In depth song review and serious consideration for publishing

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Warren Ells
Owner - SeaSoDeep Music BMI and SeaBeyondShore Music ASCAP

We've produced, recorded and published dozens of indie artists over 45 years in addition to working on projects for major Christian and secular publishers. We're seeking new talent willing to work and not afraid of success.

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In depth song review and serious consideration for publishing
We have found that, over time, songwriters and artists appreciate an honest and detailed response to their submissions. This opportunity offers a deeper dive into the song, the genre it's presented for, and individually tailored suggestions for everything related to the submission, including the demo, the lyrics, the emotional impact on first listen, and many other aspects of the song.

Please include as much information as you can, including your real name, any PRO affiliations, like BMI, ASCAP, etc., any existing publication deals, even if they are with your own publishing company, and always include lyrics if possible. We'll give your the very best input we can, derived from almost 50 years of experience in the music industry. BMI and ASCAP writers are compatible with our publishing.

- Warren Ells - Owner - SeaSoDeep Music and SeaBeyondShore Music ASCAP
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