Our Commitment to musicians

Our Commitment to musicians

In building Music Xray our intention has been, and it always will be, to solve marketplace problems for music.

No dream vultures. We will not permit users of our platform to peddle false hopes to artists.

We are incorporating numerous mechanisms to ensure transparency and to encourage user feedback.

We believe we are democratizing the ability to reach the people that can either teach you something, and/or potentially help you gain access to mass-exposure opportunities. We are leveling the playing field to help you acquire a genuine fan base.

If you find otherwise, contact us and we will fix the problem.

Our Commitment to the music industry

Music Xray seeks to build the best technology-harnessed platform for identifying high potential songs and talent from among the vast ocean of online music.

We do that in a way that's transparent and that offers no advantages to some professional users over others. It's a site that works best for those who understand and utilize its full set of features.

We will protect the integrity of the platform and routinely police the site so that companies are represented along side other reputable, upstanding companies and individual professionals.

We believe we are creating a filter that fosters less friction and more openness in the song and talent hunting aspects of the industry.