Homesick Blues | DeeDee Hughes (songwriter)

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About the artist

DeeDee, who used to write songs as a child, rediscovered her love of songwriting in the late 90's.

She entered her song 'The Homesick Blues' into the 2007 UK songwriting competition, where it reached the semi-finals, and subsequently had a demo of the song produced by Nigel Cuff Music.

More recently, a demo of her song 'Long Time Coming' was produced by veteran record producer and audio engineer, Stuart Epps, via a Music Xray submission opportunity.

DeeDee was then offered, and signed, a publishing contract with music licencing company 'Music of the Sea Inc.'

She is currently working with guitarist Jordan Humber on demos for her songs, which cover themes relating to universal emotions such as love, heartbreak, grief, fear, longing, anger and depression. As well as sharing an overriding sense of hope, DeeDee's songs highlight the struggle to gain self-empowerment and overcome life's many obstacles.


The tears are welling up inside
in contemplation of a distant time
The memories of moments obsolete
You know it makes me weep
to feel the things that I do

I've got the homesick blues
I've got the homesick blues

I feel this longing don't you know
I had a living dream not long ago
This sense I have is like a photograph
You know it takes me back
to see the things I once knew


There ain't no sense in feelin bad
Look to the future and forget your past
That's what they say
That which is here today
will soon be gone away
and don't you know that it's true