Songs wanted for documentary on guns and the youth of America.

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Alexander Johnston is an Industry Producer, Composer, Music Supervisor, Multi-Instrumentalist in both the UK and US who has an impressive CV which includes ground breaking band Mamma Freedom and JV Johnston, The Sonic Generals and Orchestral composing for

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Songs wanted for documentary on guns and the youth of America.
Songs wanted for Documentary on Guns and the Youth of America.

The CMI Music Group have been asked by a US Documentary film company to look for songs for their upcoming docu on guns and the youth of the US.

The documentary's tone is an exploratory one, looking at the continued impact that guns have on the youth of America and the future for gun control and law changes.

So they want sports songs, songs about America, Country, Hip Hop and songs about War or Conflict or enemies etc.

That said sometimes a song is chosen because its musically good or there in instrumental part in a rack that might fit so send what you think might fit.

There is a payout of $2500 per song used.

Please submit your best work, radio ready, mastered songs. You must own 100% copyright. Only songs with cleared samples. I will accept demos as I am also a music producer/studio owner so if the song is a 'no brainer' and has enough potential to fit the opp then I would consider re-cutting it for the client. The CMI Music Group has worked closely with companies such as: Apple, Honda, Reebok, Samsung, BBC, ABC, New Show Media, Massive Films and Rickety Shack films Payouts and rights: If selected, you will keep 100% of your rights, royalties and payments dependent on the amount of times the tracks are used. Songs will be passed to the company and they will have the final say, CMI Music Group will be on hand to help the artist all the way through the process with chosen artists (at no financial charge). All songs submitted will also be considered for all the others opps we have. I am looking forward to hearing your music.


- Alexander Johnston / CMI Music Group
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