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Kevin Timothy
Owner - U-Rock Network, LLC

The U-Rock Network is a unique network of music supporters that know great rock music.

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Radio Play on U-Rock Radio Network
Have your music reviewed and considered for Playlist inclusion. If you band is chosen, you will receive our Promotional Push for 13 weeks. You will have mentions during our Live Broadcast "Live from Linwood" will host you for an "On-Air" interview, to just mention a few of the things being selected will do for your band. If chosen you will be added to our playlist on all 25 Internet Station running presently on the U-Rock Network.

For $5 it is a better value than playing the Lottery. We are presently looking for Indie Rock, Alternative Rock, Garage Rock, Hard Rock, Punk Rock, Rock and Roll, Rock of any style really. We look for Songwriting, Delivery, and Style.

Thank You
U-Rock Management

Deal Type: Radio Airplay
Where is this radio station heard?: Online, Terrestrial (Yakima, Washington, USA)
Radio Format: Freeform Radio
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