Go With You | The Simple Parade

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The Simple Parade is a musical duo comprised of Justin and Kayla Hooper based out of beautiful Denver, CO. Justin writes the songs, Kayla lends her voice, and together they create a unique variety of instrumentation to help bring the lyrics to life. With a collection of songwriting awards and magazine features under their belt, the musical couple is dedicated to creating songs that attempt to challenge the mind and encourage the soul. In fact, the band name is in itself a challenge. It is easy to get caught in the mindset of viewing life as a rigid assembly line or an immovable traffic jam, but the hope is to instead see it as a joyful parade where everyone has their own unique part to play. The simplicity is that our parade should primarily be about the relationships we make along the way, and although the march is rarely easy, it never has to be made alone. Have you joined The Simple Parade?


Go With You

Morning came like an unwelcome friend
But I am glad to see you again
You’re asleep, and I’m right beside you
Your beautiful with dreams in your head, in your head

Let’s be reckless fools and break all the rules for fun
We’ll figure this out, what life’s all about and just run

And I, I will go with you
And I, I will go with you
We’ll draw up the blueprints, then throw them away
Cast out our cares and live life day by day
Oh and I, I will go with you

House of cards, we’ll make it a home
Open heart, and a hand to hold
We’re picking up all of these pieces
So we can write, a story untold, untold