Guide Me Through | Roberto La Posta (PROSPERO)

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copyright SOCAN 2014
Vocals, Lyrics & Music by Roberto La Posta

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About the artist

Roberto recently recorded an album & produced a video in New York.
He was selected as an "Honorable Mention" among the top songwriters from BILLBOARD WORLD SONG CONTEST and also selected as "Monthly Finalist" from SONG OF THE YEAR. Recently, was selected from a series entitled "Lakeshore Theater Presents" that will follow local and national comedians both on stage and in narrative plot lines (faux documentary, ("Curb Your Enthusiasm" style). The series will premiere on the web and also be packaged and presented to TV outlets, certain episodes will be aired on Comedy Central. He has performed at the Long Island Festival for the "The Walk for Mental Health". Roberto also performed at the Apollo theater and was greeted with an enormous applause from a great audience. His album also aired on WSIA 88.9 broadcasting to Staten Island, New Jersey, Lower Manhattan and Brokyln and 98.7 in Pokemouche, New Brinswick, Canada. He has performed at the Madison Square Garden in Manhattan for the New York International Music Festival, also performed for Miss Bronx Puerto Rican Pageant at the Bronx, NY, the "Diamante" TV Show at "MNN" which broadcasted to over 6 million viewers and was welcomed back to perform every year. He has performed at "The Downtown" a club in Farmingdale, NY, and was also placed on a local newspaper called "Long Islander news Papers Inc". He was a guest on a TV show in Long Island, NY called "Making A Difference" hosted by Bill Robbins & Susan Schell broadcasting to over 7 million viewers and has been invited back as a quest every year.
Roberto received press coverage in a New York local paper called "The Entertainer" by a publisher in Nashville and also received royalties for his compositions which were played on a TV series in Boston. One of his compositions aired on a radio station in Chicago. Roberto also acted on an Indie movie in Queens, New York and also as an extra in major motion pictures filmed in Montreal.

Roberto, studied music since the age of 11, and has been playing piano for 30 years. He taught piano in a private music school for 10 years, has been in many bands, released a few CD's and has played for clubs, recording studios and many receptions.

This multi-talented performer sings, writes, speaks in English, Italian and French. His compositions are written, arranged, recorded and produced in his own digital recording studio.


Guide Me Through

Verse I:

Thinking of you by my side
Knowing your love is my guide
You give me strength, you give me pride
It’s all I need, It’s all I need

Verse II:

Whispers I hear of your voice
Guides me to make the right choice
You give me strength, you give me pride
It’s all I need, It’s all I need


Knowing you’re there by my side
I pray to you
But do you hear, do you hear?
When I pray to you, do you hear?


Ah… all I need is you, by my side
Ah… all I need is you, to guide me through
Ah… all I need is you, by my side
Ah… all I need is you, to guide me through

Copyright 2010 Music and Lyrics by Roberto La Posta