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As with all of my music, my hope is to create imagery among strong central themes. "The Sunrise Waltz" is my clear favorite in this collection and it has been well received. Once the melody was written, the title came to me quite easily. I think this particular piece could make a nice contribution to the right movie.

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About the artist

Kevin Mongelli is a multi-award winning composer. He creates and performs original piano music with unexpected insight and intensity.

His world premier release "ASCENSION Collected Piano Works of Kevin Mongelli", with his original compositions, has been well received internationally. With memorable themes, his pieces create visualizations, amid the symmetry of intensity and gentleness. Mr. Mongelli has performed throughout the east coast of the United States as well as the Caribbean and has a degree in music from Duquesne University.

Second album release September 2010: "CHRISTMAS VARIATIONS" and third release in January 2012: "FORT LONESOME".

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COMMENTS from Internet radio listeners:

Kingstown, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, February 2010
“your music is so moving, it brought tears to my eyes!"

Colorado, United States, December 2009
“Your music has a soul that is profound, it's as deep and vast as an ocean. Thank you for bearing your soul for us!"

Mexico, February 2010
“your music moved me so far only chopin did like this”

United States, December 2009
“~~~ Excellent music ... contemplative and soothing! Ascension is masterful, for sure. Thank you so much for the listen, and I truly look forward to your future tracks."

New Hampshire, United States, November 2009
“Nice. A Brilliant pianist and composer.”

United States, December 2009
“The piece I am listening to is The Sunrise Waltz; it is beautiful, peaceful, evocative, centering, a companion for the journey. Thank you!”

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