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Get the EPPS FACTOR from Record Producer Stuart Epps
Noteworthy clients have included Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton, George Harrison, Mick Fleetwood, Barry White, George Michael, Cliff Richard, Twisted Sister, Brian Adams, Oasis, Kiki Dee, Chris Rea, Robbie Williams, Bill Wyman and Elton John.

Recent UK chart success with TV star Andy Jordan single "Whole Lot of Water " released on my own label .

Send me your home demo or studio recording and ill give you an evaluation using my many years experience, I will give you guidance on recording improvement and quotes for re-mixing and extra production to get your recordings to release and broadcast quality.

Check out recent productions on my new web site, some from Music Xray .

If selected, additional production fees may apply
Seeking Closing Music for The Music Biz Weekly Podcast

Closing Music for The Music Biz Weekly Podcast.

Seeking Closing Music for The Music Biz Weekly Podcast.
The Music Biz Weekly, a weekly podcast co-hosted by Michael Brandvold and Brian Thompson. Each week Michael and Brian discuss the latest events in the music business and music marketing events and techniques. Tune in every week for the latest discussions and comments on the music business.
Radio ready production

I can produce your song to a professional, radio quality standard. Send me your demo & if I think it has potential, we can discuss turning into into something that's ready for release & exposure.

Fees will apply to production work - however, as a musician myself I am familiar with the financial plights that we often face. Prices are reasonable & flexible

Featured Exposure on BILLCS Music Blog

Thank you for your submission. My expertise is in pop, rock, and dance/EDM, and I look forward to hearing your music and providing you with feedback in a timely manner. If your music is selected, I hope to feature it in a post in the BILLCS Music Blog. I look forward to this opportunity to connect!

No Submission Fee Song Critique and Career Coaching to Lead to Possible Production Deal
For a limited time Stuart is offering a song critique/career coaching for no submission fee! Take advantage of this opportunity to get your music in front of a seasoned professional who can help. Some of Epps' most noteworthy clients have included Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton, Chris Rea, George Harrison, Mick Fleetwood, Barry White, George Michael, Mark Owen, Cliff Richard, Twisted Sister, Brian Adams, Oasis, Kiki Dee, Robbie Williams, Bill Wyman and of course Elton John.
Are you ready to be signed?
After years of working with various labels all around the world, We know what labels are looking for ! Send us your best song, plus links to your Website, FB Pages etc and we'll tell you if you are ready to be put in front of labels AND how we can make that happen too !
Join Network of US Touring Bands
Need help with touring? We are developing a list of bands across the US who are open to show swapping and connecting other bands with local booking in their area. We will keep the list and take over contacting bands when necessary in order to prevent your contact information from being given out inappropriately. If you are interested in playing shows elsewhere all you have to do is notify us when and where you want to play and we'll contact bands in that area to help. You will be asked from time to time to swap shows with other artists or to provide contact information to local clubs that are open to booking out of town acts. This service is FREE for a limited time. The list will be updated frequently to remove acts that are not supportive or unfriendly to other acts on the list. We specialize in rock, indie, metal, and folk music.
Get Signed - Seeking Artist for Publishing and Distribution

Record Label, Record Company, Publisher... Get Signed! Music, Books, Comedy, we publish anything and everything audio. Worldwide distribution and sales. Every music download site on earth! iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody and all the rest! Long standing accounts throughout the music, radio and records industry means we accomplish much more than a fee based site. We offer the real record deal and your stuff actually has a shot at airplay because the major radio conglomerates know who we are. You only have three choices... you can hold out for your fantasy that a major label will pay you a million dollars and make you an overnight star; or you can go to one of those sites that charges you fees; or you can let us give you a real contract.