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Most recently added opportunities

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Seeking instrumental music for TV Network

We have a production deal with a large Scandinavian TV network, where we need typical background music. We need instrumentals in the following genres: electronica, cinematic/soundtracks, hip hop, pop, roots/country and also melodic sounddesign with comfortable expressions suitable for documentaries, newsfeeds, tv shows etc.

We only accept high quality productions, ready to go. Make sure that you have 16 bit, 44 hz wav. files available on short notice. Also write "mood" and "sounds like" for each submitted song.

If we select your song, it means that it will be placed in the production library for a big Scandinavian TV network, that are in use by several producers/directors, for possible placements in Television shows, documentaries, news/sportsfeed etc. We will ask for your IPI numbers and songwriting details, if we select your work.

Looking forward to receiving high quality mastered instrumental productions!

-Boah Sounds Music Publishing

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Seeking Alternative Songs for nationally run Lexus and Toyota commercial campaign!

We are seeking full mixed and mastered compositions for placement for in a series of nationally run commercials for Lexus and Toyota.

We have been asked to provide descriptive and musically deep alternative songs.

Selected songs will be pitched to directly to the Advertising agencies and commercial Producers/Director for final consideration.

The pay for each commercial campaign is $5000.00 per song.

Songs 4 Screens
Songs 4 Screens is a Los Angles based, boutique, music sync-placement agency that specializes in specific placements of music in TV, Movies, Video Games, Commercials and Corporate Videos. It is the brainchild of Will Griggs. Will Griggs started his music career as a college radio disc jockey at WRAS 88.5 in Atlanta, Georgia and then served as a professional consultant for Warner Bros. Records. He then launched an independent record label and national touring concert company called Chocolate Soul Entertainment which has presented musicians and bands from all over the globe. Now based in Los Angeles, He has been a music publishing executive for the past seven years. Griggs has been actively executing synchronization licensing for the past five years. Some of his placements can be heard in national sports broadcasts, top theatrical releases, popular TV shows and commercials.

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Country Ballads For Established Texas Country Singer

Established Country Artist from Texas Seeks New Songs
We are currently in charge of sifting through songs to find possible hits for an established country singer from Texas. He has been around for years and is looking for some new ideas. His style is a bit of the more down-to earth country style about the basic things in life like love. We created this dropbox for specifically for country ballads. Please refer to our other dropboxes if you have a hit country song that doesn't fit the "ballad' category. Thanks.

He's a very easy going guy and we have a great amount of respect for him. Selected songs will be sent directly to his manager and then to him for final consideration. If selected, you will be contacted with a licensing agreement and YOU will of course maintain all your writing credits. This means an initial licensing fee plus royalties. What we are offering here is a publishing deal in order to present your music to this artist.

Please send some clear songs so we can tell what's going on throughout the song. Thanks and good luck.

- Austound Music

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Success Stories & Feedback

Shena Winchester's video gets played on BET and MTV

Music Xray artist Shena Winchester recently had her video for the song "Can't Stop The Rain" played on BET and MTV thanks to music industry professional Sean De'Bey Here's what Sean had to say: "We are more than excited to give independent musicians the opportunity to gain more exposure, When Shena Winchester sent me her music video Can't Stop The Rain I knew we had a winner, and we will keep helping as many musicians as we can. I was told by many notable people that this business was intended to be fun and creative, me and my partner Mianah Elizabeth and our staff at WLM will keep that tradition in high regards, we are just looking to support really good music period!"

You can watch the video for "Can't Stop The Rain" HERE

Check out the opportunities from Sean De'Bey and WLM HERE

All girl rock band Riot Child signed a co-publishing deal with BMG after submitting their music to Jeff Blue via Music Xray

Additionally, the band is in conversations with two major labels and they're evaluating their options. Jeff Blue said, "I love finding new bands on Music Xray. Riot Child will be the third for which I secure a major label deal and I've done publishing deals with quite a few."

Jeff was responsible for signing Macy Gray, Hoobastank, Linkin Park, Daniel Powter, Korn, & Limp Bizkit.

Check out Riot Child's music HERE
Watch Riot Child's video for the song "Waking Up The Neighbors HERE
Submit music to Jeff Blue at Rock Shop Music HERE

Music Xray Artist Mary Sarah records a new hit album with ten of the greatest living legends of country!

Congratulations to Music Xray artist Mary Sarah. She found her manager Sharon Dennis, President of Dennis Management in Nashville, on Music Xray. Now Mary's new album, Bridges, is the number 1 hot country release on Amazon. AND LOOK AT THE ARTISTS SHE HAS RECORDED WITH: Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson, Ray Price, Merle Haggard, Lynn Anderson, Tanya Tucker, The Oak Ridge Boys, Vince Gill, Ronnie Milsap, Neil Sedaka and more. What could Music Xray do for you?

Check out Mary Sarah's album "Bridges" - Mary Sarah and Friends. The album features duets with ten of the greatest living legends of country music and is designed to promote the legacy of traditional country, while passing the figurative torch to an appreciative new generation.