Magazine/Print Reviews (14)

Interview and Feature in Vocalist Magazine

The Vocalist Magazine is featuring Music Xray artists in the April/June issue of the digital publication. The selected artist will have a phone interview that will be featured for a 1-2 page feature in the digital publication. The Vocalist Magazine reaches 120,000 readers per issue, and is published quarterly.
Selection Criteria: Vocalists only, Talent, and Marketability Desired Genre(s): Pop, Soul, R&B, Rock

Get Your Music Reviewed By The Indie Band Guru
Indie Band Guru ( is a popular music website that gets viewed by many indie music lovers and independent bands. We will give an honest written review of your latest album. Genres we favor are of the indie rock variety. Rap, Urban, Country, and Pop musicians are discouraged from submitting.
Hip Hop Journalist Looking For Great Artists to feature on,,, and more

I want to help quality artists get the exposure they need via music blogs. I'm willing to hear your music and if selected feature you on one of the publications I write for:,,, and more. Please submit your best hip-hop track for review.

Skope Radio and TV Looking for New Artists to Fill Slots!
Skope Magazine & - Diverse Music Coverage For The Digital Age. Skope Magazine is the music enthusiast's media outlet. Skope covers trend setting artists and music culture. Skope is constantly looking for new & exciting new music to expose to our global audience. We have teamed up with to offer musicians a new avenue in which to choose from. Every week the Skope panel will select at least 3 new videos for Skope's Featured Video section and MP3's for Skope Radio. Skope will run each video & MP3 for at least 1 month.
Professional Song Review by Devon Jackson
Devon Jackson has written about music and film for a variety of publications-- from Entertainment Weekly and The Village Voice to Rolling Stone and Details. Publicity is the job of getting the print and broadcast media to talk about your music by printing or broadcasting a story, an interview, or a review of your music.
You may submit your music for a professional written review, and possible consideration for a story.
Professional song review with publishing
One detailed, professional song review for your promotional/commercial purposes, and 2. Guaranteed publishing on major social networks. As an option, I may decide to publish this review also on Fabryka Magazine, but this is not guaranteed and depends on your music as well (due to the magazine demographics, circa 1500-2000 monthly views).
Searching for the best new artists
MF Magazine

MF is a rad international, quarterly publication that blends the best in independent music, fashion, film and the arts in a revolutionary way. It’s not what you typically see on your local newsstand. MF pushes the boundaries of the magazine industry by providing thought...

Music Submission for OvaGroundMogul Magazine

Please understand that we get hundreds of artist of all kind that want to be featured in the magazine, only the best will get through. please do not be disappointed if not chosen to move forward. we will allow those not chosen to resubmit new material so please do not give up on us and yourself...

If chosen, we will be in a 2-way convo if you decide to be featured in the magazine which we charge $35.

Get Your EP/Album Reviewed by Music & Mayhem Magazine

Getting a legit review of your CD can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be.

For $35 our editorial staff will listen to your music and provide an honest critique of your work AND we will post that critique online in

The Up Side: We will print our review along with your band/artist photo or CD artwork in the online music magazine, and email you the appropriate link once it’s ready. When you receive the link to your new press clipping, you should feel free to add it to your EPK, website, to use the press to grow your name and brand, and to acquire additional reviews in other publications.

The Down Side: We will not guarantee a favorable review. If we think your music stinks, we will say so. We will still mail you the link but you may wish to refrain from using the link in your media kits. That call is yours; but the review will post to the magazine regardless.

How It Works: We will review a single, an EP or up to 6 songs for the same price. Send us your best work and a link to your photos and website. As soon as we are finished reviewing we will contact you. Please put your contact information (phone and email) in the Musicxray fields.

ONE THING TO REMEMBER—we specialize in Indie Rock and POP. We DO NOT review Heavy Metal or Rap or Hip Hop. Sorry it’s not our forte.

Music Xray Submissions For Consultation & Feature

For any artist that submits to us we are willing to feature those artist in our magazine for major exposure from record executives and fans alike.we are the real deal LLC certified and ready to help artist get to that next level. we tell people if you don't invest in your self who will invest in you. we usually charge up to $250 to be featured in the magazine, but because we want artist to succeed and because we believe in what Music Xray is doing to support that we will keep our price @ $50 for all submissions. five dollars for the interaction and forty five dollars to be featured in the magazine which i think is fare to all.Good luck and God Bless!

Music Review on Modern Visionaries

Modern Visionaries is accepting submissions for review! The site focuses on musicians, bands and artists that I feel are modern visionaries and tomorrows legends. If you have an upcoming release that you would like reviewed and feel it fits the above description, please submit. Not all will be selected, but I promise to listen to every single submission received. Best of luck and I look forward to listening!

Feature and Review Published on

Submit your music to which is an international Web site that features the best commercial projects in music from licensing, publishing, touring, and corporate sponsorship. If we like what we hear we will interview you and feature you on our Web site.

Music Review on various sites I contribute to

Modern Visionaries creator, MMM, is now contributing to various online outlets and looking for exceptional artists with new releases that are looking for exposure. One artist a month will be selected for review and pitched to these outlets. You can learn more about where I contribute at my site Modern Visionaries -

Get a Professional Song Critique & Potentially a Review in the Media

Have one of our many staff writers review your demo or music for our web page or simply for your own purposes-our writers and staff reviewers are music contributors for- The  San Diego Union Tribune- The Troubadour- North County Times -The Reader- various other online magazines.  If they love what they hear you may be written up in media pulications