What is Music Xray and how can it help you? (hint: click the video)

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Step 1: Open a free account as an artist and upload your music (or select the option for us to import it for you from Soundcloud or other sites).

·As soon as your music is in the system, you will receive an email for each song letting you know if there are currently any industry professionals on Music Xray actively seeking songs like yours. We use acoustic similarity software to do this. You can read more about it here.

·We then send you one email per week if there have been any changes (if any industry professional has started or stopped seeking songs like yours).

·We also alert you when your songs have been displayed in search results (we have an awesome search engine used by many of the 1300 industry professionals with active accounts).

· If your songs are being passed over, we help you understand why.

· We also send you an email each week listing all the new opportunities that have opened on the site in the previous 7 days.

Yeah. That's all free.

Step 2: Submit your best track to a few industry professionals. We give you a $4 credit so you don't pay the first time.

· Submit your music to be considered for any of the opportunities you see by browsing the site or by referencing the emails you've received that have matched your songs to specific opportunities.

·Although some industry professionals have a higher submission fee than others, we give you a $4 credit. In many cases, that will make your first submission at no cost.

Step 3: Your music is heard and responded to (GUARANTEED)- and you may land one of the deals with no further action.

Landing a deal at this stage is very common. You can read some success stories here.

You can ask users hanging out on our Facebook page.

Or read our blog for tips and information.

Then what happens?

Regardless of whether or not your song is chosen, the industry professional will rate your song.

After your song has five ratings (from 5 separate submissions to five professionals of your choice), we show the average ratings to you.

The ratings are like a fortune predictor.

High ratings mean you're likely on your way to a deal and that even if your song has not yet been selected, keep submitting. It's probably only a matter of time.

We also show well-rated songs to the entire community of industry professionals.

Hundreds of industry professionals log in every day and listen to the songs that have maintained high ratings after being heard by a few of their peers to whom you've submitted your songs.

That means that songs that get positive ratings get heard by more and more professionals and get multiple, ongoing shots at being offered a deal - at no further cost!

Ratings not going so well? Don't worry. We know some people who can help.

If the ratings you're getting from professionals aren't as positive as you'd hoped, don't worry. We give you access to Grammy-winning producers, hit songwriters and a few celebrity artists who will give you honest feedback, advice and tips regarding your music and your submission strategy.

Even musicians at the peak of their career continue to seek coaching. We make it easily accessible.

Did we mention the focus group? Yeah. That's free too.

We enable you to conduct a free focus group with 25 random music fans giving their feedback on any one of your tracks.

Lastly, keep all your rights. Keep all your revenue on deals you get. No strings! No catches!

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