re-broadcasting and syndication royalties through your PRO.

Seeking Indie Pop/Rock for Film, TV, and Advertising

We need up-tempo, fun, positive, happy songs. Themes like: Summer, being with friends, great days / nights, good times, etc.

PLEASE READ! In order for us to license your songs:
1. You must supply wav files of the mastered version and the instrumental tracks. (With background vocals if possible)
2.You must own both the recording (master) and the publishing (synch). If not...
3. ALL writers / owners must sign a contract with us.

If you are a band / artist please include web and social media site links.

Thank you. We look forward to hearing some great songs!