Cayo Coco Island | Anne Britt

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Cayo Coco is an island in central Cuba, linked to the mainland by a stone road. It's a paradise of sandy beaches, crystal-clear waters, coral reefs, and birds such as the wild flamingo and the Coco (coconut) Bird, after which the island was named. Cayo Coco is known for its luxury hotels, but also for its preservation of the natural ecosystem, keeping its virgin atmosphere isolated from the modern world. The samba rhythm of this piece seemed to fit nicely with the islands of Cuba and the name is catchy and fun to say. It's definitely a fun piece to play as well! Maybe someday I'll get to take a vacation on Cayo Coco Island...

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Anne was born in Toronto, Ontario, and raised in Cave Junction, Oregon. She was surrounded by music at an early age with a mom who was both a piano teacher and a piano tuner. She became a regular accompanist of choirs, small groups, and soloists as a teenager and still gets plenty of opportunities for that. As an adult, she discovered the fun of musical theater and is involved with schools and community theaters as time permits. Composing music is her latest endeavor. With a husband and blended family of six children, life is about trying to keep a balance and finding time to fit everything in!