Grace | Melissa Ramsey

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Liner notes

I wrote this song after a very sad loss, but it came flooding in, whole and just as you hear it. It made my spirits soar and I recorded it the next week.

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About the artist

I am an original singer/songwriter. I compose all my songs in my head, then record them after. I feel like I am taking cosmic dictation and follow that always. I also love to sing classic jazz standards and blues. Enjoy!


It is not a nation, a country or a place
the borders you'll find are in your mind-
it's the State of Grace
If you believe it you will see it, like a light before your face
Money cant buy you presence of mind or gifts of Grace
And oh, like a light in a shrine, the joy of peace it brings
to find the elegance and the eloquence in the simple, humble things
as the road winds on before us. and we're caught up in the race- ever we hunger for moments of grace.

So savor each situation, & the beauty of each face- take time for contemplation, create a sacred space.
Soetimes you hear it in a heartbeat, and other times it's hard to place
If you are quiet, they will find you, those moments of Grace

And, Oh, it dances and shines, to know the joy it brings- to find the elegance and the eloquence in the simple, humble things.
We ware ourselves to threadbare when our tails we try to chase...
ever we hunger for moments of Grace