Alive | One Glimpse Away

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One Glimpse Away originally came up as a power trio whose music could be described as alternative grunge rock, that is, combining old-school grunge with modern rock. But One Glimpse Away's music could really be better described as combining the melodic sensibilities of bands such as Alice in Chains or Incubus with the grungy tones and vocals of bands like Nirvana, Staind or Deftones. Add to that fusion a "big" production sound, and they've created music that's fresh, yet still familiar and comfortable for the first-time listener. Formed in July of 2009 in Yekaterinburg, Russia, OGA released a self-titled EP in September of that year which got positive reviews from listeners world-wide. During 2009-2010, OGA shared the stage with many Russian and foreign bands, establishing a solid fan base in the process. In June, 2010, One Glimpse Away shot their first video for the single "Alive", and recorded their LP which will be released in 2011. In the meantime, you can enjoy their second EP "1991" which they supported with a European tour in November, and which is currently available for download on the web. February 2011 their debut video "Alive" helped them to become a Nextwave Artist of February 2011 on Strictly Global, a TV show that is broadcast by MHz Networks to about 30 million people in the USA. In March of 2011, One Glimpse Away's bassist and drummer leave the band, and later that year in April, Alex Lynch (vocals, guitars) finds new bandmates, and the band becomes a quartet by getting a 2nd guitar. Their full-length album "Capture The Light" is expected to be out September, 28th - 20 years after Nirvana's masterpiece "Nevermind".


It all seemed lost and out of sight until I got to see it
The poisoned fruit was never meant to satisfy
I tried it all and broke all promises
And now I'm back with my new face to burn your eyes

I am what is left and alive
Still wanting to break out of this hollow life
And fall in the arms of the night

So here I am with all my faults, with my thoughts so complicated
I tend to never suit you all, the hell with that
And hardly had I refused to breathe, the air was sent right over
And now I'm back with my new face to burn your eyes


But I don't know where the road began
And I don't know where it ends for me
The time stands still, while I'm one glimpse away from me


And fall in the arms of the night