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Social Media Help For Independent Music Artists

Talk to Mike directly about your social media platforms. Mike will help you put a plan together, what not to do and how to best utilize the platforms and attack the fan base you are targeting.

Mike Trampe is a social media marketing expert and has been working full-time with social media for 7 years. Mike is responsible for the world's largest Hip Hop website's social media, Mike has created a unique social media platform for HipHopDX and is responsible for starting the brands social media programs and getting them to the point they are at today. Over 240K Followers & Verified on Twitter, Over 315K Fans on Facebook and around 13K Followers on Instagram. Mike also helps numerous outside brands with social media advice and plans.

How To Grow Your Social Media Audience and Keep Them Engaged It's not easy to grow your social media audience and keep your fans engaged, so that when you have your BIG announcement, there actually are people paying attention. There is a right way and a wrong way to handle Social Media Marketing for businesses of all types - including your music. We provide Social Media Marketing management and consultation for our clients.
Win us over and we'll take you song viral!
Send Us Your Hit Song and Let Us Take It Viral!
Do you have a #1 hit song on your hands? Win us over with your demo for a chance to win FREE online promotion. If selected, we’ll host and promote your song — this GUARANTEES you over 1,000 more Facebook fans, at least 5,000 YouTube views, and 1,000 more Twitter followers in less than two weeks!
By submitting, you’ll become eligible for other services we have to offer including: - Song Doctoring - Recording/Mixing/Mastering - Management, booking, and other possible placement deals
Are you or your band ready for the next step? Submit your material to JLS Management

JLS Artist Management is looking to sign upcoming Rock, Pop, and Singer-Songwriters for management. JLS Artist Management provides full service artist management to musicians, songwriters and recorded music professionals. Our philosophy is to secure opportunities for our clients to grow and develop artistically and financially, all while staying true to their creative intentions. Please submit your best work. Rough demos are okay.

Social Media Secrets Consultation

Social media presence is the magic key to the modern music industry; without it, your music may sit gathering dust on your SoundCloud page with 9 plays and 1 like for all eternity.

I can tell you how to hit big numbers on social media.

I am a verified YouTube partner & my videos receive tens of thousands of hits; I have more than 30,000 Twitter followers & fans tweet me daily. And yes, it translates to record sales.

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Music PR: Consult & Evaluation
You should submit your best song and a link where we may read and review your band/artist bio. Upon submission we will listen to your song. We will provide an honest appraisal of your work based on your melody line, arrangement, orchestration, and lyrics and vocals (if applicable). We will tell you whether or not we believe: 1) your music is marketable and why we feel this way, 2) you are ready for label submissions and or TV and Film licensing, 3) you should be thinking about press and PR campaigns, and lastly 4) you are headed in the right musical direction.
Obviously we are always on the lookout for great new artists. There is NO GUARANTEE we will be interested in taking you on as a client. Tailfish PR clients pay a monthly retainer for publicity campaigns.

Song reviews from top Nashville publicist

Nashville Publicity Group's Brian Mayes is available to review your song and offer critique.