Arabian Cowboy | Tiffany Tatum

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About the artist

Tiffany Nichole Tatum
Bobbie Humphrey couldn’t have said it best “Tiffany has a natural born talent”, her voice has the sweetness of a nightingale with the force of a hurricane.
Tiffany is no stranger to the music scene, her debut album “A Tainted Love” was released in 2004. Her new CD “All about me, “ Tiffany mixes the old school soul with contemporary R & B with a touch of Jazz. She is not just a world class singer, but an exceptional talented songwriter, model, and actress.
Tiffany’s musical style has been compared to several music pioneers from Chaka Kahn to Teena Marie, her vocal range is one to be reckoned with she has a 6 octave range her vocal training has come from such world renowned music composers as Bill Riley, Bryan Shecksynder, and Opera composer Glenda Clay. There have been many live performances and interviews worldwide that are unforgettable. She has worked with and performed for such great musicians that her parents grew up listening to “War” (Howard Scott), “The Gap Band” (Robert Whitfield), Millie Jackson, Willie Clayton, and Yarborough and Peoples, etc., she’s appeared several times on “The Fairy Street Mama Show” and was featured on the cover of All Music Shops Magazine in Hong Kong and the list goes on……
Born and raised in Dallas Texas Tiffany grew up in a music talented family. Music has been apart of her soul since the day she was spanked. Tiffany believes in real music soothing the mind and healing the heart it speaks what cannot be expressed.
Working hard has given her a lot of accomplishments her music is raw and true it will bring you inside her world, check her out and let her music capture your heart and soul.