My Brothers Keeper | Lc Johnson

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Liner notes

Written by: Lc Johnson/BMI
Produced by: Codero Slash/E.H.S.T.A.R/
LittleManTate Music ASCAP
Recorded @ Phatt j Palace; East Los Angeles,CA
Engineer: Phatt j
Mixed by: Phatt j
LMT Records/InterscopeDigitalDistrubution

© License

About the artist

Lc Johnson is a Songwriter/Producer/Rapper who has created a musical organization known as Playaz of Life (P.O.L.) P.O.L. He has worked with artist like Cypress Hill, Dr Dre, Soul Asassins, and Funkdoobiest. He has also toured with The Fugees, Foxy Brown, Psycho Realm, Delinquent Habits, amongst many others. LC Johnson was born and raised in the Los Angeles area. LC's Music Career began in the Summer of 1991 when he was introduced to DJ Muggs by T-Funk of FunkDoobiest. That summer LC recorded his demo with DJ Muggs, he gained valuable knowledge and insight from the beat smith. That Fall, LC left to attend College and play Basketball but he still continued writing to perfect his craft. Five years later, LC bumped into DJ Muggs at the Huntington Park Casino where Cypress Hill was set to perform with the Liks. Through a mutual friend, DJ Muggs had heard some of LC's latest recordings and invited him to Atlanta to attend the Jack the Rapper conference. Upon returning from the conference, DJ Muggs quickly put LC in the studio in preperation of getting him a record deal. He has now got back on his grind to represent the West Coast and his gangsta style of rap music.


Written by: Lc Johnson/BMI