Artists only please: Detailed Evaluation & Review

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Warren Ells
Owner - SeaSoDeep Music BMI and SeaBeyondShore Music ASCAP

We've produced, recorded and published dozens of indie artists over 45 years in addition to working on projects for major Christian and secular publishers. We're seeking new talent willing to work and not afraid of success.

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Artists only please: Detailed Evaluation & Review
Artists Only: Detailed Evaluation & Review

If your passion is to entertain and edify people with your talent, this is your opportunity to be heard.

We are looking for artists with exceptional, recognizable voices and styles to sign to our artist development company. Your ability to write your own songs is a plus but not a necessity.

Please give us a detailed description of your performing experience, artists with whom you identify and who have influenced you, known artist(s) for whom you could open, and the amount of touring you would be able to do based on your relationships and/or job. If you would like us to hear complete songs, submit them, or if you'd rather give us a taste of some different songs, you can submit a show reel medley not longer than five minutes. For every submission, we'll open a conversation with you so we can go further than just a critique of the submission. That conversation will stay open until we've given you every observation and piece of advice we can think of. We won't mince words, so be prepared to get an extremely detailed and honest evaluation of your talent, including what we think your strengths and weaknesses are and what we believe your chances of making it as an artist would be. A small percentage of artists rise to the top. If you aspire to be in that number, let us hear from you. This opportunity is somewhat higher in price than the average opportunity on Xray because we will take the time to deeply evaluate your songs, videos and links. We can't guarantee that we will be able to work with you, but at the minimum, you'll benefit from our 50 years experience in the music industry.

- Warren Ells - Owner - SeaSoDeep Music and SeaBeyondShore Music ASCAP
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