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Searching for submissions for an artist on Konvict Music

I'm down to the last 3 songs for a female artist on Konvict Music. Album sounds like a mix between The Miseducation Of Lauren Hill and Michael Jackson's Thriller. I'm looking for big world records to close out. Send me your absolute best! I'm looking for songs with hit potential but don't focus on American radio. I really want world records!

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FREE Pre-Production Consultation

Nan will go over all areas of your recording plan with you. You will identify: Your project marketing and promotions goals BEFORE you commit to the recording contract.

Nan works with the best production teams in Nashville and has YOUR interest as a priority, not the producer or studio's. Your FREE consultation consists of a question and answer session about your project. Nan will discuss your specific project goals with you and advise a direction.

If you decide to use Nan's project management/social media and promotional services team, they will listen and critique every song you have on your list, assist in song search to make sure you have strongest songs to record, if you write your own songs Nan will listen, critique and advise. She will seek out songwriters who are looking for great new singers to record their material via a split recording budget and after the project is completed, Nan will match you and prepare a proposal to brands for sponsorship opportunities.

Nan's team consists of award winning industry professionals and will use her extensive referral network to help kick start your project.

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Seeking Music to be featured on BeforeBigs.com

Submit music to be featured on BeforeBigs.com, an online music publication dedicated to finding the best emerging musicians! Before the Bigs is an online music publication that seeks to promote the best up-and-coming musicians in a variety of genres. We want to help expose great music more people need to know about.

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A&R company looking for new artists, bands, composers and instrumentalists

vWe would like to hear from all promising music creators out there. We are open to all genres and styles of music from Pop, Rock, Folk, Country, Blues, Alternative and Urban music, to Classical music, Film Scores, Lounge music, Electronic music and all other forms of instrumental music.

Our only requirements are that your music is fully mixed and mastered to the highest quality, and that you have professional photos.

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Free Music Career Guidance Available to All

I will be giving free personal career advice to anyone who needs it. All questions on how to get a record deal? do I need a manager? how can I get promotion for my new album ? or any other career music business related topic will be answered.

Let me know how I can help you with your music career.

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