He's Just a Man | Vanda

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About the album "Introspective" (2015):
Failure, fear, emotional emptiness, and loss of firm ground are the fundaments of this conceptual album that speaks of a complex not only psychological, but also a physical journey of re-finding and defining the artist’s self. The outcome is a thrillingly sincere confession that leads to finding something we humans may seek our whole life and not always be able to find, or have the will to grasp: true love, focus and the virtue of patience. “Introspective” translates as the mature, the changed and the strong. But for that to come, a very painful letting go had to happen.

Recorded at ARS studio, Bratislava
© 2015 DAVAN records

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About the artist

Vanda (born in Slovakia, 1986) has been composing since the age of 12 and today is the author of more than 200 songs and their lyrics. After a few years of performing with local bands, the singer/songwriter decided to pursue her career as a solo artist with musicians Marek Wolf (guitar) and Matus Ferko (piano) as the stable members of the live and recording band.

Vanda’s songwriting was greatly influenced by her life in USA and Argentina and the artists’ passion for travelling. No matter where she goes, her music is always with her, which led to international collaborations with other singers, musicians and producers, the latest one being at the International Songwriting Camp in Austria.

The creative ideas, emotional vocals and strong melodies combined in her music take you on a constant ride through different genres. Apart from just the music itself, Vanda definitely has a way with words as well. Without predicting it, the lived-through lyrics impact the listener deeply in an unexpected way.

Vanda’s newest release of “Introspective” unravels the inner side of her personality and the main theme is the loss of faith and reconnecting with the artist’s self through this important milestone. For the first time, her work also includes tracks composed in Spanish.



He's just a man, he doesn't know
When it's too much to lose and too little to show
He's just a man, he doesn't like to be told
What to do or whose hand to hold

He's just a man...

He's just a man, he was taught to live that way
To look ahead and never to look back
He's just a man and little does he know
That a woman's strength is worth fighting for

'Cause he's just a man...

Hold your head up high and make your words count
You should be tough but from the inside
it's breaking your heart
You gotta be strong for your momma, your uncle,
Your daddy, your brothers and everyone 'round ya
I'll tell you something I have learned in these years
The strongest are the ones that face their own fears
But you're just a human like everyone else
Too bad they didn't tell you sooner
...but you know best...

He's just a man
'Cause he's just a man
He's just a man, yeah yeah...