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Welcome to GTC(Get That Cheddar) Entertainment/MDI Distribution

GTC Entertainment owned by established Reggae artist Rayvon has a proven track record on making hits and is loved by millions of fans. Rayvon's career spans over 10 years and is known for his hits Big Up, 2 Way, and Summertime with his longtime partner Shaggy as well as being featured prominently on the most played single of 2001, "Angel" from Shaggy's 10 million-selling MCA album Hotshot.

GTC first release will be Back it Up, by Rayvon in the 1st quarter 2010 as we set up our roster which is comprised of Reggae, R & B, Hip Hop, POP and Country!

GTC Entertainment owner, partner and staff are very knowledgeable in the entertainment and expect GTC Entertainment to be one of the fastest-growing independent labels in the U.S.

"Back It Up" is available on ITunes and other outlets and the song can be heard on "The Soundcheck" Internet radio station

Rayvon is available for interviewes and shows.

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Angela "Majette" David
(Rayvon's Business Manager)

Ken Spellman 646 644-0346
(Marketing & Promotiions)

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Darryl K David

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