Robot Monkey | Brown, Byrd & Champagne

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Liner notes

There once was an album that changed everything. It defied even the wildest of expectations. It struck listeners over the head with its forbidden jewel case, and ravaged ear canals like golden covered carnival tongue. This is not that album, but we like it anyway (we did make it).


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About the artist

The “baddest” band ever started out with the “goodest” of intentions. We felt we could please the ear with a thoughtful string of notes. Who could have anticipated the frenzy that would incur when we unbuttoned the top buttons of our shirts and “rock-crooned” their asses. We failed to see that our “subsuburban” indie rock would strike right to the core of human existence, to the point where people were stumbling around after shows mumbling “black uniforms and thanks”. Though we stand humbly atop the proverbial mountain, we keep looking for new heights, better combinations of notes and rhythms, and pretty women.


Robot Monkey (Byrd, Paterno)

I gotta stop tryin’ to stop and just stop
Every day fillin’ up at the coffee shop
Cause I work, I work and I work ‘til my neck hurts
I need a break from the tip of this iceberg
I go on & on & on & on & on & on & on & on & on
A Caffeine fueled Automaton

If I was, If I was a robot monkey
I would be worry free, swingin’ through another 60 hour week
If I was, If I was a robot monkey
I would be so free, singing “ooh ooh ah ee ee”

Well I thought I’d like it a lot, but I guess not
This concrete jungle’s one hell of a parking lot
I don’t like the halogen white from the street lights
They’re so bright I can’t see the stars at night
They go on & on & on & on & on & on & on & on & on
They light up the asphalt Amazon

I’m standing in the banana line
Lunch isn’t something that I have time for
I don’t have the time; no I don’t have the time