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Lyrics & Music: Bennett "NOBULL" Baskerville

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About the artist

Block Scholars is the indie Hip Hop musical collaboration between NOBULL (Bennett Baskerville; Bronx, NY) and Slimdog of Slimdog Productions (David Bell Jr.; Akron, OH), with the pair rapping their way through some of the freshest Hip Hop beats around. Originally a three-piece featuring 2mental (Nathan Andreas; Philadelphia, PA), the group first met each other through Myspace and mutual friends in 2005. Home now in Colorado Springs, CO, the rap act is heavily influenced by an eclectic mix of music ranging from Biggie Smalls, 2Pac, Madlib, Dr. Dre, Pharrell and Prince to even Jazz, Opera, Rock and Classical music. They are also considered a “triple threat” because collectively they can write high quality lyrics, produce and perform their own music.

Block Scholars received the 2011 "Excellence In Songwriting" Award from The 18th Annual Billboard/Starmaker 360 Worldwide Songwriting Contest for placing in 3rd out of 1000s of entries in the Rap/Hip Hop genre, plus being finalists for (R&B/Hip Hop) and semi-finalists (Unsigned Only) categories in the 2010 International Songwriting Competition for the song "Time Machine", both of these contests known for being the two of the best songwriting competitions in the world, were one of three 2011 grand prize winners of Patron XO Cafe's Music Project, with the winners getting sponsorship prizes from Patron XO Cafe with judges from SPIN Magazine & RCRD LBL; a free mp3 music download blogsite featuring emerging artists. Block Scholars were nominated for Best Hip Hop Artist/Song from Hollywood Music In Media in July 2010 & January 2011 for the songs, "Flossin'" & "This Is For My People (The Rhythm Of A Scholar)" respectively, selected as one of the “Next 1000” artists to watch for in 2009 by URB Magazine, and were named the 2009 KIAC Open Songs Competition Winner in Hip Hop for their track, "Livin’ In Tha’ Jungle ft. 2mental". They also have received the “Collective Works Honor” from SongOfTheYear.com in 2009 for high scores on multiple works in that contest.


Time Machine

Written by: Bennett Baskerville III

(CHORUS) If you had a time machine, what would you do? Would you still smoke blunts, would you chill with your crew? Would you still wanna grind? Still do the crime? If you could turn back the hands of time? Tell me... (REPEAT)

(VERSE) If I had a time machine, what the fuck would I do? I would of listened to my pops and took my stupid ass to school. I would of probably listened to Gary and stayed in church and it would of probably spared me from this life full of hurt. Would of probably been a doctor or a lawyer or a teacher, not wastin' time with my niggas blowin' reefer. I'm sorry Latifa, please Lord reach us, I'm addicted to the fast cars with the fast features.
And the fast money, if you like me then you grew up madd bummy with pains in your tummy. At 25, I probably would of drunk my last beer, wouldn't of lost my unborn daughter that year...
Would of never seen a jail cell, never seen Iraq, man travellin' in this desert with this weapon on my back. Me, ask Madison we was fuckin' with them tracks, but at the same time, we was fuckin' with them cracks...

(CHORUS) If you had a time machine, what would you do? Would you still smoke blunts, would you chill with your crew? Would you still wanna grind? Still do the crime? If you could turn back the hands of time? Tell me... (REPEAT)

(VERSE) If you had a time machine...Would you hit that lick? Would you hit that bitch? Would you spit that clip? Would you flip that brick, so you could flip that whip? Would you still smoke crack or inject that shit? Would you bring back a homie that you lost in the game? Or a relative you love if you had the chance mane? If you had a time machine...yo, would you be a better father? 'Cause nowadays, most of these niggas don't even bother. If you had a time machine...yo, would be a better man? And if they didn't know, would you make them understand? Could you, would you still go outta town with that U-haul van? With the contraband, man that's how you got jammed. If you had a time machine...yo, would you change your regrets? Would you still claim a set or move [co]'caine in the [pro]'jects? And the love in your life, would you break they heart? If you could travel back in time and have a brand new start?